MTV Brazil Top 10 - HELP US VOTING on David's CBTM Video

MTV Brazil Top 10 - HELP US VOTING on David's CBTM Video

We need your help to put David at the Top 10.

This is the link:


At the pink area you will see a light blue retangle the words "Digite o artista" (Type the artitist name);
Write "david cook" on it and press Ok or Enter;
A dark blue area will appear with his name on it;
Click on his name and it will appear the list of his 2 videos names:
Come Back to Me
Light On
Choose CBTM click on it. (We here decided to concentrate all our the votes at Come Back to Me video);
It will appear a grided area with a code of 6 digits (numbers and letters) and another dark blue area.
Type the code at this dark blue area and click at the word VOTAR (vote);
These words It will appear :
" Voto computado com sucesso. Quer votar de novo? Clique aqui." (Your vote were successfully registered. Do you want to vote again ? Click here);
So if you want to vote again (no limit to number of votes, you can vote how many times you want) click at the words "CLIQUE AQUI" and repeat
all the previous instructions !

Thanks in advance !

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Voted (:

voted! the world is united for David!

I voted!

It's my Declaration to meet David!

Pipercookie, it didn't work the first time, I hope that means lots of people read your message and were voting - but the 2nd time was successful. I'll definitely keep voting.

Brazil is one of the stamps I hope David gets on his passport in the future, the Brazilian Wordnerds rock!

Incipit9 ♫♪♫ And we all sang along
"Expect the Unexpected." tm WTF!Cook

United States