JUL 23-09 (Thu) WASHINGTON COUNTY FAIR (Milwaukee, WI) -- twitter rpts, live blogging, recaps, photos, vids, reviews, etc.

JUL 23-09 (Thu) WASHINGTON COUNTY FAIR (Milwaukee, WI) -- twitter rpts, live blogging, recaps, photos, vids, reviews, etc.



Hey everyone! I thought I'd create a discussion thread for each stop of the Declaration Tour in an effort to keep the boards organized and help everyone more easily find info related to each event (and have a record of everything in one place for anyone wanting to look back on these events sometime in future). The following is how these threads will work (subject to change):

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If, for some reason, a thread isn't moved right away, it will be eventually.

What should be posted here? Related local radio/tv/press, on-site reports/photos, live blogging, recaps, media and fan reviews, links to related blogs, event photos/videos, etc., etc.

Please post links to photos instead of embedding them and please disable graphic footers as this will make the thread easier to read (especially when live blogging). Regarding PRE-SHOW sound check and set list spoilers, please either PM me the info so that I may post it as hidden text in the first pinned reply or, alternatively, if I am not hosting or not here for whatever reason, then please post the spoilers to a blog and link that blog back to this thread in your reply.

As always, I welcome comments/questions, as well as info, via PM. Thank you. ~Lisa

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START TIME: ≈7:30 PM CT (David's set should begin ≈8:45 PM CT)
**time subject to change so, please stay tuned**
Special Guest: Green River Ordinance
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CELLCAST by Jenna & montiac712 w/backup: WellseasonedCook
-- info now deleted –
Show #86 on the Declaration Tour
at ≈ 8:45 PM CT ( 6:45 PT / 7:45 MT / 9:45 ET)

Note: NVGoldRush12 will be cellcasting GRO at ≈7:30 PM CT for those interested
>> local press: Tony Lorino (WMYX 99.1) video interview w/David Cook / FOX6NOW RAW VIDEO: Watch the complete interview with David Cook (4:08) / American Idol David Cook performs at Washington County Fair
>> thread recaps: Courtesy of LeAnn88DC / Courtesy of LaurieM / Courtesy of PennyKeating / Courtesy of TeresaLVDC / Courtesy of Nagle / Courtesy of MsCRC / Courtesy of pweller7 / Courtesy of wellhesback
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Event Photos
>> Courtesy of radio_pirate / Courtesy of GrammaPatG / Courtesy of lalalaBUBBLEGUM / Courtesy of Judi / Courtesy of Amy Kant, FOX6Now Online
>> Courtesy of avazanne1: Crowd: IMG1 / Band: IMG2 / Dave: IMG3 / IMG4 / Neal: IMG5 / IMG6
Photo credit: Amy Kant, FOX6Now Online Producer
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After Reports-in-Brief
>> Eryn267: Hey guys - don't have a lot of time to recap the show -- [... ] The show was amazing and it was awesome meeting all you fantastic people [...]
>> @15_alison_16: david cook was amazingm tonight ... had tons of fun!
>> @lowes4peat: David Cook was amazing tonite at the fair!!!! He is definetely one of my favorite artists!!!!! Kick ASS!!!!
>> @tanny12k: david cook concert-amazing : )
>> @katiedontcry91: david cook was amazing...i expected perfection, but it was so much more...
>> @mhannas: just got back from West Bend. gotta say, David Cook kicks ass live! today was fun <3
>> @melnags: [...]Took in a county fair and saw David Cook and crew rock Eastern Wisconsin! Thanks to all!
>> @BlueInTheFace29: David cook was amazing. Only got a few good pics. But great concert : )
>> @Adam_kr: David Cook was awesome!! He rocked it out!
>> @pennykeating: concert was AWESOME! [...]
>> @GRO: Wow thank you Wisconsin & David Cook fans.... What a night! http://yfrog.com/76s5qj
>> @Lin117: Oh my gosh he's... I'm speechless
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iTunes Album Art (courtesy of msdarcy): (pending)
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MP3s (courtesy of Queen Maeva): (pending)
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In-Concert Tweets/TwitPics
>> Dave just gave Kyle a piggy back ride on stage before light on!
>> @Ranbuttell: Rockin out [...] at david cook. Woot woot!
>> @sjcdrummer17: David Cook is ROCKING IT!
>> TwitPics: http://twitpic.com/bel9v / http://twitpic.com/bei4b - Neal / http://twitpic.com/behdj - Bar ba sol / http://twitpic.com/beeze - / http://twitpic.com/bedog - Daveeee
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Tonight's Set List
Kiss on the Neck Video 1 (HD) / Video 2 (partial)
Mr. Sensitive
Heroes Video 1 (HQ, partial) / Video 2
We're Only Honest When We're Sleeping (2007, unreleased) Video 1 (banter) / Video 2 w/banter) / Video 3 (banter) / Video 4 (HD, partial, w/banter) / Video 5
Lie Video 1 (banter) / Video 2 / Video 3 (HD, partial) / Video 4 (partial) / Video 5 (w/banter) / Video 6 / Video 7 (HD, partial w/banter)
Bar-ba-sol Video 1 (HQ, partial) / Video 2 (HQ) / Video 3 (HQ) / Video 3 (HD)
Hot for Teacher (Van Halen cover) Video 1 / Video 2 / Video 3 (HQ, part 1) / Video 3 (HQ, part 2) / Video 4 (HQ, w/banter) / Video 5 (banter) / Video 6 (HD, banter)
Souvenir (2008, unreleased) Video 1 (banter) / Video 2
Declaration Video 1 / Video 2 / Video 3 (HD, w/banter) / Video 4 (HQ) / Video 5
Come Back to Me Video 1 (banter) / Video 2 (partial) / Video 3 (snippet) / Video 5 / Video 7 (HD, banter)
Light On Video 1 (banter) / Video 2 / Video 3 (HQ) / Video 4 / Video 5 / Video 6 (HD, banter)
A Daily AntheM Video 1 (HQ, w/banter) / Video 2 (HD, w/banter)
Misc Video: Video 1 (the crowd) / Video 2 (pre-show) / Video (post-show)
... ... ...
GRO: Getting Older / On Your Own
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Pre-Show Show-Related Tweets, Net Chatter, etc.
>> Hahaha they rick-rolled the audience at david cook bahahaa
>> Dave was on side stage dancing and singing along. ...
>> We can see the meet and greet from our seats. Kyle is wearing a cheese head lmfao ... http://twitpic.com/be1by - The massive crowd behind us. This is about to be an epic show!
>> the stage: http://twitpic.com/bdr8s / http://twitpic.com/bdsza / http://twitpic.com/bcfb1
>> Dave and the guys out playing frisbee.
>> @tonylorino: Talking to DAVID COOK later today in West Bend! Any questions you'd like me to ask for you??? http://www.991WMYX.com
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Related Article(s)/Interview(s)
>> David Cook w/Van McNeil on 99.1 WMYX

From Twitter
@ Sassycatz
I like this. A lot. http://thehappyyoungster.mlblogs.com/archives/2009/07/meeting_american_i...

Just Found! Another Souvenir! allliWLC2013
and their short clip of Kyle during Declaration

I just found this and do not know if it is already here or not but it is Intro to BBS and Mr. Sensitive


Dropping of iTunes album art for this show:

Milwaukee - Photo credit: Judi.

Thanks Judi!

Declaration Tour iTunes artwork
Snark For The Cure

here is a new Banter before Honest! HQ


another Banter before BBS! HD


here is a new snippet of David watching GRO from the side of the stage...
and then a snippet of David going down the stairs at the back of the stage and hi-fiving a road-crew guy...
here is a new Pleasure to Be Here Banter and most of HONEST! HD (this show was the last show with Joey ~ you can see him stumble on this vid @ 3.19)
here is How's Everybody in the Back? How's everyone in the front Banter and most of Lie! HD
Thank You Very Much and Beach Ball Banter AND H4T! HD
Radioactive Necklace Banter before CBTM! HD
Black Bra Banter before LO! HD


I don't know if anybody is reading this thread anymore but I was looking through my photos and small snippets of songs that I had videoed on my camera. I completely missed the water spout on
H4T. I was so mesmerized by Neal and his awesome guitar playing in the opening. Dave is back by Kyle drinking water and then the water spout.
Thanks, Patty, for bringing over all the videos. It's a great way to remember the concerts since I seem to just remember how great the concert was but never remember those special moments.

here is another BBS! HQ

A little banter and Honest (from waaaaaay back in the crowd. LOL): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnqqPC0qQg8

Barbasol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B53wf8G1INU

Rolling Out Across the Desert Word Hero #293
"If I could have a super power, I'd like the ability to...fly...so I can, you know?...soar...with...the birds."

hey guys i remember last week during the M&G seeing kyle wearing a cheese head so please if anyone has a pic of him wearing it can you PM it to me....thank you Smiling

~*~alli~*~Mavid fan #274
~wordnerd #3503

Hey all,
I am putting together a DVD of this show that my GF shot. Its a wide angle but the audio is awesome. DavidCookFanSite(Penny) has already helped me out with her footage and I am looking for anyone else to contribute to this multi camera mix.
I mainly need clear unobstructive shots. Look at Penny's for examples of what I can use.
This will be FREE to all fans when its done.
Shoot me an email if you have anything, I dont get on here much,


Banter about radioactive necklace before CBTM!


here is a scary black bra banter before LO!


What can I say that hasn't already been said! I'm SO glad that Wisconsin gave David a great show! I was thinking that maybe he had something against us here, but after this EPIC show I think he will come back again! I brought one of the beach balls. I blew it up when I got to my seat and batted it back to the crowd. Whenever it came back it had more writing on it. lol I never saw it after the show. For the $1.50 it cost at Walmart I'd buy dozens more just to see the fun everyone had with it. I went on to the MN/IA shows but this one was very very special! When David came out singing KOTN and that scream....I knew it was going to be a kick ass rockin show! To my fellow "groupies"...Peg, Suzanne, Patti, LeAnn, Gramma Pat, Megan, Hannah and so many others...I'm awful with names....sorry! I had about 8 hours sleep in 3 days but what the hey. I don't have anymore shows now...major concert withdrawl! David is SO addicting! When I look at the pics/vids I want to see him again and again! Please come back to WI again, David. At least this time it was warm and I don't think the weather could've been more perfect. The rock gods were looking down on us all. lol The pic that GRO took of the crowd from onstage is amazing! Thank you David/EEB for giving us the honor to watch you for hours in the afternoon "playing around", watching you & Andy in "shades" on side stage during GRO, and giving us such an amazing show! David, CBTW...as often as you want! Love you big time!

One of David's bad *ss GB fans

Hey guys... I know it's been a few days since the show, but I had to recover! LOL

My friends and I were second in line on the right side of the stage, first in line for orange ticket holders on that side. We got there around 7:30am, bought admission tickets and went to the line. It was SO HOT out in the afternoon. I'm not used to sitting outside like that. Anyway, I guess we were one of the lucky ones because 1) I emailed and complained that I got purple tickets in the mail and I had them exchanged, and 2) my friends and I complained about reserving the whole front row for Fox 6, so guess what? We got reserved seats in the front row. Smiling

My first David Cook concert and it was a blast! I paid for it the next day though. I had a migraine and had to call into work, plus my sunburn isn't so hot either even after applying (and re-applying) SPF 50 sunscreen!

We are so gonna do it again! Smiling


Thanks for all the great recaps. It was an awesome concert. It was fun meeting new fans and seeing old friends from the GB concerts. I took this picture from my 4th row seat. I had a really hard time tuning in to GRO because I couldn't keep my eyes off David in the sound box. I know he was sending little messages through the mic to the GRO lead singer and I think he was trying to get him to crack up!

here is a vid that a i took of souvenir Smiling
watch it with the sound lower cause it sounds a little better then
~*~alli~*~Mavid fan #274
~wordnerd #3503

So I just got home from going to the West Bend show (which was awesome, you've read the recaps. Amazing night!)
I have a couple vids and pictures (which i'll post later)!

David: Partial "Lie"- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1J_BNcEQfaw

GRO: "Getting Older"- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFkECU1qzSw
"On Your Own"- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4CFT9-jB-I

ETA: pictures=

another Banter and Lie! HQ


Hey!!! Found another KOTN!!! HQ (partial)
and another partial H4T! HQ
here is another Declaration! HQ

I can't believe that at almost 2am, I'm still up from a sleepless night of DC & CO from Thursday night! I'll try to keep my recap short and not go over too much that everyone else did...I need to get some rest!

It was great to see all of you's again and to meet some new fans. The fans my mom and I were standing by were super nice. My mom and I showed up about 1 1/2 hours later than planned (Had a 3 1/2 hour trip and I tend to take a LOOOOOOOONG time to get ready!) and our directions near the Fairgrounds were wrong (stupid Mapquest!) and got lost.

Saw the whole band out playing catch, throwing frisbees, and hitting a golf ball. I gotta tell ya, Dave's got one hell of a throwing arm!!! When I first saw David that day, my heart literally skibbed (yes, SKIBbed) a beat. At one point, David purposely threw his glove, went to go get it, paused, looked at the fans that were watching him, then turned and bent down to pick it up, giving us a nice view of his butt. I Woo Hooed him. He was teasing us with the baseball and at one point threw it our way. I motioned to him to come and get it and he motioned back, as if to say settle down or something of that nature. I was hoping for a Dublin sighting, but didn't get one. Sad At one point, an older guy shouted "We love you David!" It was quite funny, you don't hear a guy saying that every day!

I thought GRO was awesome! (To any who haven't heard of them yet, they sound like a mixture of The Fray and The All American Rejects) I prefer to listen to harder rock music, but they were really great! I was in the 3rd row, directly in front of Neal's spot, so while GRO were performing, I could see David hitting the golf ball off in the distance (I got a pic of it!) And then David and Andy were on the side watching most of their performances. At one point, Andy got out his video cam and recorded our way...we cheered of course. After GRO was finished, I ran off to buy their CD. I was going to get my pic taken with them and get their autographs, but there was this long line and I didn't even see them. I decided to go back to my seat because I didn't want to miss DC & CO's entrance. As I was walking back, I noticed GRO was actually greeting fans, I just didn't see them because the Merch tent was in the way. When I got back to my seat, my mom pointed out that Jamey (lead guitarist who I think kind of looks like Neal) had come out. Fans were getting his autograph so I jumped at the chance (still kicking myself for not meeting Ryan Star). I got his autograph and a pic with him....very nice picture of him by the way, very contagous smile! I told him they did great and sat back down.

Was blown away by how many fans showed up....13,000?!?! That means...DAVID COME BACK TO WISCONSIN!!!!!!!!!!! I loved that the crowd was of all ages. There was an older woman next to me with her daughter. She didn't really know the words, but man was she rocking out to David, I loved it! I also turned and looked back a bit and saw a few young guys, probably in their 20's singing the hell out of "Declaration". You could tell they were having a blast...I LOVED IT!!! It's nice to see not just the young girls or 'cougars' going crazy for David!!!

Joey and Neal made their way to Kyle's little stage and Joey nearly fell face first into Kyle's drums. He kept his head down for a bit so I didn't know if he was ok or not, then I saw he turned to Neal and was laughing. Joey was really rocking it out! But I can never get a decent picture of him because he's all over the place! And I LOVE the scruff! Gotta love the scruff!

I got some incredible shots of Neal. And those pants? Those are some tight ass pants and I'm kinda digging them!! LOL I screamed A LOT for Neal. Loved that he got some of the spotlight. His guitar skills completely blow me away! FREAKIN' AMAZING TALENT RIGHT THERE!

The beach balls were thrown on stage (Does anyone know whatever happened to them? Did David get them?) The one that I signed David threw back into the crowd right away. But the second one, he saw there was some writing and read it off in his 'girly' voice. It was HILARIOUS! Please tell me someone got that on video! I got the very ending of it, but there was so much screaming, you can't even hear what he was saying other than "7-23-09, Love Kells" (was it Kells? That's what it sounded like to me.)

David talked about loving summer weather because the girls wear less clothing. I stood there laughing but shaking my head. He looked my way and said "What?" At first I thought he was talking to me, but then I realized someone ahead of me had said something.

During "Heroes", at the part of "You're still standing"...I pointed at David and my mom said he pointed back at me (I guess I wasn't paying attention! Must have been distracted by Neal's pants...LOL)

I realized a few months back that I had 'created' a "Bar-Ba-Sol" dance (that's my fave song!) It wasn't something I had choreographed, just something I realized I always did when listening to that song alone. I tried doing it at the concert, but I realized my dance needs to be left at home. It doesn't turn out right in a crowded area, trying to take pics/video and watch David all at the same time. That is NOT a song to multi-task to!

That whole undergarment thing was hilarious. My mom thought it was a teddy, I couldn't tell what it was, all I knew was that it was a black, lacy undergarment. I loved at the end how he picked it up, slung it over his shoulder, and walked off stage with pride. LOL

"Lie"....can words even discribe this performance? This has GOT to be put into MP3 format!!!! I remember for the GB concert, I was a bit disappointed with the performance. And trust me, I don't want to use disappointment because David and disappointent don't go hand in hand, but that's the best word for me to discribe it...I guess it just didn't turn out the way I had invisioned it in my head and thought that that was the only song that was better on the album than live. BUT after Thursday's nights performance of it partially acappella...I was blown away. I always wanted him to do something acappella... UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE!!!!

I gotta say, I didn't know if anything would be able to top off the Eau Claire concert, but this concert pretty much surpassed it. The only bummer was not being able to meet David and the band again...but, I had a gut feeling that I was going to sight them, but not meet them. Of all the times I've seen David in concert (1 Idol, 3 Declaration), all 4 times my gut feelings have been right about whether or not I'd meet them. Either way, they need to come back to Wisconsin!!!!!!!!

Overall, it was an amazing experience. There were a couple of annoying fans, a few drunk ones that made me nervous, but overall, it was an unbelievable experience that I will never forget.

Hope to have pics up soon and will share with all.....
Oooooops, this recap was supposed to be short! Sorry!

I am late commenting, but I was at this concert and it was fantastic. It was one of my favorite David concerts ever. I saw him at HOB's Chicago and WIU. But this was my first outdoors DC concert. David and the band were on fire and the crowd responded accordingly. I noticed lots of men wearing Declaration Tour t - shirts, which I thought was very cool. After the show the comments were so interesting to hear. One teenager told me that her dad had taken her to an Eagle's concert and he told her this would be the best rock concert she would ever experience. She told me it was......until tonight (now last night!) She was completely Cookified and was hoping to meet him after the concert. Another guy was running around after the concert high-fiving people and yelling about how freakin' amazing David Cook was and what an incredible concert it was. The college girls in front of me were going to see him at another show because they love him sooooo much. Another couple absolutely loved him, but were hoping he would have done a few more songs, (David has a way of leaving you wanting more as we all know!) and were especially hoping for Permanent. They also were going to see him again later in the month. There is just something about this man that makes you want to see him more than once in concert! Also, the man next to me was one of the lucky few that had seen David perform pre-idol. It was a perfect night and the concert will be a favorite memory for me. I met so many fun people while waiting in line.

I have a different perspective of GRO than some people that posted here. My area absolutely LOVED them and were very impressed with the lead singer. I have to say, I really enjoyed their music. The girls that waited in line next to me, grabbed my attention and gave me the thumbs up on GRO. They bought their CD and I decided to as well, but when I got up there, they said their music had completely sold out. So that is promising for them. I watched David and Andy watching them from the side of the stage, and they seemed to really be into their music too!

LOVE that little vid Patti! Especially the bouncing beach ball LOL! It really captured the feel!

My recap from last night - i was on the Andy side, and one of the first in line. Not sure what you have all heard but there was little to no drama. They roped off the first row about 1/2 hour before gates, and we voiced our displeasure to the the security guard. He smiled his way thru our crabbing Smiling There was nothing we could do, and nothing they could do, so why fight it, right? We did ask that they take the two young girls that were first in line at 5 am and put them in the front row, they rightfully deserved the spot, (which they did do) they also gave the girls backstage meet and greet passes. Other than that? I was there the whole time and there was no drama other than a lot of joking around with security. No pushing or shoving once the gates opened... everyone ran to their spots and sat and were happy to be where they were.

LOVED GRO..... was pleasantly surprised! very very nice group of guys willing to give fans the time of day, which is refreshing!

DC Rocked the house.... as usual!!

i took 5 gigs worth of pics and video, most of my videos are all linked here already!

here is my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/davidcooksfansite
Here is the link to my photos and the embedded Videos: http://DavidCooksFan.com/

Enjoy! It was nice meeting some fellow Cook Fans!

Dilemma -- on the one hand, I want to see the whole show. On the other hand, what's up this many hours later is often all there's going to be; it's the most convenient time to watch; and based on the recaps, I've had a smart-ass remark saved all day.

KOTN: OMG. That said, there must be something on stage to use as a reference point for the height of Joey's jumps. (Andy sighting!)

Heroes: One of these days, I'm going to have to work out the subtle semantic distinction between "OMG" and "Whoa." This is starting off as a hot night.

And here after the deeply tragic Indianapolis button-loss problem, I was thinking it was the guys trying to get the girls to use their imaginations. Eye-wink

The Worst Segue Ever is kinda sweet, in a Bad Segue way. ejelstad, fantastic quality of video -- as you've captured it, Lie is one of those perfect moments.

BBS: This one may be in a class with Duluth.

H4T: Gettin' closer to being able to make 'em yell by raising an eyebrow... (okay, for a crowd of 13,000, that'd require one of those giant video screens). (Andy sighting!)This is one of those "entire concert in a single song" performances.

Decl: OMG. (ejelstad, the pan through the crowd was excellent -- you capture the experience so well.)

CBTM: Okay, the real question is whether DC can toss guitar picks alternately at Neal and at Andy without losing the beat.

LO: *snort* This may be the best version of this I've ever seen, and that I said it last night doesn't count.

ADAM: Whoa.

Notable of the night: Tough call -- Lie and KOTN, and in both cases, it's a narrow edge based on full concert experience. What's here is consistent as a very hot night. I'll just quietly go raise my critical standards now...

(The Fox interview footage definitely has its moment, too.)

David Cook at West Bend...pictures of David at the Fair set to Mr. Sensitive...HQ
and another Light On! HQ
and another LO!

TeresaLVDC: Please tell your friend that unfortunately all fandoms have those people. I call them out when I can without getting punched out! I had a friend there who was also put off by those same fans. Seeing David and band healed her! You both should have been on the "Neal side line". We had a blast!! No drama!

I was in the 3rd row too between Neal and David!

Had a great time last night at the show. I agree with you avazanne1 about the front row being held for new fans.It nice to see the front row filled with different people and glad they had fun. I had alot of friends that came with me to see David and GRO that have never seen David live they loved David and GRO. Although one of my friends made the comment that she will never go back to see him again because of a couple of his fans that went alittle to far with the harrassing the security guard about being in line and then getting second row and wanting him to let them sit in the front row. We were in the third row and had great seats. Other than this we all had a blast. It was worth the 3 hr sleep I have had today.

Friday, July 24, 2009 - 18:13

ETA: A pic for the Neal fans taken by gbidolfan, for any female with a pulse:


I honestly don't understand how he gets his pants on.

Rolling Out Across the Desert Word Hero #293
"If I could have a super power, I'd like the ability to...fly...so I can, you know?...soar...with...the birds."

Patti, I WILL get to a concert - wish he would come to Maine or somewhere close.....it has to be w/in driving distance for me. Not that I wouldn't fly to see David.....if I had the money - still saving! lol ~Kelly

maindcfan you MUST get thee to a David Cook concert! Nothing beats KOTN and BBS live ~ oh heack ANY thing he sings is so worth it LIVE! ~ Patti =)

Patti - thanks so much for the recap! Gawd! I can't wait to make it to a concert!! I can't believe I haven't been able to yet, but it will happen....sooner rather than later I hope!! In the meantime I have you guys and all the pics and vids you post - thanks so much, and can't wait to be at a concert and meet some of you! By the way, thanks for posting this......

Watch the hand... when it goes down I want you to get LOUD!!!" KOTN!!!! GAH!

That moan - OMG the moan! - totally does me in, and this one in particular......to quote you "GAH!" lol


Don't mean to be a post ho but I'm still just so darned excited from last night's concert!!!

Awwww, WellSeasonedCook so sorry about the sunburn, must be a pretty pattern though! And sorry about the drive too, sounds like it sucked. Between you and pweller, I guess I had the shortest, and thankfully, least eventful ride home.

MSC: Great Vid! Keep them coming! Email coming your way too.

WellSeasonedCook: Ah, yes, the lady in green...you must tell that story here and start posting those pics!!!! ROFLMAO.

You guys have an AWESOME time again tonight!

Hey, gbidol fan and I are here at Mystic. Awesome concert last night. My favorite memories are watching the guys play frisbee, Dave playing catch, hanging with everyone before the concert, every single song played by David and group, especially acapella Lie, and waiting after the concert. Painful lesson from yesterday is to apply sunscreen under the macrame portion of your shirt. Ouch. It's tomato red! And, it's not much fun driving around Appleton at 1 am due to HWY 41 being shut down for construction. Note, "fan" in green who snuck in doesn't want to have her photo taken by GRO either --
only I have the real photo of her. Snicker.

"Watch the hand... when it goes down I want you to get LOUD!!!"

And I loved his follow up later in HFT when he holds up his hand again and says "Wait for it...ok I wanna hear it early GO!!!"

I agree wholeheatedly ~ WI Fans are true Rawking CHEESEHEADS

Awwwwwwww, I love Cheesehead Dave!!! Thanks! And quite a compliment from an "Illinoisan".

ETA: A pic for the Neal fans taken by gbidolfan, for any female with a pulse:


Thanks to everyone for the recaps, vids, pics!! It's almost like we're there too!!



Hi everyone, just stopping in to drop off my pictures from last night. This show was freaking awesome and my brain is still not functioning clearly enough to recap but I had my "yeah what she said" to those who have gone before me.



"Watch the hand... when it goes down I want you to get LOUD!!!" KOTN!!!! GAH!

avazanne1 ~ I agree wholeheatedly ~ WI Fans are true Rawking CHEESEHEADS


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