JUL-12-09 (Sun) HOUSE OF BLUES CHICAGO (Chicago, IL) -- twitter rpts, live blogging, recaps, photos, vids, reviews, etc.

JUL-12-09 (Sun) HOUSE OF BLUES CHICAGO (Chicago, IL) -- twitter rpts, live blogging, recaps, photos, vids, reviews, etc.



Hey everyone! I thought I'd create a discussion thread for each stop of the Declaration Tour in an effort to keep the boards organized and help everyone more easily find info related to each event (and have a record of everything in one place for anyone wanting to look back on these events sometime in future). The following is how these threads will work (subject to change):

>> Thread pinned to the top of or on the main David Cook Discussion forum for 24-48 hrs
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If, for some reason, a thread isn't moved right away, it will be eventually.

What should be posted here? Related local radio/tv/press, on-site reports/photos, live blogging, recaps, media and fan reviews, links to related blogs, event photos/videos, etc., etc.

Please post links to photos instead of embedding them and please disable graphic footers as this will make the thread easier to read (especially when live blogging). Regarding PRE-SHOW sound check and set list spoilers, please either PM me the info so that I may post it as hidden text in the first pinned reply or, alternatively, if I am not hosting or not here for whatever reason, then please post the spoilers to a blog and link that blog back to this thread in your reply.

As always, I welcome comments/questions, as well as info, via PM. Thank you. ~Lisa

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START TIME: ≈7:15 PM CT (David's set should begin ≈8:15 PM CT)
**time subject to change so, please stay tuned**
UPDATE: concert started earlier than expected/scheduled
Special Guest: NeedToBreathe
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CELLCAST by Veronique -- info now deleted –
Show #79 on the Declaration Tour
at ≈ 8:15 PM CT (6:15 PT / 7:15 MT / 9:15 ET)

>> local press/bloggers: David Cook Chicago 2016 Olympic Interview with Billy Dec / Review Courtesy of Always Acoustic News
>> thread recaps: Courtesy of songkat / Courtesy of minstrel / Courtesy of Aubreylin / Courtesy of Cookie Jamz / Courtesy of avazanne1 / Courtesy of MsCRC / Courtesy of marsach617 / Courtesy of yelldog / Courtesy of goodlf6
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Photo credits: PennyKeating and MsCRC
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After Reports-in-Brief
>> @KaraSaysSo: David Cook was FANTASTIC tonight <3
>> @beachyblue23: David Cook was AMAZING!! <3 Great concert! =] http://twitpic.com/a74gh
>> @Edsen57: Just got home from the House Of Blues Chicago... David Cook rocked!!
>> @lobo26: Completely in love with David Cook : ) / @lilluci44: AWESOME David Cook show!! [...]
>> @fergiemcgee24: loved the concert tonight....David Cook sure knows how to kill a room...
>> @dancngurl153: Loved David Cook tonight, was an amazing show!!!
>> @musicalstichter: David Cook @ House of Blues Chicago!!! Love him!!! Not gonna come down, down off of these clouds... / @mariamedina6: David cook was awesome [...] / @Chitown1: awesome show! / @MsCRC: Another fantastic David Cook concert. Great crowd.
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Tonight's Set List
Heroes Video 1 (HQ) / Video 2 (HD) / Video 3 (HQ) / Video 4 (HQ) / Video 5 (HQ)
Mr. Sensitive Video 1 (HQ) / Video 2 (HD) / Video 3 (HQ, part 1) / Video 4 (HQ, part 2) / Video 5 (HQ, partial)
Breathe Tonight Video 1 (HQ) / Video 2 (HQ, banter) / Video 3 (HD, w/banter) / Video 4 (banter) / Video 5 (HQ) / Video 6 (HD) / Video 7 / Video 8 (HQ)
Lie Video 1 (HQ, banter) / Video 2 (HQ) / Video 3 (HQ, banter) / Video 4 (HQ, w/banter) / Video 5 (banter) / Video 6 (banter) / Video 7 (HQ, partial) / Video 8 (HD)
Kiss on the Neck Video 1 (HQ) / Video 2 (HQ)
til I'm Blue (MWK cover) Video 1 (HQ, w/banter) / Video 2 (HQ, banter) / Video 3 (HD, w/banter) / Video 4 (HQ) / Video 5 (HQ, banter) / Video 6 (HQ) / Video 7 (HQ, partial) / Video (8 HQ) / Video 9 (HQ) / Video 10 (HD) / Video 11 (HQ, partial)
Bar-ba-sol Video 1 (HQ, partial) / Video 2 (HQ, partial) / Video 3 (HD) / Video 4 (HQ)
Died in Your Arms (Cutting Crew cover) Video 1 (HQ, w/banter) / Video 2 (HQ) / Video 3 (HD) / Video 4 (HQ) / Video 5 / Video (6 HQ, partial) / Video 7 (HQ)
Declaration Video 1 (HQ) / Video 2 (HQ, partial) / Video 3 (HQ, partial) / Video 4 (HQ, w/banter) / Video 5 (HQ, w/banter)
Come Back to Me Video 1 (HQ, banter) / Video 2 (HQ) / Video 3 (HQ) / Video 4 (HD, w/banter) / Video 5 (HQ)
Light On Video 1 (HQ) / Video 2 (HQ, partial: the Dr) / Video 3 (HQ, partial: the Dr & Joey) / Video 4 / Video 5 (HQ) / Video 6 (HQ) / Video 7 (HQ) / Video 8 (HQ, partial)
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>> @BillyDec: DavidCook&I justfinishd deepfun intrview- greatguy! Can't wait2show u on www.aChicagoThing.com! He's off2 ***** 4early dinnr- thenHOBstage!
>> @DNTAnE [reporter w/Duluth News Tribune]: Just sittin' here waiting for David Cook to call. No big whoop.
>> @BillyDec: Interviewing David Cook [...] any suggestions on good questions to ask?
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Related Article(s)/Interview(s)
>> Always Acoustic Interview w/David Cook

David Cook rocked it hard at the HOB Chicago a year ago today! I was there! What a show! Amazing! Pure Rock Gawd! What a commanding presence! And David Cook and The Anthemic as a whole just brilliant!
Got to whoa whoa on ADAM and they did I Died in Your Arms. The place was packed the line really
lo-o-o-o-n-g! Wow!
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Sigh, this was such a great show.... Breathe tonight... Til I'm Blue... ADAM... IDIYAT... we were blessed.

And now there is no DwEEB-themic On The Horizon and minstrel is bereft. (Ah, well, if you count Allegan Michigan.... school night... impossible for those w/kids to drive for that, though I'm sure some of the local contingent will be there.)

Saw OLP at the Vic a few weeks back and just kept thinking "This is a Venue for David Cook." Gritty, legit and pretty small. It. Would. Be. Epic. (And I know DC knows the venue, having seen OLP there himself, back in the day.)

If he loves our town enuf to come pimp the olympics? Sigh. He sure has not spent much time here. One AI show (on a day he had to do a ton of media, which was not reportedly such a great day for him). One Oprah flyby that almost no one knew anything about till it was too late. One HOB show (which was great). Other than that? Valpo (ass-freezing cold day, and they were all kinda sick reportedly). Joliet (student-only show). Macomb (midweek, too far).

Ah, I'm whiny. Every fan just wants a backyard concert, every week. LOL. Were there world enough, and time, and cash, and a way to keep my promises to those who rely on me, and still make it happen? I'd be flitting around to various shows.

As it is? Impossible. So ... all i can do is join my Chicago tribe in saying... Come Back To Me....

I laugh at myself while the tears roll down....

I think this belongs here ~ Interview with Billy Dec supporting the Olympic 2016 bid
Please VOTE! for CBTM! HERE!

If he comes back to Chicago, I sure hope I can go. I love Chicago and I will love it even more if I can see David there <3

"When everything's the same
And nothing ever changes
Will you fall back into me, oh
You see, everything's estranged
A million empty faces

I'm having faith that he will return to us! He has to.

The Official Busted Girls Twitter

Hi -- all Chicago fans - I think we need to invite David in yet again. I am not sure why the need for the invite - he should know by now we want him back as often as possible and as soon as possible.

Anyways for all the chicagoans - there is that website that keeps track of the demand for artists, so maybe if we all sign up .....http://eventful.com/.

There was that cool interview that got posted recently where he talks about Chicago.


David come back to us, Chicago is the heart of our country and we love you here.

snippet of Breathe Tonight! HQ


I think it is time for David to come back to Chicago ! Smiling I think there is some time he has available in Sept. That would be great.

Wow, I accumulated quite a backlog of covers to do, but here at last is Chicago - Photo Credit: PennyKeating.

Declaration Tour iTunes artwork
Snark For The Cure

here is another great Breathe Tonight!


WOW Always Acoustic! Thanks for the pix they are fabulous!

The photographs are finally posted on David Cook's performance at the HOB in Chicago on July 12, 2009.


Always Acoustic

No mp3's? I'm dying for an David version of Til I'm Blue.

Not a biggie but here is the "Sold Out" sign at the ticket window!
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another great ADAM! HQ
a partial Died In Your Arms! HQ
and a partial LIE! HQ


I don't have much to add that hasn't been covered by everyone's excellent comments here. The show was simply amazing. David and the band were totally on, and I will go so far as to say that the awesome response the Chicago crowd gave helped the band along.

I'm very proud of this city and its musical history and appreciation. Truly a vibe that any great musician can appreciate, David included.

Special thanks to my little group - V, Cheryl, Lori and her nephew, and my friend Yeni. You all made this such a fun evening!

And David? This damn town loves you too!! Thanks for stopping by, and don't make it too long until you return. =)

another great Breathe Tonight! HD
partial Heroes! HQ


Kudos to luvyduvvy and FenderStandard for shooting video with great sound and excellent band inclusion, given their respective locations.

Best Heroes I can remember seeing.

Audience now chants the opening of Mr. S? That was striking.

Joey needs obsessive fans to chart when he jumps and how high. I envision little charts with colored dots.

The crowd tendency to swoon over vomit stories will always puzzle me. "The man who make puke hot" probably is not an appropriate t-shirt, either.

Audience chanting Lie as if it's a sports anthem is... different. (Political anthem, now, maybe... great for candidates running for their second or subsequent terms.)

A clear video of TIB was worth waiting for.

Audience chanting CBTM is a win, particularly as they're doing the lyrics that fans didn't like way back when. I'm not imagining that CBTM has picked up a harder-rock feel; it now sounds much more like something Zak Maloy would write.

Notable of the night: Declaration, but it's a tough call. Of the shows I've seen video for (which is far from a complete set), this was one of the five or so best.

More Balcony Banter! HD

Penny, your pictures are awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing them. Roxybella...loved yours too and it was fun to go back and view so many concerts. The pictures are my favorite, but I enjoy the vids too! Thanks to all for sharing and recapping your experiences!

I was there and it was GREAT! Loved hearing Til I'm Blue and IJDIYAT! Everyone else has already said anything I would have had to say! Thanks to everyone who downloaded their vids and pix! They are awesome and I can re-live this excellent experience again! =)

ETA: Oh yea! I wanted to say that our crowd was jumping, bobbing the heads and carrying on so HARD that the floor was actually BOUNCING like we were on a trampoline!!!


It was my first David concert and I just want to say that it was AWESOME! I just wish the concert was longer... it seemed to fly by. Also, I've seen videos where he talked a lot more with the audience, wish there was more of that... but all in all an awesome show! Too bad there was no meet and greet... I was looking forward to meeting him! Oh well... there is always next time hopefully! : )

"These scars we wear remind us the more we change the more we're all the same."

It was my first David Cook concert, and I have to say it was fantastic. David and the band sounded great. I loved the set list and only would have made one change if I could - to swap out Til I'm Blue for Honest. (I felt TIB was a bit of a momentum killer and it didn't seem to excite the crowd much - others will I'm sure disagree). We didn't want to wait in line so we got to the venue at 6:45. We got in at 7:15 right when NTB started (early). I liked most of their stuff too. We stood just past the ground floor by the sound guy on Andy's side, and could see really well because we were raised up about 3 feet from the ground floor. The venue is small, so even from there we were close. The crowd was really mixed, and actually had a younger average age than I expected -a lot more people in their 20s. The only thing I'll add to the previous reviews is about the signs. There was one sign in the middle of the floor that was about 3 square feet cardboard cut from a box. It was huge and right in the middle in front of David so it blocked a lot of views. Every time they held it up (only during banter) a guy in the back would yell "put the sign down" and then be joined by many others back there yelling about the sign. This happened probably 3 times. I'm pretty sure David could hear it from his expression, but he never acknowledged either the sign or the audience displeasure which I thought was smart, especially since it didn't stay up for long. I wonder if that is why he didn't really talk that much. I only saw a few signs, and most were small except for that one.

Oh, and I loved Neil's faux hawk. It really flew during all the head banging. And Joey's crouching 360 leap was hilarious.

Thanks for the excellent vid of TIB! Man, it looks like you were right on top of him (oh, now I am jealous!) Smiling Looks like another stellar show all the way around.


Running around like a crazy woman as usual this morning, but wanted to say a quick thank you to all for your kind words down thread ... Cheers! ~Lisa : )

The concert was great. I was about 7 rows back on the floor and was directly in front of DC. I was able to get some okay pictures, but not great with my phone. A lot of people had camera, which I would have brought mine. Afterwards we found the area where the buses were parked and hung out until the HOB security told us to leave. There were maybe 10 to 15 of us. We ventured back a couple of times, actually meeting Joey on his way out. While talking to Joey we think we saw DC sneak out the tour and to the buses. We cannot confirm that, but that is what we think. Around 11:00 the security guards left and we ventured back down where we were able to meet Neal. Seems like a nice guy, he let us take pictures and he chatted with us for a little while. After he left we hung out for a little bit in hopes of meeting DC, but no luck. I am hoping that DC will come back to Chicago soon.

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