JUL-20-09 (Mon) MADISON THEATRE (Covington, KY) -- twitter rpts, live blogging, recaps, photos, vids, reviews, etc.

JUL-20-09 (Mon) MADISON THEATRE (Covington, KY) -- twitter rpts, live blogging, recaps, photos, vids, reviews, etc.



Hey everyone! I thought I'd create a discussion thread for each stop of the Declaration Tour in an effort to keep the boards organized and help everyone more easily find info related to each event (and have a record of everything in one place for anyone wanting to look back on these events sometime in future). The following is how these threads will work (subject to change):

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As always, I welcome comments/questions, as well as info, via PM. Thank you. ~Lisa

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START TIME: ≈8:00 PM ET (David's set should begin ≈9:15 PM ET)
**time subject to change so, please stay tuned**
Special Guest: Green River Ordinance
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CELLCAST by Cristina -- info now deleted –
Show #84 on the Declaration Tour
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>> @AMBFabulous: Had soooo much fun @ the David Cook concert last night!!!
>> @steve_newsome: Just got out of the best concert! I was 5ft from David Cook!
>> @nattifan: FOX19RobW David Cook concert was amazing! Always puts on a great show. Met him too- very sweet and down-to-earth!
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>> David Cook (w/Neal Tiemann) on Bob & Tom Radio Show (w/thx to Annette)

Alight, so here's the thing-I was at this concert. I was quite close too. I also enjoyed GRO very much. The only problem...
People stood up.

Normally, (since David is considered rock), it would be fine. At The Birchmere though (a sit down, have dinner, and just ENJOY the show), this was not okay.
I actually saw a few people leave (that were near the stage) because they couldn't see. I myself could barely see. I actually tried to sit down for about 3 of David's songs, to which I was told over and over, to "STAND UP!" From the people behind me. This was right after I had decided to leave because the view, from sitting down, was so bad. (add also the fact a fan standing up knocked over a glass which almost ruined my $40 battery...and she didn't care. I know understand the reasoning behind the whole "no cameras" thing.)

I finally stood up and could still barely see. I felt HORRIBLE for the people behind me. I just didn't know what else to do. I tried to ask the women up front to sit down-to which they ignored me. The only time I got excited was when security attempted to get the front to sit down to which David adamantly answered with, "Every stand up!". I was very angry...I was quite enthralled with David but I know he knew the rules, and I am sure that a lot of people there were not able to stand up. And yes, you can say it was all David's fault, but the fact is...it was 2 or 3 songs before he said anything. The people could have been sitting down. We all sat down for GRO and it was a wonderful show.

I just want to say this had to be the worst show I have attended. It was not okay to stand up, and I am not sure if I am okay with David telling everyone to do so. Let's just say I gave Andy (the only one I could see) a lot of love that night.

MK/crzy4DavidC/WN#392/"Fanatical Musical Theatre Word Nerd"

Dropping off iTunes album art for this show:
Covington - Photo Credit: abeelscookie

Thanks to abeelscookie for sending me her photo to use - nice shot!

Declaration Tour iTunes artwork
Snark For The Cure

Much thanks to all who have posted videos of this amazing concert. I watch the clip where he said "I wasn't losing my mind but dedicated " at least once a day! Can't wait till he sees my next sign in Spokane....
Drove 2400 miles--- These are the daughters-- Give them hell!

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!

Thank YOU nattifan for the awesome vids!

Hey, thanks pweller7! Those are my videos you posted from youtube. I am so happy everyone has enjoyed them!

"after all, tomorrow is another day"

another great CBTM! HD

Thank you to those who emailed me when I was looking for Nosnoozin. I knew I had him talking to her on video b/c i clearly remember how CUTE it was the way he said "dedication" when referring
to her attending 5 shows....hes so adorable Smiling

I didnt get much in other in videos b/c I was too busy dancing and singing...lol
Thank you to everyone who did share their video.

I also waited out back for the 2hrs. I know David heard that girl yell A**hole and I'd be willing to bet thats why it took him so long to finally come over b/c as soon as that girl left he started signing.
When he first came out he was loading some stuff under the bus I yelled "PLEASE David we love you" and he yelled back "Ok just give me a minute"
I think he started backwards b/c he would end up at the door of the bus. Altho I had waited 2hrs at the front i
I didnt care that I ended up being last b/c I got my turn so it didnt matter and thats All I cared about.
It was SOOO worth the wait.

I also wanna say it was my first time at the Madison and I thought the staff and security was great.

Dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about you.

David and Dublin Playing out at the Buses!


We got a great spot, up front, left-center. I absolutely loved the entire show! I've seen him six times now. He came over and looked down right at me and did that wide-eyed surprised look he does. He threw a pick to Meg but it bounced off her head and she lost it. I did manage to get one of Neal's when he came over to our side.
Afterward, we met GRO, really sweet boys who seem grateful for the opportunity David has afforded them. Meg got her picture with them. She loves them, but Ryan's her boy. She made friends with the bartender who gave her his "Worker" badge that had David's picture on it.
We went outside to wait. After a while,(and after the rude girl in front of me called him an A-hole, which I wouldn't have blamed him for not coming out) he came over. He was so great with everyone, taking his time. Meg handed him the "Worker" badge to sign and said, "I stole this from the bartender". David cracked up and said, "Niiiiice!". Then she asked for a hug and he said enthusiastically, "Absolutely!".
Then he came to me. I handed him my ticket stub to sign and I said, "You know, David, it's taken me six tries to get this close to you". He smiled at me and said, "I'm sorry. I'm here now". And he was. And I got the best hug of my entire life.

"after all, tomorrow is another day"

DeeDee and eilonwy, thanks for your comments on my videos, most of which were actually taken by my daughter. The panoramic view wasn't so much a choice as a necessity, since we were in the uppermost balcony, but we did try to keep the whole band in the shots, and I like the way they turned out. Much as I love close-up videos, it's always nice to see the whole band sometimes too.

I have a couple more videos to upload; Lie and Declaration were on the same clip and it was too long for youtube, so I'm having to edit, which is slow going on my home system. But I'll get Declaration done eventually, and a partial Daily Anthem, which was pretty cool viewed from behind that sea of waving arms.

I had such a good time at this concert. I've posted a rather lengthy recap of the day in my blog, for anyone who's interested.

Declaration Tour iTunes artwork
Snark For The Cure

Anita - Oh do I wish I could go to the show at the Ohio State Fair, but we'll be away on vacation (darn!). And you were lucky to get to meet David afterwards and get a HUG!! I would have LOVED it - but my husband had to get up early for work (your husband was nice to wait!) and we didn't want to keep our babysitter out too long.

Okie1 - thanks for posting Avalanche!!!

I'm still reliving the night. So fun!!


Curiosity won big, aided by one of those useless half hour bits of time between appointments.

okie1 quoth:
Here it is with cherries on top! LOL -- AVALANCHE

And Avalanche is its usual haunting self. Why does this one work as a sing-along when Lie doesn't? The entire crowd singing emphasizes the eerier bits rather than interfering.

Here's the whipped cream! (: LIE

Yes, that WAS the moment of the night. I'd say it added chopped pecans and multicolored sprinkles, except the arrangement's elegance is that it's more economical than that. Whipped cream only -- but the real stuff, not Cool Whip.

(Kudos, ItsMsDarcy for getting the whole band in most shots. When it comes to capturing the far edges, Neal seems to have more fans with video skills than Andy.)

here is another BBS! HQ



That was a perfect spot with an excellent view of David and the guys. I didn't want in the mosh pit because I'm not tall enough to see over most people. I tested it but two glamazons were in front of me so I got out. Turns out the second level was so much better and at David's eye level. I've been to two shows and am going to the one at the Ohio State Fair on the 8th. Are you going to that one?

We waited about 45 minutes or so for David to come out to sign autographs. I don't know if he started at the other end because of that one moron yelling that at him or as my husband said was because he'd end up by the bus door at the end. The wait was definitely worth it Smiling (though my hubby didn't think so).

Kissing the Cook

A full panorama of the band plus David singing a beautiful rendition of Lie.
Doesn't get any better than that for home viewers !!!

OMG Avalanche and Lie was BEAUTIFUL!!

Here is another Banter and Declaration! HD


Here's the whipped cream! (:



eilonwy said - "Mr. S: Between 3:10 and 3:30, Joey totally upstages DC. It's like competitive figure-skating, only with jumping up and down: oh look! He executed a perfect Triple Joey w/ a Flip."

Yay Joey! I love him!!

That was pretty awesome!

Bless you, okie 1 !!
Avalanche, in shades of blue and purple, truly amazing !

I cannot explain my infatuation with this song.
I go to sleep at night, it subtly plays over and over again in my head !!
I wake up in the morning and hum or sing it all day long.

I guess that is what David intended his music to do to us !!

Here it is with cherries on top! LOL




Banter Before KOTN! HQ
here is the Banter about the Sign that Says I've Been to 5 Concerts Before LOTM!

Mr. S: Between 3:10 and 3:30, Joey totally upstages DC. It's like competitive figure-skating, only with jumping up and down: oh look! He executed a perfect Triple Joey w/ a Flip.

It would take a lot more than Joey being a joey to upstage David, in my eyes. He'd have to strip naked and do several backflips, and even then I'd probably just glance. I adore Joey, but my David trance is just too powerful.

"Whether you're pleasing or pissing people off, you're doing something wrong." - DC

Just keep on keepin' on, Babe... (That Terry boy dun stole mah siggy.)

Avalanche !!

Please, pretty please, with cherries on top !!

If anyone has banter from Covington on July 20th, please post here or on youtube. He talked to me and I wasn't filming. Thanks!

here is Banter Before IJDIYAT! HQ


So the performances everyone is touting as the best of the night weren't taped? (Or the concert-goers are hoarding them...) Gargh. I end up sounding as if the show was mediocre, and what's available is far from that (the bar for "good" seems, if anything, to have been raised again lately) -- but what I'm watching were known not to have been the high points.

Mr. S: Between 3:10 and 3:30, Joey totally upstages DC. It's like competitive figure-skating, only with jumping up and down: oh look! He executed a perfect Triple Joey w/ a Flip.

IDIFY: This is a good example of a performance that's lovely and effective on its own terms, yet not as striking as the one the night before. Video watchers get spoiled in a way that's irrelevant to concert-goers.

LOTM: This song has sure developed recently.

BBS: The calisthenic-inducing banter was particularly sharp tonight.

IJDIYAT: Would be stunning if it weren't being compared to the performance the night before. What's 96.4% of "stunning"?

KOTN: Joey goes for height! Twice! Now this one looks like it might have had the intensity of the night before, so it's possible to do it twice in a row.

Decl: Better than the prior night's version -- the increasing grunginess of this one appeals.

CBTM: The "tomorrow will be spent with throat lozenges" version? (Highly effective and fun to hear, though.)

And here I'd always thought the need to cool the fans down was figurative... (when he starts dousing them with water, it's time to worry).

Here is Mr. Sensitive!


"Whether you're pleasing or pissing people off, you're doing something wrong." - DC

Just keep on keepin' on, Babe... (That Terry boy dun stole mah siggy.)

Love the radio interview . Really Good. Thank you all for video : ) David is so Awesome . I love him , and I hate that stupid mean girl.

For those who went to the concert last night and stayed after to get autographs/hugs. Was there a large crowd who stayed and was he able to get to everyone? I was just wondering because I wasn't able to stay after.

David has been emailed the entire story.
Dont worry, ppl.
He'll read it.
"If you can’t do anything about it, laugh like hell." D.R. Cook

Please, everyone, let us all reach out to Holeyfield who posted his recap....and story....my gosh, he needs us...his family needs us......his is the first recap.he just joined..........tears....

"I feel alive beside you and all at once I am whole again.."
and I willl sing your songs at the top of my lungs every day..

Here is a a I Did It For You! HQ (partial)
Here is another I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight! HQ

Last night in Covington was my first chance to see one of David's concerts. Yeah! What a show! Anita, my husband and I must have been right behind you guys on the second level up. Wasn't it a fabulous place to watch? I especially loved Lie, Avalanche, and ADAM (great closer). Does anyone have a video of Avalanche?? I would LOVE to see it!

Loved the banter about his dad and the fan. I wish I could have waited for an autograph and hug! - but we had to get home for the babysitter. Oh well.

Fun night!!!

I attended the concert last night in Covington, KY with five of my friends. We split up in three groups after getting into the venue (which was very crowded, but not severely cramped). The mosh pit was very crowded (so much so that, for a while, the fire marshall was not letting some people back in who only left to get a drink or use the restroom). Later, the venue security was told just to let them go back anyways. It probably was a fire hazard--but none of us paid attention. I was up on the second level, but not very far from the stage, and had a very good view of the whole stage.

GRO was really good. I enjoyed them very much. They were peppy and the lead singer had a very good voice. The young guy with the white guitar was just as cute as can be--but they all were very good looking guys and good musicians. I spoke for a few seconds to the drummer--told him I really enjoyed their music and he was very appreciative.

David was fantastic, as usual, even though it sounded like he was a little hoarse and, as mentioned on someone else's comments, he was more business than banter this time. I have been to several shows so I heard a lot of banter at some and not so much banter at others. It's all OK. When you go to that many shows, you usually get a sampling of everything. The EEB were very good, too, but David didn't have Joey do any of the antics we saw in Indianpolis. The crowd was really into the concert and sang loudly on all the songs, which David appreciated very much. I spoke for a few seconds to David's Dad--just said hi, how are you, and how was the show in Indianapolis last night. His answers: Hi, good, great.

David did come out afterward. You've already read about that stupid girl who yelled "a**hole when David went right into the bus. I know he heard it, and I agree that's why he started signing at the end of the line.

rtoby: I'm the lady who was standing next to you--you showed me the lovely picture you drew for David and we talked about your schooling and what you were going to do with your degree, etc. Glad David got your art work--I'm sure he appreciates it.

I already have hugged David previously, so I just watched him interact with everyone else and got some photos of him. One of my friends got her first hug from him and was ecstatic. He did take pictures with some of the fans. I saw all the guys when they went into the bus, but when Joey went by, I yelled out Hello Joey and he waved back. He was the only one who acknowledged us.

All in all, a great time. I still think Newark, Ohio was my favorite so far. That one's going to be hard to beat IMO.


Awesome show! David and the band really rocked the Madison! We had excellent views. My hubby and I were on the 2nd level up about 20 feet from the stage but at David's eye leve. We got great pictures. Loved that he sang Avalanche and the new version of Lie. Great job guys! He bantered with the audience including my husband about who had his cd. My hubby Troy was the one David said was giving him a look from the 2nd level. Troy said he didn't have the album but that I had enough for both of us! Funny!

Got autographs and A HUG from David. Smiling He is such a sweetheart. It didn't bother me that we couldn't get pictures with David. I'd rather have the hug!! Besides, I'm sure with his dad there he wanted time to visit. Saw Dublin. What a cutie!

Also, I was behind the girl that called David an a**hole. Sad What a loser. I'm surprised she didn't get pummeled. Most everyone was telling her to leave if she though that. I said she should go and let someone who loved David stand closer. I'm sure it would be appreciated. And it was since when she left I was able to get in the front, which led to my amazing memory. Smiling

Thanks David. You are a sweetheart and a truely sincere heart. Keep up the great work!

Kissing the Cook

Looking at that picture above on the left of David smiling puts butterflies in my heart!
I love seeing him so happy, 'doing' what he loves to do.

Gosh I am hoping for a video of "Lie" cause from what I'm reading he changed it up and it was awesome. Does anyone have that???? David unaccompanied is to die for.

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