OCT-11-09 (Sun) THE PARAMOUNT (Charlottesville, VA) -- twitter rpts, live blogging, recaps, photos, vids, reviews, etc.

OCT-11-09 (Sun) THE PARAMOUNT (Charlottesville, VA) -- twitter rpts, live blogging, recaps, photos, vids, reviews, etc.



Hey everyone! I thought I'd create a discussion thread for each stop of the Declaration Tour in an effort to keep the boards organized and help everyone more easily find info related to each event (and have a record of everything in one place for anyone wanting to look back on these events sometime in future). The following is how these threads will work (subject to change):

>> Thread pinned to the top of or on the main David Cook Discussion forum for 24-48 hrs
>> Thread moved to its respective regional Tour Talk forum

If, for some reason, a thread isn't moved right away, it will be eventually.

What should be posted here? Related local radio/tv/press, on-site reports/photos, live blogging, recaps, media and fan reviews, links to related blogs, event photos/videos, etc., etc.

Please post links to photos instead of embedding them and please disable graphic footers as this will make the thread easier to read (especially when live blogging). Regarding PRE-SHOW sound check and set list spoilers, please either PM me the info so that I may post it as hidden text in the first pinned reply or, alternatively, if I am not hosting or not here for whatever reason, then please post the spoilers to a blog and link that blog back to this thread in your reply.

As always, I welcome comments/questions, as well as info, via PM. Thank you. ~Lisa

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START TIME: ≈ 7:00 PM ET (David's set should begin ≈ 8:15 PM ET)
**time subject to change so, please stay tuned**
Special Guest: Ryan Star
--- | ---
Fan-Organized CELLCAST by DLGR and/or Jenipop -- info now deleted --
Show #128 on the Declaration Tour
at ≈ 8:15 PM ET ( 5:15 PT / 6:15 MT / 7:15 CT )

>> blog recaps: Courtesy of Shazzer
>> thread recaps: Courtesy of Megan / Courtesy of IrishGAlDC / Courtesy of dcstargazer / Courtesy of FolkFan / Courtesy of DLGR / Courtesy of NEMOCougar / Courtesy of tierbee (1) / Courtesy of tierbee (2) / Courtesy of lvmyHBYandDC (1) / Courtesy of lvmyHBYandDC (2)
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Event Photos
Courtesy of Valermarie's boyfriend / Courtesy of ReallyCookin / Courtesy of IrishGAlDC / Courtesy of Shazzer / Courtesy of lvmyHBYandDC / Courtesy of elmoreb / Courtesy of MagazineFreak / Courtesy of jenipop
Photo credit: cougarslovecook
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After Reports-in-Brief
>> @andyskib: Thanks Charlottesville! And the Paramount. Good night y'all. Day off.
>> @TomScottsTruth: David Cook great tonite! Opener Ryan Starr had the crowd at the Paramount moving too!
>> @reinhapn: @thedavidcook You put on a great show in Charlottesville, VA. Thanks so much for giving my 6 yr old niece a guitar pick!
>> @1075tom: David Cook awesome tonite @ The Paramount, hope all the TOM @ 107.5 listeners had a blast! Look for pics in AM www.1075tom.com
>> @VAIdolfan: [...] Went to David Cook concert tonite. Awesome! Sounds better live than he does on television! Ryan Star was a good opening act!
>> @MellyBelly24: @thedavidcook rocked tonight. Amazing setlist!
>> @mkt1217: @thedavidcook and the anthemic wow just wow! Better than ever!
>> @debrakay23: amazing show! david rocked!![...]
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iTunes Album Art (courtesy of msdarcy): (pending)
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MP3s (courtesy of Queen Maeva): MP3s
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Declaration Tour Update: Show #130
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In-Concert Tweets/TwitPics
>> Reportedly, Dave went on a walk-about around the theatre during Straight Ahead
>> TwitPics: http://twitpic.com/lb3xi / http://twitpic.com/lb2t7 / http://twitpic.com/ / l7g32 / http://twitpic.com/l7803 / http://twitpic.com/l7396 / http://twitpic.com/l730q / http://twitpic.com/l6zje / http://twitpic.com/l6zdv / http://twitpic.com/l6z5u / http://twitpic.com/l6yl2 / http://twitpic.com/l6wn3 / http://twitpic.com/l6xxv
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Tonight's Set List
Heroes Video 1 (HD) / Video 2 (+Mr. Sensitive) / Video 3 (HQ)
Mr. Sensitive Video 1 (HD, partial) / Video 2 (partial) / Video 2
I Did It for You Video 1 (w/banter) / Video 2 (HQ) / Video 3 (HQ) / Video 4 (snippet) / Video 5
Breathe Tonight Video 1 (HQ) / Video 2 / Video 3 (HD) / Video 4 / Video 5 / Video 6 (HQ) / Video 7 (banter) / Video 8 / Video 9 / Video 10 (w/banter)
Lie Video 1 / Video 2 (banter) / Video 3 (HD snippet) / Video 4 (partial) / Video 5 (w/banter) / Video 6 / Video 7 (HQ) / Video 8 (HQ) / Video 9 (HQ, partial) / Video 10 (HQ banter) / Video 11 (HQ partial) / Video 12 (HQ banter) / Video 13 / Video 14
Straight Ahead (Analog Heart) Video 1 (w/banter) / Video 2 (w/banter) / Video 3 / Video 4 (w/banter) / Video 5 (HQ) / Video 6 / Video 7 (w/banter) / Video 8 (HQ, banter)
Kiss on the Neck Video 1 (HD, w/banter) / Video 2
til I'm Blue (MWK cover) Video 1 (HQ) / Video 2 (HD, w/banter) / Video 3 (HD) / Video 4 / Video 5 (w/banter) / Video 6 / Video 2 (HQ) / Video 3 (HQ) / Video 4 (HQ, partial) / Video 5 (HQ) / Video 7 (HQ) / Video 8 (HQ) / Video 9 (HQ, partial) / Video 10 (HQ) / Video 11
Man in the Box (Alice in Chains cover) Video 1 (HQ) / Video 2 (w/banter) / Video 3 / Video 4 (banter) / Video 5 (banter) / Video 6 (w/banter) / Video 7 (HQ) / Video 8 (HQ) / Video 9 (HQ) / Video 10 (HQ w/banter) / Video 11 (HQ partial)
Declaraton Video 1 / Video 2 / Video 3 (partial)
Light On Video 1 (HD) / Video 2 (HD) / Video 3 (partial) / Video 4 (HQ)
Come Back To Me Video 1 (HD, w/banter) / Video 2 (HQ) / Video 3 (HQ, w/banter) / Video 4 (HQ) / Video 5 (banter) / Video 6 (HQ banter) / Video 7 (HQ) / Video 8 (HQ w/banter)
... ... ...
Ryan Star: Breathe
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Pre-Show Show-Related Tweets, Net Chatter, etc.
>> [SET LIST SPOILERS - highlight to view] (subj to chg) heroes mr s idify bt lie kotn tib mitb dec lo bbs cbtm
>> Ryan Star: http://twitpic.com/l6kvo / http://twitpic.com/l6m6i
>> Inside venue: http://twitpic.com/l6i7w / http://twitpic.com/l6v57
>> FYI ... per @DLGR02 new Tour shirts include the following cities ... Buffalo, Cincinnati, Nashville, Birmingham, Tallahassee, Orlando & Miami [ obviously, dates/locations yet to be confirmed and therefore subject to change ]
>> [SOUND CHECK SPOILERS - highlight to view] ... Til I'm Blue ... Kiss on the Neck ...
>> @thedavidcook: If the chiefs win today, I'll play avalanche tonight... Boom! // @andyskib: I guess we ain't playin Avalanche tonight... // @andyskib must not enjoy his job too much.... Tsk tsk
>> @debrakay23: http://twitpic.com/l52u2 - Poster at the Paramount! Intimate theatre - we peaked inside!
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Related Article(s)/Interview(s)
>> Video Interview: David Cook Talks About Tour, Idol and Future (YouTube version)
>> 'American Idol' Winner David Cook talks about life after 'Idol,' and not making compromises

Just dropping off pics that my bf took at this show! He was really feeling the black & white.

Here's the link to the gallery: http://diamondd.smugmug.com/Concerts/David-Cook-The-Paramount/9949907_Ek...

Under "Concerts" are links to the galleries from his other DC shows: Radford and Carrboro.


The feet have left their railing...

Just dropping by to let you know that the MP3 Links from this concert are on.

Omg there are a lot of videos of the who's booing now? Wow that's a moment to remember good God I go called the hell out for the whole banter. I love you DAVE! Smiling

<3 AMANDA <3
Roxybella's flickr pictures

JumpNegative 2 Videos:

Here is another KOTN! HQ
Another Til I'm Blue! HQ
partial MITB! HQ
Another Come Back to Me! HQ
Another Banter and Straight Ahead! HQ

Add Another Song & Who's Booing Now Banter before SA! HQ
Moan and Hotel CA portion of Kiss on the Neck! HQ
Uncle David on the Radio Banter before CBTM! HQ
Unplugged Lie! HQ
Chief's Lost Banter and Man In the Boc HQ!
Dinner at the Nook Banter before Lie! HQ
It's All Falling Apart In Front of You

IDIFY by bobbsessive!
Ryan Star is my Firend Banter by bobsessive!
Baseball Team Banter by bobsessive

Another Banter and Straight Ahead!
Another Breathe Tonight!

Still looking to see a clearer view of Mr. S. Hopefully jen got one if not Patti maybe another will surface...

"When your smile becomes the reason I breathe"

Jen you must have a fantastic camera.
Til I'm blue is thudworthy.
Thanks Patti.

"When your smile becomes the reason I breathe"

Cool, Patti posted the rest of my videos of IDIFY, CBTM, & KOTN. Thanks lady, I appreciate it!!

OMG this is GREAT! Til I'm Blue! HQ

Another Banter and I Did It for You! HQ


Straight Ahead snippet

It's show #129 or "Meet Virginia... Again."

Heroes & Mr. S: Have me almost tempted to go back to commenting only on songs that are particularly noteworthy. That's not a criticism (at this point, the standard's set very high); it just stops short of drooling on the floor.


IDIFY: Different drum line at points? It sounds much more syncopated to me, but I don't want to compare to check or even to figure out if I know what I'm talking about. I'm liking the vocals better than I have in a while, too, though I couldn't say why there either. More forceful, perhaps? Or maybe I'm just having pleasant hallucinations. It happens.

BT: Now that is blazing. This one has a good forceful edge to it. What was with the "you" at the end of the second verse? That was a growl. That was the axe-murderer version. That was the damned sexiest thing I've heard in quite a while, including edging out all KOTNs and some other competition.

Oh, it's very clear that healthful eating is of no immediate concern to DC. Let's assume he works it off on stage. No, that was mild in the history of bad segues to Lie. But it's lack of consuming badness is forgivable for "keep playing this until I can compose myself," particularly when he then doesn't.

Lie: This crowd shut up before being shushed. Smart crowd. Lovely as always. I like this crowd.

Totally cracking up at the explanation for the different set lists.

SA: Pacing on the verses is slightly different than usual, particularly verse 2, and I'd swear DC is picking up a mild Southern accent, probably from all those negotiations with the waiter at the Nook. That venue has some cool features. The piece that's the transition out of the walk-around was downright chilling.

KOTN: "Probably would not classify themselves" may be my favorite phrasing yet. I'm not sold on the versions where DC relies on shouting rather than singing; it works at points in the song, but for the whole thing? And then the HC snippet is where I'm not sure if I was hyperventilating or not breathing at all.

Well, now that he mentions the slimming effect of black... pale t-shirts do look better with the dark vest...

TIB: The first two verses were among the coolest things I've heard. (The way the song's written, the effect that's stunning me can't continue as-is.)

MITB: I'm still so blown-away by the acoustic version from Montreal that even though this is as stunning as it usually is... okay, the restart after the big pause may go a ways toward erasing that comparison.

Decl: This one re-coalesced in a big way. Powerful and gorgeous.

LO: Every now and again, I'm reminded I just like the tone and quality of DC's voice. Can't imagine why that would come to mind now.

Oh come on, the voices are different.

CBTM: That was the most distinctly non-wimpy version of the second verse that I can recall; that was really gorgeous.

Notable of the Night: BT and TIB, both by being quite breathtaking. If forced to go with a song in heavy rotation, I'd pick tonight's Declaration.

Another KOTN! HQ
Here is another Til I'm Blue! HQ


Here is my video of Mr. Sensitive, it is sideways, but still good. The other 3 are still uploading. UGH!!


So fun to read you recaps - IrishGalDC, Oh my F-ing Gawd you got a winky and smile AND a pick? And you lived to tell. Great pics too!

Love is gathering...

Thanks so much for all the great pictures and videos! I found that I can't multitask so it is great to be able to come back and watch the videos since I have none. Good times, good times!

tierbee, it was nice meeting you!

So I got to go for free thanks to someone from DCO named Caroline. Met up with her at the Nook, where David and the band was at. Someone posted a sign in front of the venue saying that the band was going to be there. As Caroline and I walked in, David looked up from the bar and turned around a little bit. I got to see his gorgeous face. We sat there and every now and then looked at the band while they sat at the bar.

I ended up sitting by myself at the concert. An old couple was right next to me. They ended up leaving halfway through David's set. I was in row F on Neal's side. David kept making jokes at some old guy in the front. He also described what he ate at the Nook earlier. During another banter, he was telling us the story about how his niece and nephew heard CBTM on the radio. His nephew thought it was David Arhuleta singing it, lol.

After the show, I went to the buses. At first, there was hardly anyone in line, so I was one of the first ones there. David eventually came out, and everyone started screaming. I got him to sign my ticket stub and told him that I handed him dog treats for Dublin in Radford back in April. He said that he remembered and no wonder why his dog was "pudgy."

Oh yeah, I also met Ryan during intermission and bought his EP. Told him I was going to see him next weekend in SC, and he gave me a high five.


Cool, Patti already posted my MITB, Straight Ahead, Lie, and 'Til I'm Blue videos ( I am Cookiefan09 on Youtube). Thanks Patti. Here are a few others :

Declaration : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knC52F3BAnI

Breathe Tonight : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_VmMm3lZxU

I will post the others after they finish uploading.

Photos are up from last night.

I see my banter video has already been found but here is my other one of Ryan singer Breathe.

Highlights from last night
- We had front row seats! We were able to lean on the stage all night. My first time ever that close and I don't think I could ever get use to it.
- Ryan Star sang my favorite song of his "We Might Fall", we really needs to play it more b/c he knocked it out of the park.
- I was the one in the front row who yelled out the Phillies during the baseball banter. For those who don't know, the Phillies beat the Royals in the World Series in 1980. Apparently that wound has yet to heal.
- My seat was in the perfect spot for IDIFY and Dave completely rocked my face off. I tried to record, i tried to take pictures but in all reality i just lost my mind.
- I missed BBS on the set list but I had not yet seen MITB and god it was AWESOME. I got to hear Dave & Andy do Hunger Strike together back in Radford in April and man they need to do these songs more often. Their voices just sound so good together and they ROCKED the house.
- At the end of the show Dave come over the to our area and handed me a pick and winked at me. If I didn't die during the show, I died right there and then.

One problem was the middle-age group of folks sitting dead center stage, they SAT the entire show. They only stood when Dave or Ryan asked. It seemed to me like they had no idea what they had gotten themselves into but horrible.

All in all, EPIC show.

I absolutely cannot wait to get home from RL job. I just popped in to check on videos and cannot believe how lucky we are to have all these videos to watch after such an exceptional cell cast last night.

Thanks to all the videographers(?), photographers, recappers, tweeters, and once again, thanks to Mandy and Marcie for last nights great sounding cell cast. Marcie, thanks especially for taking notes so you could give us the banter recap last night.

Another Straight Ahead with David going into the Audience!

Banter re: Ryan Star before


Here are a few pictures from the concert: http://s1021.photobucket.com/albums/af331/shazzer36/Charlottesville/?alb...

lvmyHBYandDC: Thanks so much for your pics from the restaurant and just after!

Ryan was great last night also - here's Last Train Home and links to couple of others

Truth Is You Make or Break My Day

here are my pics - some of before the concert - a few during - my camera doesn't do great during the concert unless the house lights are up - pic of The Paramount shows they didn't even have David listed as an event - there was some pics of him hanging on a side window -(what's up w/that) it was full though so it apparently didn't hurt - picture of the receipt where we bought them beverages (again David did not partake, don't know who did) was really cooklseeing them just walking around and hanging out - there were 3 tables of women - DC fans who knew who they were in the Nook and several sitting at the bar - I hope noone bugged them too much - except for the constant line of women going to the restroom (you had to walk by the bar to get to the restroom, probably the busiesst the Nook's restroom has ever been). Our waitress didn't even know who David was - which we can't imagine but tis true - there are some people out there who are still not Cookified
This was my favorite look for David for all the concerts I've been too - they must've thought it out ahead of time 'cuz they were all in black except Kyle
Truth Is You Make or Break My Day
**graphic footer removed**

Just back from Charlottesville and an awesome concert by DCTA! I was a little worried because the crowd was really diverse - more children and seniors than usual and a lot of males of all ages. Ryan had a hard time getting the majority of people on their feet and I wasn't sure whether most of the crowd was expecting a real rock show. But David is irresistible and it didn't take him long to get everyone into the music. The band looked like they had dressed up a little for The Paramount which is, by the way, a gorgeous restored theater. I heard that Dave Matthews had given a large donation for the restoration. Anyway, David had on his "formal uniform" - black shirt and dark grey pants. That look is definitely a keeper! I think it is the most handsome I have ever seen him. He was in a great mood and seemed really relaxed and like he was having fun. I loved the set list, but was a little disappointed to miss acoustic "Avalanche" and IJDIYAT. In three shows, I have not heard either of them. But TIB and MITB were new to me, so it was all great. Thanks everyone for some of the best videos of the tour - super sound, too!

A cute story: Sitting next to us was a mother with two little boys, ages 5 and 7. They stayed for the whole concert and when David sang "Light On", the 7 year-old sang right along and knew every word. I wish that David could have seen that.

Sorry I missed the group at The Nook. Wouldn't you know that would be the time DCTA were on the spot? Happy for all of you who were there. Those of you going on to Richmond, hope it's another unforgettable concert.


Folk Fan's Vids!
Heroes & Mr. Sensitive!
Banter about the Nook and Lie!
Banter and Til I'm Blue!
Banter & Straight Ahead!

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