Re-Release Axium's Albums!!!

Re-Release Axium's Albums!!!

Lately, I have become absolutely ADDICTED to the music that David made while he was with Axium...and I just really, really, REALLY wish I could pay HIM for it - afterall, spending a fortune on it on Ebay doesn't do HIM any may as well just listen to it online...anyway, I wish he would get together with his old friends and form an agreement to re-release Axium's albums!

Love ya David!

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Thank you Antul for sending the link to livehead16's Axium resource. I used to have the link but somehow lost it.

Re: the band member who was deceased..

From livehead's Axium resource post:
"Sadly, early bassist Anthony Mazzarella lost his life in July 2005 while serving in Iraq. He was 22."

And I would also love to buy Axium's albums.. and gently caress them LOL


i checked back at walmart downloads and they are no longer available for download. sorry
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the Axium Resource Post

Drop to your knees & remember where you came from (Axium/Wavelength)

Livehead16, I think has the whole history/time line of Axium up on her LiveJournal account. I wish I still had the link, but maybe someone will pop into this thread and provide it.
IIRC, there was one member who died, he was in the military in Afghanistan, and was killed in action the week before he was supposed to come home for good. I don't remember his name, though, or what instrument he played in the band. Speculation exists that Wavelength was written about this.
There also seems to be some tension between David and the drummer, Bobby Kerr who holds the rights to the Axium music. I'm sure if it was up to David, he would at least make all the music available as mp3s. But it doesn't look good right now. I do have a link to a 4shared site that has all available DC music in the meantime. PM me if you want it. It's not the same as a physical CD, but if it gets Axium on your iPod, it's all good, right? Eye-wink

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onefinecow where would you go to get the walmart downloads?

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i do like the idea of having an album t ohold in my hand but at the same time, with MWK and To HAve HEroes, it was cheaper to get a download then t oorder them and pay shipping so i think i'm starting to adjust.
Also there are album that i can't find anywhere, like WELCOME TO THE FUNERAL, those i want to be released-lol

and no i don't think anyone protests getting loads of money for doing nothing but saying yes-lol. Would RCA allow him?

you can get 2 axium albums on walmart downloads. thats were i got mine and the sound quality is better then the ones i got off of limewire

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I don't know anything in regards to the possibility that one of the former members is deceased - you could be right.

He wouldn't necessarily have to "get back together" with them, so much as just like, contact them and say "hey guys, want to re-release the albums and make ourselves loads of money?" I'm sure they wouldn't protest! LOL! Though you're right, he does seem to like the idea of us stealing it and donating to some charity...however, don't you wish you had a physical copy of the albums to, and finger lovingly? LOL


I love all his pre idol music so much!!!!


i might be wrong but i think that one of the members is actually dead
and i completely love the idea of this but the outragious prices really p@ssed him off and i doubt very much he is going to get back together with that band to rerelease.

i hope i'm wrong though. Also DC was fine with the idea of Illieagally downloading analog and then donating money to charity Smiling

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