JUL 15 2012 (Sun) WATERFRONT HOTEL & CASINO (Cebu City, PHI) & Related Events -- tweets, setlist, vids, photos, recaps, etc.

JUL 15 2012 (Sun) WATERFRONT HOTEL & CASINO (Cebu City, PHI) & Related Events -- tweets, setlist, vids, photos, recaps, etc.

JUL 15 2012 (Sun) WATERFRONT HOTEL & CASINO (Cebu City, PHI)
Banner with thanks to MsDarcy w/photo credit to Imogen
Hey everyone! As in past, this discussion thread has been created in an effort to keep the boards organized and help everyone more easily find info related to this event (and have a record of everything in one place for anyone wanting to look back on these events sometime in future). This thread will be pinned to the top of or on the main David Cook discussion forum for a while and then eventually archived to the Tour Talk - ASIA forum.

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Note: see below for related events taking place
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START TIME: ≈ 8:00 PM PHT 15 Jul (Sun)
( David's set should begin ≈ 9:00 PM PHT Sun / 9:00 AM EDT Sun)
[Click Here for Additional Time Zones]
**times subject to change so, please stay tuned**
Opening Act: VFort | +duet w/Rachelle Ann Go
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Fan-Organized Fancast --info now deleted--

>> blogs: c/o layseepingkian / c/o missyMARSie
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Event Photos
>> Collections: c/o Kris Rocha / c/o imogen_ph
>> Twitpics: IMG0 / IMG1 / IMG2 / / IMG3 / IMG4 / IMG5 / IMG6 / IMG7 / / IMG8 / IMG9 / IMG10 / IMG11 / IMG12 / / IMG13 / IMG14 / IMG15 / IMG16 / IMG16 / IMG18 / IMG19

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Tonight's Set List
Circadian awesomekenn03 / happyredpanda
Heroes (w/Champagne Supernova) Viel Rusiana(fb) / Viel Rusina
Mr. Sensitive happyredpanda / rin61892
The Last Goodbye Southgate8000 / SethCrest / Theresa Dungo / markaede746
From Here To Zero SethCrest / iamloqz / jadh86 / happyredpanda / Zee Bee / stokmiii89 / markaede746
Hard to Believe SethCrest / jadh86 / musicalskyrocket / chapark / markaede746
I Did It for You sunkist021292 / musicalskyrocket / happyredpanda(p) / markaede746
The Last Song I'll Write for You Southgate8000 / jadh86 / iamloqz / musicalskyrocket / happyredpanda / markaede746
Paper Heart markaede746
Come Back to Me Southgate8000 / stevelora / Chrisma Joyce / jadh86 / markaede746
Goodbye to the Girl happyredpanda (wb) / Zee Bee / markaede746
Here I Go Again (Whitesnake cover) Viel Rusiana(fb) / Viel Rusina / jadh86 / lamloqz / happyredpanda / Zee Bee / markaede746
Light On Southgate8000 / Viel Rusiana(fb) / Viel Rusina / unsightlysmiles / markaede746
Always Be My Baby Southgate8000 / kristine405 / Chefangeeeng / theeaglespirit30 / Aimee Din / Viel Rusiana(fb) / divadexie / Viel Rusina / Chrisma Joyce / mattcalao / jadh86 / musicalskyrocket / awesomekenn03 / happyredpanda / Zee Bee / markaede746
Fade Into Me (acoustic) bolansoy / happyredpanda / Aimee Din / SethCrest / lamloqz / Zee Bee / markaede746
Rapid Eye Movement happyredpanda / happyredpanda / markaede746
... ... ...
Playlists: c/o happyredpanda
Fancast recording: c/o kookiness
cebu1Photo credit: Nick Adams
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After Reports-in-Brief (sampling)
>> @thedavidcook: ... Cebu was a blast! Thanks for the love, Cebu!
>> @nickadamsdrums: @TheRealDevinB "What happened last night? Thank you Manila and Cebu for an awesome couple of days in the Philippines!" -u wore a lion skin
>> @TheRealDevinB: What happened last night? Thank you Manila and Cebu for an awesome couple of days in the Philippines!
>> @nickadamsdrums: Thanks for an awesome show Cebu! http://t.co/2V0yFHdY
>> @andyskib: Good show tonight Cebu!
>> @montyanderson: Thank you to the people of Cebu and Manilla. Your kindness and graciousness has been truly amazing!!
>> @thekookiejar: @thedavidcook Amazing show in Cebu! You got the crowd up on their feet--that rarely happens! : ))
>> @zeebee05: @thedavidcook, only a few artist can impress the Cebu crowd. And now, you're already part of that elite list! You rocked Cebu! / @zeebee05: I can't explain our culture in 140 characters. We may not be loud and crazy, but we definitely know how to appreciate.
>> @COOKistas: Epic show, @thedavidcook! You conquered a notoriously tough crowd! Cebu loved you! #DavidCookInCebu2012
>> @chapark: Almost soldout! @thedavidcook got Cebu on their feet! #DavidCookInCebu2012
>> @chapark: CEBUmstatic! Whatta an amazing crowd! #DavidCookInCebu2012
>> @alyssapaola16: 07.15.12 @thedavidcook rocked my night before this night ends: ) iloveyou forever and always. Have a safe trip: )
>> @GoGodrick: @thedavidcook Sick concert! Thanks for the awesome night! You rock!!
>> @FIFI2788: @thedavidcook David!!! I had a blast tonight!! I was absolutely amazed! I was like damn sound wayy better live!
>> @SmallVIEL: Just got home from DAVID COOK's Concert Live in Cebu! Had the time of my life! Genuine and true artist indeed... @dayly_ent @COOKistas
>> @trixiecee: Aaaaaahh @thedavidcook was DA BOOOMB!!! Losing my voice from all the screaming, but it was worth it. : )
>> @karissayu: That was an awesome first concert of my life ever!!! : D #DavidCook #Cebu
>> @zeebee05: I was standing beside the City Mayor and he seems pleased with David...
>> @keibiol: @thedavidcook concert is epic! Awesome night! #DavidCookinCebu2012
>> @Cris_Danielle_M: saw @thedavidcook live! hell of a night
>> @Clandestine12: Awesome show tonight!!I could hear David's every note & he was A-wait for it -MAZING!
>> @tyneebub: @thedavidcook "You guys get quiet so fast". Haha, we're just a more peaceful bunch, thanks for an awesome show!!
>> @hosinonagisa: @thedavidcook I thank you so much for such a great impression!!! I enjoyed every your songs with wonderful audience!!! : )))
>> @rhianrhymes: thank you so much for an amazing show @thedavidcook :- ) this will go down in the pages of history! Cebu loves you <3
>> @sHyEnSsY: Great show @thedavidcook! Cebu fans had a blast! YOU ROCK! : )
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In-Concert Tweets/TwitPics (sampling)
LIVE Twitter feed here during concert ONLY - feed now deleted
>> @rhianrhymes: amazing! @thedavidcook sang w/o the mic and we still heard him: - ) super loved it.
>> @rhianrhymes: the crowd is going berserk as @thedavidcook sang Always Be My Baby! :- ) ul always be my David! <3
>> @tyneebub: Ears are bleeding.. Of AWESOMENESS!! #DavidCookInCebu
>> @iDrewSarmiento: David Cook's new song sounds really good. It has that potential Hit Factor to it. #Impressed
>> @gorachelleann: it's not going to happen anymore : ( RT @alyssapaola16: omg! Shin (@gorachelleann) will join @thedavidcook tonight? COOOOLLLL!!! [NOTE: reportedly due to poor communication w/producers - unconfirmed]
>> @iDrewSarmiento: Holy! The Lights set up in the David Cook concert is Amazing. But damn, this guy can seriously Sing! Crazy Good! #RockOn
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Pre-Show Show-Related Tweets, Net Chatter, etc.
>> @imogenPH: Oh the mayor is reportedly here. Audience is mostly upper class
>> @zeebee05: Mayor Michael Rama in the house! Wow, David Cook ibang level ka!
>> @MrAndrewCook: Cebu Philippines tonight...who's coming out?!?!
>> @andyskib: Cool view of Cebu from my room. http://t.co/BzpClLoW
>> @andyskib: Check out @montyanderson livin' the dream in Cebu... http://t.co/01wYnhVX
>> @andyskib: Nice meeting all of you down in the lobby. See you at the show!
>> @nickadamsdrums: U ready Cebu!? http://instagr.am/p/NGTXJHyh80/
>> @dayly_ent: Rachelle Ann Go will join David Cook in Cebu tonight!
>> @MattyChirch: In Cebu, Philippines. Show tonight at the Waterfront Hotel & Casino.
>> @dayly_ent: Welcome to Cebu @thedavidcook David Cook #DavidCookInCebu2012
>> @thedavidcook: What an amazing night here in Manila! Thank you so much for making tonight's show a blast! Cebu... You're next!!!
>> @thedavidcook: We're heading back to Asia in July! Manila (14 July) & Cebu (15 July), Philippines, & Jakarta, Indonesia (17 July)!!! Who's comin' out?!?
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>> Promo (video): David Cook Greets Filipino Fans / Dayly Ent TV Ad / Rated K Promo Segment
>> Promo (audio): Mellow 94.7 Phoner (26-Jun) / Magic 89.9 On Demand Clips (various)
>> Promo (print): Slideshow / IMG1 / IMG2 / IMG3 / IMG4 / IMG4 / IMG5
>> VFort invite (opening act)
>> Press Release / Official Poster / TicketNet / Waterfront Hotel & Casino
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~2:00 PM PHT (~2:00 AM EDT) SM - Northwing Atrium (This Loud Morning CD signing session)
--- VIDEOS: Clip1 / Clip2 / Clip3 / Clip4 / Clip5 / Clip6 / Clip7 / Clip8 / Clip9
--- PHOTOS: c/o SM City Cebu (Official) / IMG1 / IMG2 / IMG3 / IMG4 / IMG5 / IMG6 / IMG7 / IMG8 / IMG9 / IMG10 / IMG11 / IMG12 / IMG13 / IMG14 / IMG15
--- @IvoryMusicVideo David Cook signing session Let's go, Cebu! David Cook Philippines http://bit.ly/MrcBIO
--- @dayly_ent: Happening now! Cebu meet & greet with @thedavidcook http://twitter.com/dayly_ent/status/224456300216582146/photo/1

Comments (109)

David Cook Live in Cebu http://pic.twitter.com/8bxNu1x // http://pic.twitter.com/2lmrYqy

Circadian!! (awesomekenn03)

More Vids!!

Another Always Be My Baby! (jadh86)

Another Here I Go Again! (jadh86)

and Another Here I Go Again!! (lamloqz)

Another Fade Into Me!! (lamloqz)

@missyMARSie @liza1131

@antaranews: Akhir penantian David Cook http://bit.ly/Nxz5DD

Another Come Back to Me! (jadh86)

Another Always Be My Baby! (musicalskyrocket)

Another ABMB!! (divadexie)

Some pictures in here from Cebu thanks to @imogenPH (also some from Jakarata and Manila farther down)

Banter and I Did It for You!! (sunkist021292)

Light On!(unsightlysmiles)

Another The Last Song I'll Write for You! (jadh86)

and Hard to Believe!! (jadh86)

A really goods From Here to Zero!! (iamloqz)

and Another great The Last Song I'll Write for You!! (iamloqz)

David Cook Live In Cebu! July 15, 2012 - Waterfront Cebu More photos soon! @thedavidcook @COOKistas... http://fb.me/1N7DnBzeB

Another shot from the Cebu show.. http://instagr.am/p/NLj4TsGbRy/

Cebu Meet & Greet! (sunkist021292)

Is this here? David arrives in Cebu

Another Always Be My Baby! (mattcalao)

The Last Goodbye! (jadh86)

From Here to Zero! (jadh86)

Here We Go Again! by Viel Rusiana (facebook)

here is his Heroes! (Viel Rusiana)

Always Be My Baby as well!

and then his Light On!

I Did It For You!(musicalskyrocket)

The Last Song I'll Write for You! (musicalskyrocket)

Hard to Believe! (musicalskyrocket)

Very Nice!! Always Be My Baby!! (Chrisma Joyce)

Come Back to Me!! (Chrisma Joyce)

@thedavidcook signing my TLM album last Sunday in SM Cebu!!! @dayly_ent @COOKistas #davidcook #DavidCookLiveInCebu2012 http://pic.twitter.com/G2sn5FEu

Here are the links to the vids I took at the Cebu show last weekend (SethCrest)

Always Be My Baby (Cebu) >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf6enVabobk

The Last Goodbye (Cebu) >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x03MYmk60IU

From Here To Zero (Cebu) >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNDm47Nlyo8

Hard To Believe (Cebu) >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Agvt7ABvqmw

last night at waterfront @thedavidcook http://pic.twitter.com/6lBTC3Rm

Heroes/Champagne Supernova! (etiamexspecto)

Another beautiful Fade Into Me!! (Aimee Din)

And a Nice Always Be My Baby! (Aimee Din)

@trixiecee: The Awesomeness That is David Cook: Live in Cebu! @thedavidcook http://tmblr.co/ZUqtRyPSXmLl

@missyMARSie: David Cook in Cebu last night! http://instagr.am/p/NIf3RaGbXL/

Another Always Be My Baby! (kristine405)

and Another ABMB! (Chefangeeeng)

Fade Into Me!! (bolansoy)

From Backstage! Come Back to Me!! (stevelora) (partial but most of it)

David Cook In Sm City Cebu, Northwing (Chris Abapo)

David Cook in Cebu (Chris Abapo)

Fade Into Me!! (happyredpanda)

Another Always Be My Baby! (theeaglespirit30)

David Cook at Waterfront Cebu last night! More photos soon! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=453046464719491&set=a.27763647892... @dayly_ent @cookistas @thedavidcook

Thanks for posting that picture from Nick. Now we know what David saw. WOW, indeed.
Wow indeed!! Asia has always been very special to him and they reminded him why. Spectacular. Not ashamed to admit I get teary when I see the pictures and hear how much love they showed him.

Another TLSIWFY!
first had experience of @thedavidcook cebu show thnk you dear! <3RT @thegabriellemic: heres fr you dear http://yfrog.com/npd36ez

Thanks for posting that picture from Nick. Now we know what David saw. WOW, indeed. Smiling

Thanks for an awesome show Cebu! http://instagr.am/p/NH2BFWyh7m/

The Last Song I'll Write for You!! (Southgate8000)

David cook http://instagr.am/p/NHsUocH5PT/
Very nice concert...david cook http://instagr.am/p/NHuWj7n5Ak/

@chapark: Almost soldout! @thedavidcook got Cebu on their feet! #DavidCookInCebu2012

@thedavidcook in Cebu. @Manilaconcerts @dayly_ent http://twitpic.com/a7zfdr

kiraedge ‏@musiclskyrocket

@thedavidcook ur vocals blew me away. I stil cant get my feet on d ground. You totaly rocked Cebu! wishing to have u back soon.

Hello, @thedavidcook. #concert #moment #squeeee @ Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino http://instagr.am/p/NG9aVonQOG/

please be my baby! @thedavidcook :** http://pic.twitter.com/exRADq2h

OMG, these M and G pics are awesome! He looks so incredibly HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just these
pictures alone tell a story! WOW

@FoolsApril64: [PHOTOS] SM City Cebu fb | David Cook at SM City Cebu CD signing http://on.fb.me/LSRpLM


@andyskib Cool view of Cebu from my room. http://pic.twitter.com/k0guewtw

green-eyed lady:

There was supposed to be another duet of ABMB but for some reason, it was cancelled, the female singer tweeted about it but didn't give a reason. Maybe they wouldn't have time to reherse or something.

Wasn't there supposed to be a duet at the Cebu concert? Hearing David sing ABMB made me flashback to his time on AI. I wonder if he sang it just like the studio version? He may not want to sing it, but the crowd so clearly loves it I think he really sang it as beautiful as he could especially for them.

Rapid Eye Movement! (happyredpanda)

Always Be My Baby! (DisNerd007)

@dayly_ent: David Cook Manila Concert Photos http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3602746467926.2136370.125152398...

one experience I will never forget... David Cook in Cebu @thedavidcook http://pic.twitter.com/7cxiy3c4

All the people who showed up just to get a glimpse. Amazing. David Cook Meet and Greet | Facebook http://on.fb.me/LqoTj8

@yourMAJEsty921: DAVID COOK in concert!! http://instagr.am/p/NG-CTqhWMd/

Thank you to the people of Cebu and Manilla. Your kindness and graciousness has been truly amazing!!

@GoGodrick: @thedavidcook Sick concert! Thanks for the awesome night! You rock!! http://pic.twitter.com/VemaMuBc

@prangkaaa: David Cook w/ @xattiybanez @xattisfaction http://instagr.am/p/NG1rHmlFnA/

Maia Rose Du ‏@lilDnut

@andreacababahay @jianaleelyx David Cook concert was soooo fun with my beloveds! http://twitpic.com/a7yfqo

@heyaaia: Saw David Cook today with @DEEbuco and ze kiddos.. http://yfrog.com/mncftyqj

@zeebee05: @thedavidcook Only a few artists can impress the Cebu crowd. And now, you're already part of that elite list. You rocked Cebu!

More pictures to be seen at the official site of SM Cebu Facebook ( greet/ meet)

I just listened to this really cute clip of Dave trying to sing off mic during FIM. Love how everyone is shushing. lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K56aX8e2hmM&feature=youtube_gdata_player

‏@charmso[Slur Deleted]gie
THANK YOU @thedavidcook !Laughing out loud http://pic.twitter.com/MeG0T7u3

@trixiecee: OMG! @thedavidcook in concert! #fangirling @ Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino http://instagr.am/p/NGxKf6nQG1/

I was thinking about David's crew, packing and unpacking for the shows over there, and travel to each one....I wonder if they have a bus? Or do they fly between shows?
Regardles, it just blows my mind and makes me SO SO happy that they are SO SO
appreciated over there! He is such a huge star there!

David singing Circadian- Cebu Manila http://pic.twitter.com/XwwSDrCm

Cicardian! #davidcookincebu http://instagr.am/p/NGkLD9PSiN/

@iDrewSarmiento: Holy! The Lights set up in the David Cook concert is Amazing. But damn, this guy can seriously Sing! Crazy Good! #RockOn

@troytomarz: David Cook live in cebu..happening now Smiling http://pic.twitter.com/na56g7n8

David Cook Smiling http://instagr.am/p/NGmFeNoygU/

Dayly Entertainment ‏@dayly_ent
David Cook performing now #DavidCookInCebu2012 http://pic.twitter.com/qkGFafdT

@FoolsApril64: [CLIP] David Cook arrives at SM Cebu City CD signing http://youtu.be/9EKVDLCBIyA

Smiling http://instagr.am/p/NGfRjeNg7S/

@imogenPH David ar the cd signing session, SM City Cebu http://instagr.am/p/NF4OKTsuqs/

@kahliljoshua: Got a glimpse of david cook. http://twitpic.com/a7t6s4

@iamboobsi: David cook at sm cebu... http://instagr.am/p/NGDjAZQAue/

@peytvaleWEEEE: DAVID COOK MEET AND GREET http://lockerz.com/s/225195120

@minminfanatic: david cook rocks sm city cebu http://instagr.am/p/NGF4DqoWFC/

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