MAY 5 2012 (Sat) NIGHT OF HOPE BENEFIT - The State Theatre (Falls Church, VA) - tweets, setlist, photos, recaps/reviews, etc.

MAY 5 2012 (Sat) NIGHT OF HOPE BENEFIT - The State Theatre (Falls Church, VA) - tweets, setlist, photos, recaps/reviews, etc.

Banner c/o MsDarcy

MAY 05 2012 (Sat) NIGHT OF HOPE BENEFIT – The State Theatre (Falls Church, VA)
Banner courtesy of MsDarcy (photo credit: tba)



Hey everyone! As in past, this discussion thread has been created in an effort to keep the boards organized and help everyone more easily find info related to this event (and have a record of everything in one place for anyone wanting to look back on these events sometime in future). The following is how this thread will work (subject to change):
>> Thread pinned to the top of or on the main David Cook Discussion forum for 24-48 hrs
>> Thread moved to its respective regional Tour Talk forum (e.g., East Coast, Midwest, etc.)

What should be posted here? Related local radio/TV/press, on-site reports/photos, recaps, media and fan reviews, links to related blogs, event photos, etc., etc.

Please post links to photos instead of embedding them and please disable graphic footers as this will make the thread easier to read (especially when live blogging). Regarding PRE-SHOW sound check and set list spoilers, please either PM me the info so that I may post it as hidden text in the first pinned reply or, alternatively, if I am not hosting or not here for whatever reason, then please post the spoilers to a blog and link that blog back to this thread in your reply.

Cheers! ~Lisa

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As I'm attending and do not have a volunteer to host-post this event, this pinned reply will likely not be updated until Sunday afternoon the earliest with setlist, etc. – please check back and, in the meantime, you may check down thread for updates posted by DCO contributing members. Cheers! ~Lisa

START TIME: ≈ 7:30 PM (NOTE: it is Unknown exactly when David's set will begin)

Proceeds benefit the Race for Hope - DC & honors Children’s National Medical Center’s Heroes for Hope
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Fan-Organized Cellcast
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at ≈ 7:30 PM ET ( 4:30 PT / 5:30 MT / 6:30 CT )
>> recaps: c/o purple08 / baltimore13 / c/o cookfantoo / c/o mysticalchick / c/o abethfordc / c/o Safroniamay / c/o FeathersNmysoul / c/o charivni / c/o opabinia / c/o lastwaltz / c/o mainedcfan
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Event Photos
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Photo credit: longlensgypsy
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Tonight's Set List (acoustic/storyteller) (b)=banter (wb)=w/banter (p)=partial
[Heroes for Hope Children] jtft1989 / DbLJerseyGirl (p)
Declaration Drusilla89 / sweetbabekaos / angelaniekc / danik1953 / DbLjerseyGirl (wb) / babe1941 / 100puffins / 100puffins(b) / angelangiekc(b) / YouveGotTweets / stephycharles / Rabrina39
Mr. Sensitive sweetbabekaos / DblJerseyGirl(wb) / danik1953(b) / Rabrina39(wb) / CookieNookie77 / YouveGotTweets(wb) / SPN7191 / ctanda1978 / CougarsLoveCook / SPN7191 / Drusilla89(wb) / mskristen8108 / bobsessive (b) / stephycharles(b) / stephycharles / KelsisallaboutNEM / mskristen8108(b) / Rabrina39(wb) / abeetata
Come Back to Me sweetbabekaos / Sanjim24 / babe1941 / DblJerseyGirl(wb) / roxybella143(p) / Drusilla89(b) / bobsessive(b) / mskristen8108
Goodbye to the Girl sweetbabekaos / babe1941 / DblJerseyGirl(wb) / danik1953(wb) / cookiefan09(wb) / Drusilla89 / kccatdr / roxybella143(p) / mskristen8108(wb) / stephycharles / zAnodyne / Rabrina39 / KelsisallaboutNEM / abeetata / Lashy Anne
Heroes sweetbabekaos(wb) / Sanjim24 / babe1941 / DblJerseyGirl(wb) / danik1953(wb) / YouveGotTweets / SPN7191(wb) / roxybella143 / roxybella143(b) / Drusilla89(wb) / bobsessive(wb) / stephycharles / mskristen8108(b)
Paper Heart sweetbabekaos(wb) / cookiefan09 / babe1941(wb) / DblJerseyGirl(wb) / danik1953(wb) / YouveGotTweets / angelangiekc / CougarsLoveCook(b) / Drusilla89(b) / roxybella143(b) / bobsessive (b) / stephycharles / abeetata / mskristen8108
From Here to Zero MsCRC1(wb) / IrishGalDC04 / DCFanOlivia(wb) / CougarsLoveCook(wb) / sweetbabekaos / Samjim24(wb) / livehead16(wb) / 100puffins(wb) / babe1941(wb) / DblJerseyGirl(wb) / justiclvr(wb) / cookiefan09 / danik1953(wb) / YouveGotTweets / angelangiekc(wb) / abeetata(wb) / roxybella143(wb) / Drusilla89(b) / mskristen8108 / bobsessive(wb) / stephycharles / cookiefan09a> / zAnodyne / cw93nhs / KelsisallaboutNEM / Rabrina39(wb) / mskristen8108(b) / CookieNookie (wb)
Permanent mscrc1 / angelangiekc / MsCRC1(b) / CougarsLoveCook(wb) / CookifiedTexan(wb) / sweetbabekaos (wb) / cookiefan09 / babe1941 / 100puffins(b) / 100puffins / 100puffins(b) / 100puffins / Sanjim24(b) / Sanjim24 / DblJerseyGirl(b) / DblJerseyGirl / CookieNookie77(wb) / danik1953(wb) / justiclvr(wb) / ctanda78 / YouveGotTweets / LightOnforCookie(wb) / roxybella143 / Drusilla89(wb) / bobsessive(b) / stephycharles(b) / stephycharles / zAnodyne / angelangiekc(b) / bobsessive(b) / bobsessive / TheGmarn17 / KelsisallaboutNEM (b) / KelsisallaboutNEM / mskristen8108 (b) / Rabrina39
Light On CougarsLoveCook(b) / babe1941 / DblJerseyGirl(wb) / CookieBanter77(b) / Drusilla89(wb) / mskristen8108(wb) / stephycharles (b) / stephycharles / angelaniekc(b) / angelaniekc / cookiefan09(b) / Sanjim24 / bobsessive
Fade Into Me CougarsLoveCook(wb) / DCFanOlivia (wb) / IrishGalDC04 / sweetbabekaos(wb) / angelangiekc / babe1941 / CookieNookie77 / abeetata / justiclvr(wb) / DblJerseyGirl(wb) / danik1953(wb) / YouveGotTweets / cookiefan09(wb) / permanentDCfan(wb) / / babe1941(wb) / Drusilla89(wb) / roxybella143 / KelsisallaboutNEM / zAnodyne / stephcharles(b) / stephycharles / bobsessive / CookifiedTexan / mskristen8108(b)
Playlists (complete): c/o DblJerseyGirl / c/o avazanne1
Fancast recording: c/o khatoun
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@thedavidcook: RT @Lizann49: I you're watching [watched] the ustream tonight please consider making a donation to @thedavidcook's RFH page . Least we can do.
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>> Full Show: c/o Swanny
>> Various: c/o imogen_ph / c/o MizSWQ
>> iTunes Artwork: c/o MsDarcy
>> Transcripts (banter): c/o closeyoureyes
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After Reports-in-Brief
>> @glittarazzi: BENEFIT - American Idol David Cook Sings to Raise Money - Race for Hope
>> @We_BeLEIGHve: That was, and forever will be, the best concert of my life. @thedavidcook & his band were amazing. Everything was PERFECT. So inspiring.
>> @FoolsApril64: @thedavidcook Thank you. That was ... amazing. And so are you. And so is everyone involved w/@curebraintumors. #Race4Hope #NightOfHope
>> @dctat2grl: @thedavidcook I had amazing time at the show! : )
>> @RicRef64: @BrainCancerCure @thedavidcook THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
>> @opabinia_regina: Sat in the balcony tonight over a bubbling cauldron of love for @thedavidcook. Laughter tears and awe. Thank you so much.
>> @imperfect_words: @thedavidcook thank you for an unbelievable, unforgettable night! You sir, rock!
>> @tisJul: @thedavidcook I gotta say...there's been a lot of shows, but this one takes the cake. incredible <3
>> @Lissy_1224: @thedavidcook Thank you for the most amazing show I've been to. Loved your story telling. You should do it more often. : ) xoxo
>> @JeannieinOhio: @thedavidcook Thank you got an amazing evening! Just perfect... So,so glad to be here.
>> @angelangiekc: I have seen the man do 50+ shows and THIS may have been the best EVER. David Cook and the band ROCKED that acoustic show do HARD!!
>> @LibertineLament: What an amazing show ... I am speechless
>> @Jas5809: This is the most special of all special David cook concerts. Ever,
>> @Lobsters1: I can't even begin to express what a beautiful amazing concert that was. It has now topped the list of fav DC concerts ever. #RFH2012
>> @BrainCancerCure: David Cook you are our Hero! Thank you from the brain tumor community! #cure
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Pre-Show Show-Related Tweets, Net Chatter, etc.
>> @andyskib: Finger Riffin' w/ @montyanderson
>> @Max_ABC2: Went w/ David Cook to visit Children's Natl Med Ctr yesterday. He was wonderful w/ the kids. A really good guy.
>> @nickadamsdrums: Off to DC today! Stoke for the show tomorrow
>> @andyskib: @thedavidcook @montyanderson Here's to lucky tree bounces! To both of you. I know it's more likely to happen to Mont, but still...
>> @thedavidcook: Gearing up for the golf for hope event at blue mash. I'll let you know how much @montyanderson drags our team down. // One of the first teams finished. Shot 4 under par. We'll see how it holds up...
>> @thedavidcook: Had a great morning hanging with @BrainCancerCure & @childrenshealth! Met with some amazing kids and families. // Check out @childrenshealth at Great people doing great things.
>> @thedavidcook: Busy couple weeks ahead: Night of Hope in DC May 5th, Race for Hope in DC May 6th, and back on Idol May 10th, performing a brand new song!
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>> Fresh 94.7 FM Night Of Hope At The State Theater Helps The Fight Against Brain Tumors!
>> Fairfax Times: Idol Winner Offers a Night of Hope
>> EON PR: American Idol® David Cook to Perform at Night of Hope Benefit Concert
>> Tickets / The State Theatre
>> Join/Donate: David Cook Team for a Cure
>> DCO thread: May 6, 2012 RACE for HOPE - DAVID COOK'S TEAM for a Cure 2012

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REMINDER: It is inappropriate to post info regarding the personal lives and/or real-time whereabouts of Dave, his band, or crew (e.g., name of hotel they are reportedly staying at, restaurant, bar, etc.) on these forums for reasons of privacy/security and posting rumors (i.e., hearsay, gossip, info without certainty as to facts) is against site policies. As always, please feel free to contact me with comments or questions. Thank you. ~L
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avazanne1--just wanted to add my thanks for these videos--they are really great!...I never get tired of watching the videos from this epic night. wish I could have been there--but all these great videos are the next best thing!


AVAZANNE: I just watched all your compilation videos - they are great. Thanks!!!

Just watched. so awesome! Felt like I was at the NOH again Smiling

Thank you all for the kind words and the posting of the links. It certainly was a labor of love. It's not reallly hard to stare at David on stage over and over again as you edit Smiling but it is time intensive. Thanks all for your patience. And, yes, I sound like a broken record but thanks to all the original videographers dedicated to bringing Dave to those who cannot experience Dave live (yet).

I do intend to make a playlist and annotate with lots of links for Cookification purposes (where they can purchase Dave's music, donate to his cause(s) etc.)

ETA: said playlist

thanks, azavanne for making these, and thanks also , hummingbird and others for bringing these to this thread. i'm sure it was a labor of love but greatly appreciated that you shared them with us!

We have the final 2 compilation videos from Avazanne. All of these are fantastic.

Fade Into Me Story Compilation

Fade Into Me Compilation

Here is Avazanne's Freebird and Light On Story Compilation:

Thanks again Avazanne and all videographers.


Light On Compilation by Avazanne:

Now only 2 more to go. I can't wait to get this entire concert of compilations.

Avazanne has done it again. Thank you so much for these brilliant compilation videos, and thanks to the original videographers.

From Here To Zero Compilation:

Permanent Story Compilation:

Permanent Compilation:

Safroniamay -- "Was there any follow up on a NOH DVD? I would so like to buy that!"

Me too! (I thought about that with avazanne's compilations.)

Was there any follow up on a NOH DVD? I would so like to buy that! In fact, if there were a hundred dvd's of Dave's full concerts, I would buy all of them in a New York second! Think I will just trot on over to twitter and send Dave a twit. Smiling

From Here to Zero Story Compilation! (avazanne)

Paper Heart Compilation! (avazanne)

Yay, another compilation! Watched it and then I got lost on this thread rewatching the vidoes of this fantastic concert -- again.

Paper Heart Story Compilation (avazanne)

Heroes Compilation! (avazanne)

pweller, thanks so much for posting and (avazanne) for creating. Somehow I missed the Heroes banter vids. I love how Nick fits in with Dave's stage antics. Smiling

Heroes Banter Compilation (avazanne)

These compilations are awesome!

Goodbye to the Girl Compilation! (avazanne)

and here is Goodbye to the Girl Story compilation! (avazanne)

Thanks cantpickaname! BTW love your name, wish I'd thought of it!

Send me a lifeline. Goodbye to the Girl is next - I'm goin' in and not sure I'll make it out! *stocks up on tissues*

Come Back to Me Story Compilation (avazanne)

and Come Back to Me Compilation (avazanne)

I dare anyone to look at this and not smile... Smiling

Thanks Pweller7 for posting the Mr. S compilation vid and thank you Avazanne for putting it together! You did a fantastic job on it!! Mr. S is a favorite of mine, even more so acoustically. <3 <3 <3

Mr. Sensitive Compilation by avazanne

I know it's hard to believe, but I just saw these vids this past Thurs. I had to wait until I had time to see them all in sequence, and I knew it was going to be a very emotional experience. I love the stories, the acoustic songs, and seeing David in a more personal and intimate concert. I knew Permanent and it's intro would be very emotional. These vids of this very special evening are so precious. The lucky ppl who experienced this, will indeed never forget it. How can anyone not fall in love with this man? I've been falling for 4 years, with no end in sight. I adore this man, his voice, and his music. What a beautiful heart and soul David has. We are so blessed to be a part of his journey.

~The World I Know is a better place because of David Cook~

Here is some iTunes cover art for Night of Hope - several to choose from:

Photo credits for all of these goes to Lara Lee on - aka @livehead16. Thanks Lara!

Edit: Oops, I overlooked that you had already linked to this below, PWeller (thanks) - but I'll leave it to give Lara her shoutout too Smiling

and here is avazanne1 's CompPantz Story compilation story Vid!

Thanks Pweller! I want to make sure to point out "my" video is an integration/compilation of the fan vids posted here in this thread. They did the real work and I'm very grateful. Also if any videographer has an issue with me using their vid, PLEASE let me know and I will remove mine from youtube immediately!

WOW!! This is just uploaded and a really Great Intro and Declaration!! (avazanne)

I'm with you, Opa....and having been fortunate enough to have been there, I can identify pretty much every expression with what he was singing at the time or talking about at the time. Incredibly epic night and I am humbled to have been there to witness it and be a part of it. Don't think I'll ever be the same after everything I experienced that weekend...and that, of course is a good thing!

Saw this tonight. Fell in love all over again. Had to be there

Newly Uploaded From Here to Zero! (debrakay23)

Just found!! Another Goodbye to the Girl! Great Audio (Lashy Anne)

Also found another Goodbye to the Girl from stephycharles!

A twitvid of all the funny banter from NoH! Thanks to @

CYE: thank you for doing the transcript. I just want to add, that in the "Paper Heart" banter, I hear Andy saying - before the sip of wine - "it sounded like pitty to me" - but it is hard to hear exactly. This is my suggestion Smiling
Once again you did an amazing job - thanks Smiling

closeyoureyes - To fill in a missing line in the "Light On" banter, right after the "naughty, naughty" gesture, before the "calm down/husband" comment from him, it went like this:

David does "naughty naughty" gesture, audience laughs, laughter dies down & in the lull, I say "I want a cookie" (emphasis on the word "I"), to which David says "calm down" "I would love it if the lady....." etc.

Since I was shocked and thrilled that he heard me & responded & it became part of the banter, I wanted to make sure it got included. Smiling Thanks! And thanks for doing the transcript...preserving precious memories from an unforgettable night!


closeyoureyes I definitely got one of your spots marked inaudible, because I remember it well. In Paper Heart banter, after Dave imitates Monty, Monty rubs his bald head and Dave says, "He says his head's turning red."

closeyoureyes: Thank you so much for the transcriptions of the banter. I couldn't make out some of the stuff that Andy had said. Now I know. Smiling

All the banter transcripts, collected in one document. Corrections and suggestions very welcome!

I added 100 pics to my NoH file!i=1831032370&k=P6zj6r5

Wow, Debrakay....beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing Smiling And thanks, Patti, for posting them.

Pictures thanks to @Debrakay23
If anyone's still interested... my photos of David Cook from Night of Hope

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