THE DAILY DIGEST: The daily news source for fans, by fans. All are welcome to contribute!

THE DAILY DIGEST: The daily news source for fans, by fans. All are welcome to contribute!

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Dear Fellow DCO'ers,

Like so many of you, I love to visit this site but find my real life just doesn't permit me to spend the amount of time needed to keep up with everything DC related. I know I'm not the only one frustrated when I have hundreds of unread messages and so many pages to read that I will never catch up. I hate missing out on the little nuggets of information that I know are buried in those pages. So on behalf of all of us who only get to steal a few minutes here and there to spend on this site, I respectfully ask this dedicated community to please, PLEASE, contribute to this "daily digest" of events: one thread that just captures the daily tidbits we crave. This isn't the place to discuss and debate or just hang out...we have great threads for that already. This is the spot to give us those little cookie crumbs that would otherwise remain buried in endless discussion. It's the spot that can get you up to speed if you've missed a few days online or only have a moment or two to spare.

For those wonderful individuals who I know will step up to the plate and be happy to share: You can add a whole recap of info for the day or just one little bit of news. Links would also be great in case we get a few extra moments to follow up! I know there are many of us who would be very appreciative.

Everyone is welcome to post additions to the digest so please ... pretty please ... add to this thread throughout the day as you find cookie crumbs!!! Thanks in advance to any who can help with this!!

A quick note about accuracy: I value accuracy in writing but I do want to emphasize that The Daily Digest reflects the conversations and threads on DCO. It is not an official announcement board. So if there is a misinterpretation of something on the boards it could also be reflected here. I don’t want people to stop posting because they are worried that their news can’t be verified. If you want to post but you aren’t sure if the statement is really accurate then just add something like, “it is rumored that” or “it is felt” or “it may be that.” Also keep in mind that a post taken out of context from a thread may not necessarily convey the meaning that the poster intended. So if you aren't sure about how to interpret an excerpt from another thread, here are some good things to keep in mind: Assume the best (everyone hear loves DC), Realize that humor may have been intended (humor doesn't always translate into a digest format), and realize that context is important. Keeping these things in mind will help us to continue enjoying The Daily Digest!!

Other Helpful Threads: If you have a few extra minutes to spend, the following threads have a lot of quick reference info at your fingertips and will help you get or stay current.The Best of DCO, The Everything Thread and The Nostalgia Thread

NEW NOTE: As things heat up for the new tour, please check the Upcoming Appearances/Events page frequently. This page is unnofficial but has the best and most current list we have available. It also will include links to all his radio interviews, etc. from this promo cycle (please note that PAST events are moved to an ARCHIVE weekly as the blog is updated). Want to download a collection of current radio interviews? Then go here:

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DCO NEWS | Watch the David Cook Brain Cancer Research Benefit Concert LIVE STREAM December 2!

DCO NEWS | Donate/Fundraise for #DC1million and Win Exclusive T-Shirt Designed by David Cook!

via @PRNewswire | David Cook's $1M Campaign For Brain Cancer Research To Culminate w/Charity Concert on #GivingTuesday

AUDIO | David Cook phoner w/ @magic949

 photo wait1117_zpsa1e61bce.jpg

DCO NEWS | Help David Cook raise $1M for Brain Cancer Research

DCO NEWS | David Cook kicks of run of shows in Florida; unveils new merch!

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VIDEO | David Cook on Backstage Avenue

DCO NEWS | David Cook to sing National Anthem for Indianapolis Colts on Sun, 28-Sep

DCO NEWS | David Cook part of all-star lineup at annual Chris Evert / Raymond James Pro-Celeb Tennis Classic

DC mention #23!!! 28 Signs You Grew Up In Kansas City … via @danoshinsky @buzzfeed

[BLIP] "Already recorded are tracks by ... American Idol alumnus David Cook ("Message in a Bottle")"
Billboard: Rock Against Trafficking Founder Gary Miller Hopes to Launch at the Grammys


DCO | *NEW SHOW!* 10-Oct (Fri) DAVID COOK at Mercy Lounge (Nashville, TN)

DCO | David Cook accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

DCO | *NEW SHOW* 12 Sep (Fri) David Cook at 28th Annual GrapeFest (Grapevine, TX)

DCO NEWS | 'Idol' talk: TV show champ David Cook will perform Aug. 15 in Ottawa

DCO | *NEW SHOW!* 31 AUG (Sun) MIX 100 Denver presents David Cook at A Taste of Colorado (FREE)

via @digitaljournal | Catching up with David Cook: Rock singer and American Idol winner

DCO NEWS | Review: David Cook Pours Heart and Soul at Long Island, New York Show

YIPPEE! So music is coming SOON! Also, so proud of David for doing this tour for military Smiling


DCO NEWS | David Cook leaves for European military tour; fans can expect new music late Summer!

*ON SALE NOW!* 31-Oct (Fri) David Cook at Jack Rabbits Live (Jacksonville, FL)

Don't know where to put this ~ an old vid from Manilla but I had never seen it.

DCO | *NEW SHOW!* 1-Nov (Sat) David Cook at Amaturo Theater at Broward Center (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

*NEW SHOWS!* Nov 6 & 7 David Cook at America Gardens Theatre - EPCOT (Lake Buena Vista, FL)


7 Jun (Sat) at 360 at the Hilton Ballpark (St Louis, MO)
18 JUL (Fri) at John Burns Park (Massapequa Park, NY)

DCO NEWS | David Cook & his Team for a Cure make a difference!


19 JUL (Sat) at Bally's Park Place Casino (Atlantic City, NJ)
04 NOV (Tue) at HIGH DIVE (Gainsville, FL)


26-Jul (Sat) Sandy Amphitheatre (Sandy, UT) Tkts on sale 10 AM MT 12-May

8 –Nov (Sat) Capitol Theatre (Clearwater, FL) Tkts on sale 10 AM ET 3-May

DCO NEWS | David Cook's Race for Hope Team for a Cure Exclusive Team T-Shirt & Event!

DCO NEWS | David Cook Mentors American Idol Top 8 Finalists

NOTE: due to recent violence on ISU campus, VEISHEA events (incl David Cook concert) were suspended

DCO NEWS | David Cook on his 'Idol' return and why the '80s rocked (via EW)

DCO | *NEW SHOW!* 15-Aug (Fri) David Cook at Starved Rock Country (Ottawa, IL)

DCO | *NEW SHOW!* 22-Apr (Tue) David Cook at Maloney Arena - Maryville University (St. Louis, MO)

via @examinercom | David Cook talks Soles4Souls, toothpaste & Nine Inch Nails

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[VIDEO] Barefoot Wine partners with Soles4Souls and David Cook:

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These cookie crumbs needed to be here!!


Our David's version of Kiss You Tonight (LOVE!)

DCO NEWS | David Cook penned "Kiss You Tonight" is David Nail's new single!

*AVAIL NOW!* David Nail new single "Kiss You Tonight" (by DAVID COOK, Jay Knowles & Trent Summar) on iTunes


1 APR (Tue) A Soleful Evening w/ Kris Allen & David Cook at The Bridge Bldg (Nashville)

6 JUN (Fri) David Cook at Celebrate Lincoln (Lincoln, NE)

Available on iTunes 4-March

United States