JUL-11-09 (Sat) CHESANING SHOWBOAT AMPHITHEATER (Chesaning, MI)-twitter rpts, live blogging, recaps, photos, vids, reviews, etc.

JUL-11-09 (Sat) CHESANING SHOWBOAT AMPHITHEATER (Chesaning, MI)-twitter rpts, live blogging, recaps, photos, vids, reviews, etc.



Hey everyone! I thought I'd create a discussion thread for each stop of the Declaration Tour in an effort to keep the boards organized and help everyone more easily find info related to each event (and have a record of everything in one place for anyone wanting to look back on these events sometime in future). The following is how these threads will work (subject to change):

>> Thread pinned to the top of or on the main David Cook Discussion forum for 24-48 hrs
>> Thread moved and pinned to the top of or on the main Tour Talk forum for 24-48 hrs
>> Thread moved to its respective regional Tour Talk forum

If, for some reason, a thread isn't moved right away, it will be eventually.

What should be posted here? Related local radio/tv/press, on-site reports/photos, live blogging, recaps, media and fan reviews, links to related blogs, event photos/videos, etc., etc.

Please post links to photos instead of embedding them and please disable graphic footers as this will make the thread easier to read (especially when live blogging). Regarding PRE-SHOW sound check and set list spoilers, please either PM me the info so that I may post it as hidden text in the first pinned reply or, alternatively, if I am not hosting or not here for whatever reason, then please post the spoilers to a blog and link that blog back to this thread in your reply.

As always, I welcome comments/questions, as well as info, via PM. Thank you. ~Lisa

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START TIME: ≈7:45 PM (David's set should begin ≈9:00 PM)
**time subject to change so, please stay tuned**
UPDATE: Delayed start due to technical difficulties NTB on stage 7:45 PM
Special Guest: NeedToBreathe
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CELLCAST by Veronique w/back-up: Kristen8108 -- info now deleted –
Show #78 on the Declaration Tour
at ≈ 9:00 PM ET (6 PT | 7 MT | 8 CT)

>> local press: ‘Idol' winner David Cook rocks Showboat [*chortles at "Devotion" Tour*]
>> blog recaps: Courtesy of wordnerd33 / Courtesy of Swanny / Courtesy of crazy4you
>> thread recaps: Courtesy of owie31 / Courtesy of Kristi1022 / Courtesy of MsCRC / Courtesy of ameyer08
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Event Photos
Courtesy of ameyer08 / Courtesy of owie31 / Courtesy of Sara09 / Courtesy of MsCRC / Courtesy of ameyer08 / Courtesy of MissRose73
Photo credit: Sara09
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After Reports-in-Brief
>> @stuckinba: The best thing about seeing a winner of AI in concert- they always deliver the goods vocally. David Cook was #amazeballs!
>> @saraxjonasx: David Cook was amazing tonight at Chsng Showboat.
>> @ozlady1000: David Cook concert great!
>> @locheerchic24: David Cook is awesome! he put on a great show tonight!
>> @MsCRC: Great concert. [...] High energy show. Fun banter
>> @renee_CCF: Another epic show. David in great mood. Calling out peeps in audience. Joking around I flove this man so much!
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iTunes Album Art (courtesy of msdarcy): Chesaning - Photo Credit: MsCRC
--- --- ---
MP3s (courtesy of Queen Maeva): MP3s
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In-Concert Tweets/TwitPics
>> TwitPics: http://twitpic.com/24eteo / http://twitpic.com/24et99 / http://twitpic.com/24esvw / http://twitpic.com/24eskc / http://twitpic.com/24etuk / http://twitpic.com/24etqm / http://twitpic.com/24eskc / http://twitpic.com/24f1ca / http://twitpic.com/24iavr / http://www.twitpic.com/24eeja
>> @cntrypmpkn: http://twitpic.com/a2mnj
>> @Kristen8108: http://twitpic.com/a2lux - LOTM - Chesaning / http://twitpic.com/a2rbk - CBTM - Chesaning
>> @[private]: http://img269.yfrog.com/i/ghkb.jpg/ the guys <3 / http://yfrog.com/59maomj Dave and neal <3
>> @YoSwanny: Dave's on fire!
>> @[private]: http://twitpic.com/a2jly David cook!!!
>> @petitegreek88: http://twitpic.com/a2jhf - Dave!! / http://twitpic.com/a2nod
>> @renee_CCF: David coming out. Everyone on their feet ... No hat. Grey T. Jeans.
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Tonight's Set List (fan videos will be posted if/when available)
Mr. Sensitive Video 1 (entrance) / Video 2 (partial)
Heroes Video 1 / Video 2 (HQ) / Video 3 / Video 4
I Did it for You Video 1 / Video 2 (partial) / Video 3 / Video 4
Life on the Moon Video 1 / / Video 2 (VIP banter) / Video 3 (p1) / Video 3 (p2) / Video 4 (HQ, banter) / Video 5 / Video 6 (HQ) / Video 7 (banter) / Video 8
Avalanche Video 1 (w/banter) / Video 3 (w/banter) / Video 4 (partial) / Video 5 (HQ) / Video 6 / Video 7 (HD) / Video 8
Died in Your Arms (Cutting Crew cover) Video 1 / Video 2 (w/banter) / Video 3 (banter) / Video4 (HQ) / Video 5 (partial) / Video 6 / Video 7 (HQ) / Video 8 (HQ)
Bar-ba-sol Video 1 (partial) / Video 2 (HQ, partial) / Video 3
Make Me (MWK cover) Video 1 (HQ) / Video 2
Kiss on the Neck Video 1 / Video 2 / Video 3 (HQ) / Video 4 (HQ, w/banter)
Declaration Video 1 (HQ) / Video 2 (HQ) / Video 3 (HQ) / Video 4
Come Back to Me Video 1 / Video 2 (HQ) / Video 3 (partial) / Video 4 (HQ) / Video 5
Light On Video 1 / Video 2 (HQ) / Video 3
A Daily AntheM Video 1 / Video 2 (HQ) / Video 3
Misc Video: Video 1 (pre-show)
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Pre-Show Show-Related Tweets, Net Chatter, etc.
>> [SET LIST SPOILERS - highlight to view] Mr Senstiive, Heroes, I Did it for You, Life on the Moon, Avalanche, Bar-ba-sol, Make Me, Kiss on the Neck, Declaration, Come Back to Me, Light On, A Daily AntheM
>> David, w/Dublin and the band, at side of stage watching NTB
>> @YoSwanny: We have beachballs again and a giant football. Dave should have fun with that
>> the stage: http://twitpic.com/a20wz / http://twitpic.com/a1zzd
>> @Renee_CCF: Still waiting for show to start. Program says 7. It's almost 7:30.
>> @Kristin8108: http://twitpic.com/a1wee - How perfect. Chesaning has [a] Dave's Bar!
>> [SOUNDCHECK SPOILERS - highlight to view] ... Bar-ba-sol ... Make Me ... 'til I'm Blue ...
>> http://twitpic.com/a1gqj - David signs all around town!
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Related Article(s)/Interview(s)
>> MIX 106.3 interview w/David Cook
>> David Cook takes steely determination on the road
>> ‘Idol' winner Cook announces Showboat concert

New Twitpic thanks to @MsCRC


David Cook - Banter (VIP Party Tent, Yellow Shirt Guy, & River People before LOTM!

Another Life on the Moon!

Very belatedly dropping of iTunes album art for this show; maybe someday I'll get caught up!

Chesaning - Photo Credit: MsCRC

Declaration Tour iTunes artwork
Snark For The Cure

I wasn't sure whether or not to post this on e-bay or come here first, so I decided to start here. I went to the Chesaning concert on July 11, and bought the cream t-shirt with david's face on it (I am sure you know which one I am talking about). Without actually looking at the shirt, I just shoved it in my purse and only took it out later after arriving back home. Turns out, the sizes were more like juniors sizes instead of regular sizes and the shirt does not fit me comfortably at all. It is an XL and I am looking to sell it for the exact price that I paid for it ($25), and I will even pay for shipping. I went online and bought another of david's shirts (and made sure this time it wasn't a junior's size) and now I have this shirt I bought just hanging on a hanger in my closet and was wondering if anyone was interested in buying it from me. Message me with any questions you have. Thanks!

I almost forgot! I have lots of pics out on my FB too! Enjoy!


David Cook was AMAZING at the Showboat Musicfest in Chesaning!!! <3 <3 <3
He is so chaming, funny and talented... this was the first time I've seen him live!
I have to say that being a long time Idol fan and watching him since the beginning,
I've always loved his crooked grin... in fact, while watching Idol and reading Twilight at the same time - he became my Edward! LOL So I have an extra special place in my heart for him.

He truly captures the attention of the crowd and makes the person in the very last seat feel like they are just as much a part of the experience as the person in the front row (i.e. - "guy in the yellow shirt", for those of you that were there)! ;-D My heart can't help but skip a beat or two now when I hear his songs after seeing him live!

This was my first DC concert and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. I had such a great time! The other fans around me were so friendly and a lot of fun. A special thanks to the nice woman behind me who helped me down the aisle towards the stage to get a better picture (I was nervous security would throw me out or something). My DH came to the concert with me and was surprised by the enthusiasm of the DC fans. I think he thought I was the only one so "obsessed" with David and the band. Ha! He has been schooled. I wish I had the means to travel to see more of his concerts, but at least I got my one concert in. I just wish David and the band would have come out to see their fans after the show. We waited around for about an hour only to watch the tour buses leave. Dave's banter was witty and fun as seems to be the case for all the other concerts I've had the pleasure to watch on YouTube. A special hello to the other fans I met at the concert. I don't post much here on this board, but I do lurk here several times a week.


Alright!!! A DECLARATION! HQ (thanks Kristin!)

My first concert ever and it was so epic!!! Recap here:

Great pictures and videos everyone! Thansk a lot

I have a few pics and videos from the show last night.

Pardon the quality as I am short, and had some tall people in front of me

It was a great show Smiling for sure


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ok, thank you Smiling
i love the pics of David and Dublin. they remind me of me and my cat Smiling

sassy_lexi: of course you can use them, I definetly don't mind at all!

Here are the rest of the videos! Hope you all enjoy!

I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight

Kiss on the Neck

Life on the Moon part 1

Life on the Moon part 2

Sarah09: Great photos. Thanks for sharing them, especially the ones with him and Dublin! Too cute! Smiling


A Great Big Thank you to everyone all the picutures and videos are amazing. And all the ones of David & Dublin are just so cute and adorable. Everytime I see them together I fall in love even more with this man. I love How he holds him shows how much he cares for his little guy.

ameyer08 do you mind if i put your pics on my myspace fansite? it is www.myspace.com/x_team_cook_x of course i will give you credit for taking them.

Here's a couple videos:



I Did it for You:

A few more coming!

Hi all.

Here's my very long recap of my two concerts in Michigan. I know it's late and redundant now maybe, but there for anyone interested.


Ok..so here are the pics..not the greatest quality but I love them so I thought I should share with all the lovely people who have shared with me in the past! I am still uploading the videos and will let you know when those are up and running..


Hopefully this works..this is my first time!

Make Me! HQ

Another Avalanche! HQ

I have the lap top and we are pulling into Navy Pier and thought i would post this!

MsCRC and Sara09 thank you for the terrific pictures. It looks like David and the band had a lot of fun performing in Chesaning.

Sara09 thank you so very much for sharing your pictures. They are all great, the one's of David & Dublin are just to precious for words. I love how he holds him. Glad you finally posted here stick around it's a great place to be, lots of good people and David & the band love. And like someone else said plan your next concert becuase one in never enough.

Got back from Chesaning show at 3 AM this morning after a nice 5 hour drive. It's great to be home, but I'm really looking forward to the Chicago HOB show today.

The concert was yet again incredible. This time we had 2nd row seats right in front of Neal. The seats were so good that I had a direct unobstructed view of David the whole time. This was a small town festival, and they started with the town official greeting us and a woman singing God Bless America. Then the festival queen and court were introduced. The beauty queens were pretty and were wearing tiaras. They ended up sitting right in front of us in the front row. They seemed to enjoy the concert, but did not know any of the music. They were standing up the whole time and seemed quite impressed at the end.

The venue was open air with stadium bleacher seating. The guy at the gate tried to get us to rent seat cushions for $1 telling us we'd be surprised how our backsides will hurt after sitting for several hours on metal. I told him we weren't going to be sitting that long.

My older son who is an aspiring lead guitarist spent the whole time staring at Neal and concluded he was one of the best guitarists, although still not as good as Syn Gates from Avenged Sevenfold. He now wants to learn the guitar solo from Let Go. Both kids found the band incredible and said they were amazing live.

NTB were very good again and the kids got to meet them and get their tickets signed during the intermissions. They also purchased their two albums which gives them the new album that's coming out in August for free.

David and EEB were on fire last night. The set was high energy. David looked great and was once again in great spirits. IJDIYAT was even more intense and hardcore than the night before. I got to hear IDIFY, and Make Me, songs I haven't heard in concert before. The BBS headbanging was incredible and my sons informed that they were very impressed as it is very hard to head bang and play guitar well at the same time (I did not know that).

David was very funny and chatty. He was fighting off mosquitoes, calling out a guy in the yellow shirt for not having DCTR, and joking around about a sign that said "You were my graduation present". He said you must have had a 2.0 average or something.

Both Michigan sets had 13 songs. This makes up for me getting only 10 songs each at two of my previous shows in Valpo and Macomb. The set flows well and the band seems to be getting better with every concert.

Here are the latest photos.


Sara09 great, great pictures, thanks for delurking and ameyer08 david gives amazing hugs, I got one at the Newark, Ohio show, he smells amazing also, something I will NEVER forget, ever.


Thanks so much for the DC and Dublin pix. Dublin must have a great personality to let him just hold him like that. Most puppies are too wiggly and frenetic. I am glad Dublin is getting more comfortable around music and crowds for David's sake.

Kristen8101 is a goddess -- beautiful sound (and lighting, though nature helped her there), and she gets the whole band in the frame. Usually poor Andy gets so lost on his side of the stage that I wouldn't recognize him in an elevator.

So now just walking to that side of the stage gets 'em to scream? What comes next -- controlling which side of the crowd screams by which eyebrow gets raised?

A clear video of IDIFY for once... and much grungier than on the album. Very cool.

The crowd shouldn't be pissed at being told to buy a t-shirt; they should be embarrassed at not having thought of it themselves already.

Avalanche at twilight is reliably perfect.

Ah yes, the joy of outdoor shows -- is that arcane sign language or flicking away the bugs? (Always name the mosquito. Befriend the mosquito.)

While I don't always agree that DC's covers are better than the original ("Innocent" was good without being superior to the OLP version, and "Still Haven't Found" was good but weaker than the original), IJDIYAT has definitely turned out so much better that the original seems forgettable by contrast -- that song really is improved by having an edge to it.

solitaireclay07, you can't dance and hold a video camera steady at the same time? Eye-wink

"I believe it's man law, you're not allowed to fruit your beer"

Notable of the night: Avalanche, IJDIYAT (overcoming imperfect sound on both videos), LO

another BBS! HQ (partial)


Oh My Gosh Sara09! Thanks for sharing your pix and those ones of David with Dublin are so CUTE!!


Sara09: Thank you for your photos. #16 is gorgeous! Love #39 also. Daddy and Dublin at the end, so cute.

The first concert with Dave is special - I'm so happy for you. Now plan another, one concert is never enough.

I am a long time lurker to this website and enjoy and appreciate all the great pictures and videos from the concerts! I attended my first concert tonight and it was AWESOME!!! I thought it was time to pay back...so I finally signed on to share my pictures. I see that people have already posted recaps and I'm grateful for all the great videos since I did not bring a video camera!

Here's the link for my pictures:


Banter 's mosquito

Brazilian Word Nerds

Favorite quote from tonights concert...

"I believe it's man law, you're not allowed to fruit your beer"

Good stuff!

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