OK....teaser was awesome! :) now when is the album???

OK....teaser was awesome! :) now when is the album???

Oh my goodness how I loved the teaser! Makes me anxious for the album even more! Now, when is this album coming????

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the dessert would be nice! Smiling and Im hoping by(or before) then, too! Smiling

Re the video also known as the “teaser” - was it a pleaser or an appeaser?
Did it whet your appetite, or did it just add to your wait for the dessert course (DCTR2)?

Is want-want-want-iness a real word, or is it yet another trademark of the music-starved DCO world?

Can you feel the energy forces moving towards us? I hope-hope-hope that the single is launched before Valentine’s Day and the CD is released by end of March.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it (for now).

I know JUST what you mean....the anticipation......alittle bit of insanity going on here! Smiling

I'd like to say I'm *patiently* waiting for this album like iloveDCYES, but instead I'm impatient and going out of my mind! LOL

I just know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this ablum with blow us all away, just like he does all the time. I am patiently waiting, overdosing on DCTR until this new album comes out. This teaser is way beyond what I thought it would be...
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