JUL-15-09 (Wed) DULUTH ENTERTAINMENT & CONV CTR (Duluth, MN) -- twitter rpts, live blogging, recaps, photos, vids, reviews, etc.

JUL-15-09 (Wed) DULUTH ENTERTAINMENT & CONV CTR (Duluth, MN) -- twitter rpts, live blogging, recaps, photos, vids, reviews, etc.



Hey everyone! I thought I'd create a discussion thread for each stop of the Declaration Tour in an effort to keep the boards organized and help everyone more easily find info related to each event (and have a record of everything in one place for anyone wanting to look back on these events sometime in future). The following is how these threads will work (subject to change):

>> Thread pinned to the top of or on the main David Cook Discussion forum for 24-48 hrs
>> Thread moved and pinned to the top of or on the main Tour Talk forum for 24-48 hrs
>> Thread moved to its respective regional Tour Talk forum

If, for some reason, a thread isn't moved right away, it will be eventually.

What should be posted here? Related local radio/tv/press, on-site reports/photos, live blogging, recaps, media and fan reviews, links to related blogs, event photos/videos, etc., etc.

Please post links to photos instead of embedding them and please disable graphic footers as this will make the thread easier to read (especially when live blogging). Regarding PRE-SHOW sound check and set list spoilers, please either PM me the info so that I may post it as hidden text in the first pinned reply or, alternatively, if I am not hosting or not here for whatever reason, then please post the spoilers to a blog and link that blog back to this thread in your reply.

As always, I welcome comments/questions, as well as info, via PM. Thank you. ~Lisa

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START TIME: ≈8:00 PM CT (David's set should begin ≈9:15 PM CT)
**time subject to change so, please stay tuned**
Special Guest: NeedToBreathe
--- | ---
FAN CELLCAST by parrogordo -- info now deleted –
Show #80 on the Declaration Tour
at ≈ 9:15 PM CT ( 7:15 PT / 8:15 MT / 10:15 ET)

>> local press: American Idol David Cook rocks Duluth ...
>> blog recaps: Courtesy of archucookie / Courtesy of JlovesD
>> thread recaps: Courtesy of parrogordo
--- --- ---
Event Photos
Courtesy of YourBellaRose / Courtesy of luvzDC / Courtesy of iowadcfan aka TheBav / David – KotN, courtesy of theheidis / Courtesy of iowadcfan aka TheBav / Courtesy of bombalurina03
Photo credit: david_cook_equals_love (WNH)
--- --- ---
After Reports-in-Brief
>> @starwars_geek: Went to a David Cook concert last night, it was amazing. If comes to your town, I highly recommend you go!
>> @NellyBelly02: I had a blast last night! Even got a hug from Mr. David Cook
>> @UhhItsMichelle: Ahhhh david cook was too good for words! [...]
>> @bball_gurl12: David Cook and NEEDTOBREATHE were amazing!!!!! i love them!!!!!
>> @Amandapleeeze: David cook concert was amazinnn.
>> @Blegen10: On our way home from david cook concert! Had a blast. Met Needtobreathe. Got signatures from them and david cook! So Pumped.. : )
>> @naughtyornice56: had an amazing time at the David Cook concert tonight.
>> @JenikkaS: just got to meet David Cook. Amazing.
--- --- ---
iTunes Album Art (courtesy of msdarcy): (pending)
--- --- ---
MP3s (courtesy of Queen Maeva): (pending)
--- --- ---
In-Concert Tweets/TwitPics
>> Reportedly, Dave threw a ball out to a little boy in the crowd : )
>> http://twitpic.com/ai49s / http://twitpic.com/ai8wu - Dave / http://twitpic.com/25hogv / http://twitpic.com/25hq9o / http://twitpic.com/25hqr9 / http://twitpic.com/25hrrs / http://twitpic.com/25hsig / http://twitpic.com/25htyk / http://twitpic.com/25hw02 / http://twitpic.com/25hx4l / http://twitpic.com/25hzlg / http://twitpic.com/25i0q6 / http://twitpic.com/25i24z / http://twitpic.com/25i2mt
>> Encore time! Crowd loud! Neal hot. Dave talking about eggs. Andy adorable. Joey purple. Kyle blurry.
--- --- ---
Tonight's Set List
Kiss on the Neck Video 1 (HQ, part 1) / Video 1 (HQ, part 2)
Mr. Sensitive Video 1 (HD)
Straight Ahead (Analog Heart) Video 1(partial) / Video 2 (HD)
Heroes Video 1 (Joey & pre-song banter) / Video (what's cookin' banter)
Lie Video 1 (partial) / Video 2 (partial w/banter) / Video 3 (HD)
Bar-ba-sol Video 1 / Video 2 (partial w/banter + DiYA) / Video 3 / Video 4 (partial)
Died in Your Arms (Cutting Crew cover) Video 1 / Video 2 / Video 3 / Video 4 (eggs/worst banter)
Souvenir (2008, unreleased) Video 1 (w/banter) / Video 2
Declaration Video 1 (partial) / Video 2 (banter) / Video 3 (banter)
Come Back to Me Video 1 / Video 2 / Video 2(HD, banter)
Light On
A Daily AntheM Video 1 / Video 2 / Video 3
Misc Video: Video 1 (pre-show) / Video 2 (pre-show) / Video 3 (pre-show)
--- --- ---
Pre-Show Show-Related Tweets, Net Chatter, etc.
>> there is a about 7 yr old boy that has the audition faux hawk on. he is so cute [...]
>> NeedToBreathe: http://twitpic.com/ahpy6 / http://twitpic.com/ahr9r / http://twitpic.com/ahtc9
>> [SOUND CHECK SPOILERS - highlight to view] Soundcheck make me little lies and one I don't know but I recorded some of it [Mod note: I'm guessing this may be 'Everyday is Exactly the Same' by Nine Inch Nails]
>> David at the venue in Duluth: http://twitpic.com/ah1mc
--- --- ---
Related Article(s)/Interview(s)
>> More from David Cook w/Duluth News Tribune
>> David Cook talks about life after ‘Idol’ and what he’ll play in Duluth
>> David Cook in Duluth: FOX 21's exclusive TV interview
Photo credit: david_cook_equals_love (WNH)

Dropping off (finally) iTunes album art for this show:

Duluth - Photo Credits: TheBav

Declaration Tour iTunes artwork
Snark For The Cure


I've put the best of my Duluth photos in Flickr at the link above. Enjoy!

a little snippet of Meeting David in Duluth out at the buses!

Hey everyone -- people like :23 of my BBS video, it seems!
Glaring pic from KOTN
Besides the 1 idol show, Duluth was my first concert...I feel like I want to go to Mystic Lake now - anyone have a ticket? Email me at theheidis@msn.com if you do - thx!

Thanks for posting that, follia!! I think I love to read David Cook concert reviews now lol. I especially love what she wrote about the band: "[Cook's] talent was evident within the first song but what surprised me even more was how talented and entertaining his band was... Despite Cook taking center stage the band works well together as a cohesive unit which made for a very polished show." ... And that's why we love ALL of them!! =)

"I'm just bein' me... So if it comes across as being a super hero, then guess what?"

Nice review of the Duluth show recommending that people check out the two upcoming shows in Minnesota



My Duluth photos are in my Photobucket. Will put the best of the best on Flickr soon.

ha thanks to the people who got him reading the sign on video.
that was me and my friends sign. and it made our lives!!!

GAH! Here is KOTN part 1! HQ
here is KOTN part2 ! HQ Check David out at the Beginning! Oh my WORD!


here is a UToob of the TV Interview!
here is another ADAM!

Just posted my recaps (copied from WNH).

I would like to introduce MR. SENSITIVE
...Oh yes, I love Mr. S.


:23 into barbasol in duluth

It should be illegal how he makes us feel.

Katy (not verified):

i know it's supposed to be all about the music and all, but

holy mother of all things holy.

I think :23 into barbasol in duluth was probably one of THE most sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Still having trouble regulating my breathing.

as a good pal and I would "say"

%*#)^%*#()*)@% !!!!!!

and I say
thank you to drc.

you know he knows we know.

V, I was so looking forward to the bad dancing, but had to leave. Sad Maybe next time.

~The World I Know is a better place because of David Cook~

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to stop in and say that it was no problem stepping in for Mandy and I am happy to do so anytime she needs me too. Like say Friday. I am glad Mandy's computer is fixed now. Glad everyone was happy and entertained. It was a little weird knowing the bad dancing I do in the privacy of my room, you all got to see last night


If he keeps this up, he's going to have to pay my electric bill. It's hot enough here in Florida as it is. *turns a/c down*

~The World I Know is a better place because of David Cook~

End of Lie and Banter before BBS! (partial)
then the end of BBS and Banter and Died Iin Your Arms Tonight!
Joey Karate Kick at end of SA and What's Cooking at All Star
here is Banter and Souvenir!
here is Twin's Territory Banter before Declaration!

Holy Shiznit! That man is toying with us (and we like it, yes we do!!)

TWIK - you crack me up!! BUT, I agree with you 100%. The MAN is on FIRE!!

Thanks for the vids & pics everyone!!



OMFG that Bar_Ba-Sol video. Talk about mic envy what he does at .022-.025 seconds is unbeleivable. And I know he knows what that does to us.Cold shower hell I need to go to the Antartic.

BAR-BA-SOL - a new appreciation for this song - THE MAN DOES LOVE HIS MIC STAND

Truth Is You Make or Break My Day

Cold shower?! Hells bells, I need to go lay on a polar ice cap!

~The World I Know is a better place because of David Cook~

Holy cow! That BBS Youtube is the hottest thing I HAVE EVER SEEN! The way he looks right at the camera and then, okay, you can't just read the description - you have to SEE IT! I got the serious "gut clench" sensation....

You must be right, Patti. He stopped AND started my heart with that one. Maybe the ppl with weak hearts haven't recovered. *waiting patiently for KOTN and banter*

~The World I Know is a better place because of David Cook~

ADAM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2vYSwnkYGA

~The World I Know is a better place because of David Cook~

Yes twik!!! We need more vids of this BBS from last night so that we can study it from all angles! I must say, I have been ... ahem... studying it and find that I seriously must go take a cold shower now. That is one HAWT BBS right there that is! Whew! This could be why we aren't getting many vids and reports from last night because anyone who was there who witnessed this live probably turned into a puddle of goo and are still recovering! Wowza!

O.M.G. What he does with the mic stand in the beginning of BBS, around :22. No. Words.

I STILL have mic stand envy.

~The World I Know is a better place because of David Cook~

Damn, I totally agree with you, twik. Poor lady must have had a hard time, I know I would have.

David looks so cute in that Fox interview. *sighs* I don't know how she could concentrate on her questions while looking at that face.

~The World I Know is a better place because of David Cook~

As always thanks to everyone for posting, finding links and hosting to make this all possible!

I'm dying to hear the new NIN cover. Hopefully they decide to play it one of these days!

The partial Declararion Video was made by me!

my cell would only record 1 min of video.. stupid phone.

I'm glad the cellcast turned out okay and that you enjoyed it, I was happy to share this evening with you! I was able to watch David and/or the guys pretty much non-stop from the time I arrived at the venue when they did soundcheck, until David was finished signing autographs after the buses (except for their dinner break and a formal meet & greet after the show, which sadly I did not win!). They are happy, fun-loving, and very friendly with the fans. The show was close to being sold out, and attended by male and female fans of all ages. Many that I talked to were seeing David live for the first time since Idol or were new to the David Cook experience, and just came to have a good time. And they weren't disappointed! The fans were cheering and singing along, and were respectful when the guys were on and off stage. I'm proud of our fans in Minnesota (and all who who were there)!

Thanks to Mandy and V for taking all my messages before and during the concert, and to Lisa for the postings, how can we ever thank you enough for giving the fans hours of your time for each concert?

P.S. For those who heard my recap at the cellcast, David did not have a rubber duck, it was the rubber chicken that we all know and love! I was having a senior moment, LOL.

here is a DECLARATION! (partial)

eilonwy: One thing to be said for God's frozen people -- while most of a rock concert is improved by participation, Lie really is better when the audience is struck dumb by the a cappela part, as this one was.

Word to this! For me, Lie is right up there with Permanent for "silence is golden." There's something to be said for just taking it all in with some of David's performances. The screaming actually gets on my nerves during these two songs.

"Whether you're pleasing or pissing everyone off, you're doing something wrong." - DC

Just keep on keepin' on, Babe... (That Terry boy dun stole mah siggy.)

Almost all of Lie

Never mind! Wrong concert but still a great Lie!

United States