Question on new Singles

Question on new Singles

Hey all, quick question: do The Last Goodbye & Fade Into Me have hard copy singles? I ask because I'm looking to spend a little more time on my DC collection.

Here's my list of what I know exists (I have marked next to it if I dont own a copy, would buy CD/Records/Cassettes I dont have Laughing out loud) , if you know of anything that's missing PLEASE let me know!

David Cook:
Analog Heart (don't have)
David Cook
David Cook (Wal-Mart Edition)
Light On - Single
The Time Of My Life - Single (looking to pick one up off eBay soon....)
This Loud Morning (also have a seperate copy with the signed booklet through Wal-Mart when preordering online)
This Loud Morning Deluxe Edition
This Quiet Night (my name's in it too Sticking out tongue)

Incoherent with Desires to Move On - EP (I know MWK has more CD's, but to my knowledge this is the only one DC's in, I have heard that David helped write Anodyne too....but that's not enough to get me to buy a hard copy of Luna Despierta lol)

Matter Of Time (have this one! need all the rest
The Story Thus Far
Alive In Tulsa

But anyway back to the original question, if you have a hard copy of either/both of The Last Goodbye & Fade Into Me, can you please post a few pics for me?

Thanks so much and have a great day!

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mdclapps, I saw one of those little slotMusic players in a bookstore just before Christmas - surprised me - there may still be some floating around.

Good fortune with your collection.

I would have most likely laughed at that a few years ago, but now that I can't find's not funny! lol

Again, thanks for the help!

slotMusic was short-lived format. It was basically a micro digital memory card that could be used in compatible mobile devices (cellphones, PDAs, portable computers). It came preloaded with the album and could also be used to save additional media, if desired.

Cover / Inside

FoolsApril64: thanks for the help on the Blindsided Limited Edition!
And I had the same feeling on the singles, but Wikipedia had it listed as having CD singles too, but at the same time, its Wikipedia....

And please explain more on the 'slot music version', I do consider myself a collector. Lol.


To my knowledge, The Last Goodbye and Fade Into Me were digital releases only (i.e., there are no radio promo CDs of which I'm aware).

Off the top of my head, you're missing Blindsided Limited Edition - a limited edition CD that was reportedly only distributed at live shows in Missouri September 12 & 13 of 2003. The CD includes all the tracks off of Blindsided, plus the bonus track "Still". There was also (if you're a collector) a slotMusic version of David Cook, the album that was available via Walmart for a limited time and, of course, there's a vinyl version of This Loud Morning available exclusively via DCO's shop.

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