meet and greets ( Mystic Lake ) ?

meet and greets ( Mystic Lake ) ?

Does David still do meet and greets or autograph sessions or whatever you call them? I am seeing him tomorrow night at Mystic Lake. At one time someone said only if it's a small venue. What is considered small? Mystic Lake showroom holds 2100 people. Probably too big, huh? I just want of those famous DC hugs if possible.

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I posted this on the the other Mystic Lake thread. But I called the casino and they said no official meet and greet...I am hope for a NON-official meet and greet...where ever I can! Smiling

Yes, does it matter on the size of the venue? For example, does he come out after fair shows? And does anyone know how to get a meet and greet pass? Sorry for all of the questions! haha Smiling


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Nah that's not necessarily too big. He may come out, so if you want a chance to see him, run and find the buses after the show and hang out there.

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