So This Had To Be The Best Day Ever...

So This Had To Be The Best Day Ever...

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Word of warning- this is long. I'm trying to write down all details that I possibly can, because I am that excited. Smiling So I wont be offended if you don't want to read a lot...

Hello fellow Cook fans! My name is Lauren, and I had the best experience I could ever hope for relating to my hero, David Cook. And it all started with ABC2.

If any of you are even remotely active on Twitter and follow at least one other David Cook fan, you have probably heard about his efforts to raise money for ABC2, the most recent being the Mozilla Firefox Charity Challenge. The main way that the money is raised (over $40,000 at this point!) or at least from what I've seen is Twitter posts about 'donate $26 and win a signed David Cook CD!' That sort of thing. So when it came to say 'donate $26/join the team and win a Skype Chat with David!' , what else did I do, but donate? I didnt have anything to lose, I'm giving to a fantastic cause, and I probably won't win right (considering I don't have very good luck in general...)

Well, I did. I won.

When I got the email, I was just leaving school and checked my phone in my car. I shouldn't have checked it right then, because it probably sounded like I was getting raped or something. I got strange looks. But HELL YEAH I WON!!!

wait... I won? I WON?! what the hell....? What the hell does it mean? I tell my stepmom my email when i get home, and although i'm excited, she's skeptical. Because really how many of your heroes are going to Skype you in your lifetime? She though it was just another chain mail for everyone who entered.

This was on Wednesday. So by the time Saturday came around, I was pretty jazzed, and half the population in Colorado knew why, as well as what seems like every David Cook fan on Twitter. I don't hold back my excitement, I tend to share it.

So Saturday came around, I am JAZZED, but I was nervous. Like, sick nervous. Because I did'nt know what was going to happen. The only piece of information I knew was when it was, Noon PST on Saturday the 21st. No calls, no other Emails (although they had my email, number, and Skype name). I was worried I was getting Punked, and started looking for cameras. As it became closer to one (my time, noon PST), I was assuring myself it was going to happen.... until it was 2:45, and I was heading to my scheduled therapy appt. I felt... well crappy. Not at David, no definitely not. I'll love him no matter what. I was mad at whoever set this up. I knew that my stepmom was right, and i was embarrassed now that everyone was expecting a happy and bubbly Lauren on a David Cook high Monday morning. They were s*** outta luck.

But it's funny how everything works out. Around 3:30, during my appointment, my phone rings.
'Hello, this is Michelle, on David's team. I'm calling because you had a Skype appointment scheduled at noon with David Cook correct?'

"ummm yeah"

'Oh, ok. Well, he wanted me to tell you that he's really sorry because he forgot, and just remembered. And he would like to call again tomorrow at noon. Is that ok?'

"yes, thats fantastic!"

I hung up, and I feel so bad for that pillow I was clutching, and for my now very confused therapist, because I curled up into a ball, and just cried. I was so HAPPY. It WAS going to happen. I WAS going to talk to David Cook!

After that, I was calm... unexpectedly calm. I slept (which was a miracle), and woke up, got dressed, etc. Of course I became impatient after sitting for 2 hours at my computer screen, trying out my camera, making a makeshift desk since I dont have one for my laptop... and it was still an hour till it was going to start. I called my dad and my stepmom, freaked my mom out because of my pacing, played around on Youtube and twitter tweeting my now David Cook fan friends... Until I recieved the contact request. And before you know it, there's Dave.

Plaid shirt. And he still has his long hair (he apologized for if it looked wet b/c he just ran 7 miles. He's getting back to training!), and scruff. Smiling it was AMAZING.

First thing out of his mouth (after the hellos and the sorrys for yesterday)

' I know the initial thing was like a 5 minute chat, but being the schmuck that forgot yesterday, we'll just leave it open ended, so if you got any questions, or anything, just fire away.'


Some things Im keeping private for myself, because this was one of the most special and meaningful things that has ever happened (wow Lauren you need to get a life), but the gist of questions and answers-

Writing new songs- Writing with the guys (who are fantastic), soon writing and wants to write with Chris Cornell, etc.

Broke his toe during Christmas Sad but training for LA marathon again

DOES want to go overseas! But money, US extended touring, etc. He doesn't know guys. give him some slack.

Yeah also with the VIP things. I realized talking to him today how much he does, on and off tour. it takes a lot to rehearse, then Soundcheck, and M&G, and THEN do a whole concert. Some days hes totally jazzed, some days he's worn out, I've read a lot of tweets about bad experiences. Im sorry they happened, but they may be because hes worn out, physically, mentally, he was talking about vocally... When he told me how many M&Gs they did (at least one per show) I was APPALLED. He truly loves us. A LOT. Give him some credit for effort, even David gets tired.

Dublin is the cutest dog ever. I squealed a tiny bit when I saw Dublin. Not proud of that. Also, Andrew is cool as well. I take back everything he said about the Broncos, and the argument we had over Twitter, because without Andrew, I wouldn't have my signed poster.


My mom was spying on us, and kept peeking into my door, until dave saw and said 'who are you looking at?" and so my mom came in, and he was all cool with it.

PUTTING THIS OUT THERE- Any suggestions you have of gaining donations/support for ABC2 (not exactly auctioning stuff off, but idk we dont know) Tweet him about it. He'll look out for it, because he wants to stay involved. Im putting it out there for him! Smiling

Overall, a really REALLY nice guy. watching it over, I look like a total retard who cannot talk to save her life, but DAve does have that connection with people. He asked me about school, about college (to which my mom yelled SCRIPPS to what college do you wanna go) , and even tweeted me after (you can probly see it above if its still Sunday). He definitely cares about us, his fand. Anyone that says otherwise, message me, and i'll give them this.

And this is the best day ever. Smiling

ADDING- this is gonna be kept short, because I could go on all day long about this, but my favorite part in this chat was when I asked him about Idol. I asked him (because its been bugging the hell outta me) WHY THE HECK HE CHOSE A SONG FROM PHANTOM. Being the theater geek that I am (and the he is/was Smiling ) i like really HAD to know. Its my favorite song. and we dwelled on that... Long story short, he just likes it. Smiling


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This was posted on the Cookie Crumb thread today, and I though about how you described DC's appearance in the Skype Chat:

american idol winner david cook an upcoming actor toryan rogers at a manegement agent

Plaid shirt, long hair; looks like he hasn't changed anything yet. BTW, tried to post a thank you earlier, and failed. So, thank you for your report.

Lauren, thanks so much for sharing your story. It was really nice to read it and very sweet of you to allow us to share in your excitement vicariously. Thanks for the extra news (you can add my !!! to those about Mr. Cornell) -- and I'm glad you had so long to talk with him. (40 minutes? My mind boggles.)

Wow that had to be one of the most Awesome 40 minutes of your life!I also talked to you about my VIP Experience!But nothing tops having a 40 minute conversation with Dave!I justnlove to hear him speak and you had to share some secrets.This will always resonate with the both of you.You have built a Rapport with Dave for Life!I think he is Awesome and really treats us very well!I am so glad that you have started to follow me on Twitter.It is awesome how we all share some Amazing Experience with David!Because of Dave I have met some lovely Peeps!

Lauren, I am so happy for you! Thanks for donating to ABC2 and thanks for sharing your experience with us! What an amazing 40 minutes you had that you will never forget! Thanks again!

aww thanks for sharing this with all of us =) I can tell you that as I was reading it I was getting nervous and excited for you haha, i'm a nerd, i know xP

anyway, I'm glad you got to have a nice, long, chat with him face to face. I bet he looked great ;D (you didn't happen to take a screen cap, did you? x) lol j/k)

congrats on your big day Eye-wink hahaha

Although I didn't have the 45 min chat with him, this entry brightened up my day! lol!

Sounds like a wonderful time!! Congratulations! Laughing out loud

Congratulations on your big win! So very happy for you. Enjoyed reading your recap. You're just awesome.Thank you so much for sharing your best day ever with us here in this wonderful fandom of David Cook......DCO, especially to some of us who don't do twitter.

I'm so happy for you and your amazing DC experience !! Smiling
And I'm sure, like any of his fans, a little bit jealous (but at a good way) Laughing out loud !
But who among us would not LOVE to spend 40 minutes chating with Dave ? Oh Lord !! This is AWESOME !!
And he was such a SWEETHEART making the chat last much more time than announced !!
That's why we all love him so much !! Awwwwww !!

Thanks Lauren for sharing your experience with us. What an awesome time for you.

You got forty minutes with a very special guy.....that had to be worth the wait!!

Thank you for your great recap, Lauren! Great reading to start my day!

Lauren this is so wonderful for you to share your BEST DAY EVER with us and we really REALLY appreciate it!

Congratulations, Lauren, for winning the chat with David and for sharing your experience with us. That is really exciting. I hope you follow up in a couple days with even more of what you remember talking to him about. Thanks, again.


Thank you so much, Lauren, for sharing your once in a lifetime experience with the rest of us.
You know, you didn`t have to do this, but once again it got proven, That David`s fans are as caring as the man himself! You were truly a very lucky girl to get to talk with him, I`m so happy for you!
Thank you again for those crumbs you were able to give us Smiling

Certainly sounds like the best day ever Smiling Glad you had such a great chat!

Lauren, thank you so much for sharing your amazing experience with us!! WOW!! 40 minutes with Dave!!! You are a very lucky girl!! David is so good to his fans, and so easy to talk to. It is so awesome that you got to spend this special time with him. It is a once in a lifetime experience that you will treasure always! Thank you for all the details, like the wet hair, etc LOL. Makes it all easier for us to picture in our minds, LOL! Smiling

Lauren! Thank you for sharing the best day ever with us! I cant even imagine how thrilled and nervous.... but you sure had his attention for forty minutes,, all to yourself! WOW! I love that he is so aware of his fans and does read our disappointments as well as our accolades! David is the most caring sensitive human being ever! Dying to know the secret stuff lol... so happy you had such a special one on one w our guy!! I can't even imagine ... a David High from which you may never land! I know I wouldnt!! Thanks so much for sharing it!! NyCarole<3

Aw. David is such a standup guy. I am so glad you got to have such a cool experience. Thanks for sharing it here with all of us.

OMG he's going to be writing with Chris Cornell??!!! He's an amazing performer and songwriter. David has said some very nice things about him. How cool he will soon get the opportunity to work with him. Smiling


Lauren: first congrats on winning this skype chat Smiling
It was very nice of you to share parts of that talk with the rest of us (and totally cool that you kept stuff to yourself as well).
I absolutely believe it every time a fan, who has met / talked ot him, says: he does care about his fans. NO doubt!!!
This day / talk is one to put in the awesome memories book Smiling Happy for you!!!

Thank you for sharing some of your conversation with David. I always knew he loved his fans. I don't know any artist that tries to make his fans as happy as he does. I think he showed today that he is a very caring sensitive guy. As far as tour I am saving money and when he can go back out I will be there and I really appreciated the VIP, m&g soudcheck, radio appearances, interviews and all he has to do. He is just a human being like the rest of us who has good days, bad days and gets his feelings hurt when ppl think he is not giving enough. I know you will be able to look back on this and smile remembering the special time that David gave you ☺

Great recap! You are hilarious! Very awesome!

So happy for you, Lauren. So nice of you to share what you did. I hope you told him that we really love him,too. What you did share is so exciting - writing with Chris Cornell! Wow.

What a great memory for you.

Lauren, thanks so very much for shsring your experience with us. Must have been very surreal!!

A couple of folks asked if he said he would be writing with Chris Cornell, and I see that he, indeed, will. You put it in your recap and verified. Very exciting.

Thanks again!!

Lauren, Congrats on winning this. Thank you for sharing what you did of the chat with all of us. I'm also glad that you are keeping some of it private to yourself. You won it & it should be special, parts of it just for you. I had the chance to speak with him a few times after shows & during M&G's I know how special those few minutes were to me, so I can only imagine what this was like for you.

Thanks for reporting, Lauren.
He's writing with Chris Cornell???!!! Wow.

Hi Lauren, it was so nice to read your story and all about your "BEST DAY EVER" ! My name is Christine. I was the one on Twitter who wrote to u and said, ".....prayin' 4 u, too. Don't worry! B ok !" I wanted to say some words of comfort to you, to help with the nerves that must have all been going crazy insane ! Sounds like you had a wonderful chat with David ! Did u see each other on Web Cam ? I'm not sure just how the Skype chat works. Never have done one.....YET ! I'm so thrilled for you. I had my dream day with David on Nov. 17th 2011.....and it was a day I shall never forget ! He DOES have a way of making you feel special, when his eyes r looking RIGHT into yours ! I don't even know how I spoke complete sentences ! The meet n greet was very small. Only 26 of us altogether ! My time with him was, thank God, longer than I thought. He took his time to answer all my questions and make me feel important. He is such a loving and thoughtful guy. Again, it makes me happy that you could have a forty minute chat with this angel.....we call David Cook.

THank you guys so much for reading and posting the feedback! you guys are truly the best! now for clarifications:

Yes Chris Cornell.
Yes he wants to go overseas, but with the U.S. tours being so long, and since for this last record he did so many, he couldnt go. plus hes writing right now, and theres the budget most definitely to think about... hopefully soon to those not in the U.S. Smiling

Congratulations, Lauren, you lucky lady you! *toothy grin* Thank you for this recap.

How did you last 40 minutes though? If it were me mah brain would've exploded. David would be traumatized and quit the music business forever. *toothy grin*

Thanks so much for the recap of your call. I'm so happy that you won the Skype chat because I can tell you are a true fan.

I tell you though, this man needs to tour so we can hear him. He is so incredibly good, and that goodness must be shared.

On the other hand, writing means more DC music.......

Surely he could sign up to do a few little concerts3 to 4 times a year in LA. He could try out new material. We could plan to go.

I don't know how else to say it but that while reading this I could actually really and truly feel that David Cook is indeed THE most sincere guy!! I could tell that he really meant open ended. I am so so so happy for you!!! I bet you wish you could talk to him every single day. That is incredible. I am actually glad he stood you up yesterday a little on accident that way you had a chance to get some of the nerves out and plus of course he extended the time. He gives me inspiration that he is back out training after the toe breaking and all.

Lauren, so happy that it was you that won the chat with David. Thanks for sharing so much of that conversation with the rest of us, it just reinforces what a great guy he truly is and makes me appreciate him even more. Great that you got to actually see Dublin, that is a great honor in itself Smiling You will have some great stories to tell tommorrow, but like you said keep some things for yourself and treasure them. Good luck in school and your future, you sound like a great young lady Smiling

Sounds like you had a most excellent chat with Dave. Lucky you! I too would like to know if he said he was going to be writing with Chris Cornell? That's a big deal, if so. Also, could you clarify what he said about future touring? I know he didn't say anything definitively, but it sounds like money and extended US touring were possible reasons for not touring internationally.

I'm very happy for you, Lauren! Thanks so much for sharing with us. Smiling

Lauren, I'm so happy that you won this and got to talk to David. And how wonderful that he extended the time. I'm sure he felt terrible about Saturday. And thank you for being so generous to share your experience with us. I'm glad you kept the special parts of your conversation to yourself. Those will be prescious memories for you.

David loves to tour and to travel, so I have no doubt in my mind that he is doing everything in his power to make things happen. But sometimes there are limits, like budget issues that can't be helped. I understand that. And it is nice to know he appreciates us. I hope he knows how much we love and appreciate him and all he does for us. Anyways, thanks for sharing your experience with us. Smiling

Congratulations on winning and thanks so much for sharing!

What a great story, now I bet you are glad he was a day late since it resulted in such a nice, long chat! You seem like a great gal, I'm happy you got to have this experience!

Totally understand wanting to keep some stuff to yourself. If it's ok, can you just clarify one thing you said - you said he "DOES want to go overseas! But money, US extended touring, etc." he doesn't know. Does that mean he doesn't know about whether he'll go overseas OR do more touring in US? Or that extended touring in US might keep him from going overseas? Or maybe you're not sure what he meant! Thanks so much for sharing your Skpe call with the rest of us!

I, too, got so excited to see the name Cornell that I forgot to thank you! Appreciate you sharing your awesome experience with us.

Thanks for sharing this. Glad you had 40 minutes because he was schmuck and forgot, lol. Nice twist of fate!
Wow he broke his toe, bummer. Ouch. How?
Extended tour, well okay!
You really make it real how hard he works for us guys, thanks for pointing that out.
He is a human being too, just like the rest of us, has his good days and bad and has feelings. He is good at always being up though in front of us guys.
He is a very considerate, caring hard working guy.
That is why we love him.
Well thanks again!

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us in your blog. So glad you had such an awesome experience. I'm grinning from ear to ear just reading it!

Thanks for sharing your once in a lifetime very precious experience with David. As expected he remains so AWESOME, Love that you shared how much he loves us fans!! Congrats on your win....#WeBelieve David and appreciate all you do...Heart you David and thanks again ''Lucky Girl'' what a story to tell in your life!! @gmarn17 on twitter:)

This is excellent! And very thoughtful of you to have given the rest of us a bit of news, and a vicarious look into your Skype chat - Thank you for that.

Wow, great recap of a once in a lifetime experience. Once in ALL our lifetimes. I'm so glad (but not surprised) he made the extra above-and-beyond effort to make it as special as possible for you. Thank you so much for sharing so much of it with all of us. If you can tweet or post a screencap that would complete the picture for us but mostly I'm glad you have it recorded to re-live for yourself as many times as you like. Thanks again and I'm so happy for you!

Thanks for sharing, Lauren!

I am so happy you were able to have this one on one with David! Love how excited you are. You should absolutely keep whatever part of it you want to yourself. I had to smile about your Mom peeking in on you Smiling He does work very hard for us. Thank you for sharing as much as you did. And Congratulations on winning.

So happy for you. It sounds like you had a wonderful and memorable experience. Thank you for sharing. I can only speak for myself, but I'm sure that everyone on this board appreciates all that David does for his fandom. He puts so much hard work into each and every show. He is a very special person.

Congrats on winning the Skype chat! This is an awesome recap - thanks very much for sharing!

In my haste to ask about writing with Cornell - I forgot to thank you for posting about your call. So thank you, I really appreciate it.

Awww, Lauren, you are precious! Thank you for sharing your wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime experience. I am not surprised how nice DC is and his gift for connecting with his fans. I love him a lot, too, and have such respect for him! Blessings, and again, thank you!! Tess - @alamodame on Twitter

I'm extremely ecstatic for you. You could put it as a blog too on your account so you can stare it forever. Lol. It was a special day for you. He should do this more often.

Thanks for sharing! Did I read that right, he's writing with Chris Cornell?

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