Twilight Fans???

Twilight Fans???

ok. so i had to start one. there's gotta be some other Twilight fans on here!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg. so excited for the week of DC's album release.... ITS THE SAME WEEK AS TWILIGHT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

any other fans???
Team Edward?? (Smiling)
Team Jacob?

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I think book 4 will be the best movie. Did you see my post below where I heard she is writing a 5th book? My friend told me she believes it is going to be called The Rising Sun. There are definitely stories she left hanging that could be further developed in another book!

Now that you mention it, Yes! I just finished the series this week, and I think the last 2 books will make the best movies. Tons of action in those. I can't believe this is the end of the book series completely. There are plenty of stories left to be told at the end of Breaking Dawn and I'll say no more..

Looking forward to the New Moon movie. For a group of virtually unknown actors, they are fantastic. I'm so happy for all their success.

I love that quote, Shane O Mac. It's perfect!

A fan forsure!!!!!

I got "There's no point to forever without you" tattooed...and as bizarre as it sounds, I've got it tattooed just above my knee(going over some stars that I've also got there)

Today I finished a poem that I wrote about Twilight. I didn't write it because I'm obsessed with the saga (because I'm actually not that obsessed with it...) but I thought it would be interesting to write about it...


Shane O Mac, what quote did you get tattoo'd?

AliceLovesJasper... never would have guessed you love Twilight! LOL!

I adore Twilight <3 I hadn't actually heard of it until November last year. I saw the trailer and wasn't too impressed by it, but was told by quite a few people that I'd enjoy started reading the 1st one and was hooked! I read all 4 in about 2 weeks or so. Then I gave the film a chance and glad I did! I'm so excited for New Moon. The trailers for it look amazing! It's gonna be a long wait until November!

Back in February I even got a Twilight quite tattooed. As soon as I read the quote I knew I wanted it, so got it done a few weeks later.

OMG! I Luv Twilight!!! It's awesome! When I read it about the 3rd or 4th time, I was thinking "I wonder what would happen If Stephinie Myer put a character like DC in the series.... hmm..." David Cook meets Edward! Lol... Smiling

For both Twilight and Green River Ordinance fans - there's a really nice youtube out there of scenes from Twilight set to music from Green River Ordinance. I'm a computer idiot, and whatever I did when I tried to put the link in here triggered the spam filter and therefore it wouldn't post. To find it all you have to do is google -

"Twilight music video "Endlessly" by Green River Ordinance youtube", and it will take you right to the link.


If someone would have told me last year that I would be reading the Twilight series, I would have laughed. My younger and older sisters read and liked the books, but I had no interest in them. I didn't understand what the obsession was with fictional vampire characters. And some people were comparing David to Edward Cullen which I found to be obsurd.

And then, my younger sister got the movie and I watched it with her and acutally REALLY liked it. Earlier this year I had a lot of time on my hands in the afternnoons and was craving something to read so I borrowed the books from my sisters and have been hooked ever since. I think I read "New Moon" and "Eclipse" in less than a week because I thought they were that good! And weird enough, many times while I was reading "Twilight", David popped into my head. There's a part in the book (yes, I wrote down the page #!) that I believe applies to David 100%:

"He grinned his crooked smile at me, stopping my breath and my heart. I couldn't imagine how an angel could be any more glorious. There was nothing about him that could be improved upon."

Yep, David does the same thing to me. I've always said David was perfect and wouldn't change a single thing about him.

I CANNOT wait for the movie "New Moon" to come out!!! (And no, I'm not a teenager! LOL)

And by the way, I'm for both Team Edward and Jacob. I prefer Bella and Edward in "Twilight" and "Breaking Dawn" (and their characters in the movie). But I'm for Bella and Jacob in the other two books.

I just found this thread... I love the Twighlight books! Back in the beginning of June when David was on his 2 week vacation I suddenly found myself with no cellcasts to listen to and no you tube videos to pour over and decided to read a book. A few friends/family had been telling me to read Twighlight for a long time and I just didn't think I was going to like a book about vampires, so I resisted. Well, I started reading the first book and I was hooked! I read all 4 books during that "break"... I didn't want to finish the 4th book because I didn't want it to end! I was completely engrossed in all things Twighlight during that 2 weeks!

After reading them, I wanted to see the movie but kept resisting it because I loved the book so much and I knew based on reviews that I was going to be disappointed. Edward also looked different in my head than I knew the actor looked. Strangely enough, I had sort of a vision of Adam Lambert in my head as Edward... I think because Idol had just finished and I found Adam to be exceptionally good looking.

Well, I finally saw the movie a week ago and thought it was just ok. It was such a simple movie compared to such a complex book. I felt like most of the time was spent staring at eachother rather than talking. In the book when they stared at eachother you got to read their thoughts but not in the movie! I think the movie would have been even worse had I not read the book. Also, I had a hard time adjusting to the character for Edward since that is not how I pictured him at all!

The second movie will be interesting... will Edward even be in it that much? He's gone most of the book.

Did you hear she's writing a 5th book... I think called something like The Rising Sun. I am so excited!

Well, besides the name, I am Team Edward. But this person made this picture for me. You have to see it! It's David Cook as a vampire!!!!! He has gold eyes and pale skin! And he's got the crooked smile. It looks like my pictured Edward! It's amazing.
"This sliver leaves me longing for gold"

I haven't seen twilight and I wonder what all the fuss is about, however, I liked that Paramore is part of the soundtrack.

So happy to see so many Twilighters here!! I read the books the weekend before the movie was't want to see it until I'd read them I got all 4 read in a single weekend! They were so addicting, it wasn't a problem! I couldn't put them down!!
I wasn't disappointed with the movie, I loved it! some things were different, but I thought the characters were great....some things were missing, but how could you cram all that into a 2hr movie?? I am sooo addicted to all things Twilight...can't wait until Nov. 09 for New Moon !!

I just finished the fourth book! All were great, but I think the 1st and 4th are best! Haven't seen the movie, will probably wait for the cheap seats or video. It's doing great $$$$wise, review wise not so much.

But then we know as with DCTR, reviewers don't ALWAYS know what they're talking about.

Team Edward fo-sho.


Amber! Word Nerd #3217 ♥

I thought the movie was good, but not nearly as good as the books. That's pretty usual, though!

I just finished Eclipse, and after discussing ot with so very smart friends (because some things had confused me!), I'm ready to finish the series!

David Cook will be my angel until forever passes away... Made by my lovely Val <3

So I Have now read all the books (In less than a week) They are AWESOME!! If you haven't read them, I encourage you to read them!!

people are going crazy over this movie! i haven't seen it. some friends love it. some hate, some like some and not the other parts. don't know. what do u think?

ok i am like completelyyyy obsessed with the books!!!! but i HATED the movie =(((
i was so upset that i didnt like itt but whateverrr the books are amazinggg though =)
edward cullen and david cook foreverr<3

I went to see the movie 2 weeks ago & LOVED it! I bought the first book thurs & was done with it by Sunday, bought the 2nd one (After going to 5 stores, because it was sold out at the first 4) I started on it last night & over half done already. I am addicted now!! Smiling


LOL, I didn't realize this was here. Actually, I'm only on the third book so should I stay away from here if I don't want anything revealed? Thanks.

A word of advice. If you are over the age of 16...go to a showing late at night.
whys that? Well it's too late, I already saw it, I'm wondering though.
I thought some parts were pretty cool but some were WAY TOO CHEESY!
And does anyone know what song it was when Bella figured out Edward is a vampire? It was cool.
I liked her lullaby too.

nickyduvyrda (not verified):

Maybe you hardcore Twilight fans can explain something to me. What is the purpose of the whole Team Edward and Team Jacob thing? We all know in the end (which I'm not saying for those who haven't read it) who Bella ends up with and the fate of both guys.
A girl from the south with big dreams and a fake name. Can you figure out who I really am?

I saw the movie last night and then again tonight. I loved it! I mean sure it wasn't exactly the book but I knew it wouldn't be. My favorite part was the baseball scene. That freaking rocked! David Cook and Twilight are my two obsessions so this week truly could not have been any better. Team Edward all the way!

I love twilight!!!! It was my obsession before David but I must admit it pales in comparison to my love for DC now lol. And I was just thinking, is it just me or is "I Did It For You" the PERFECT song for New Moon??? I was just listening to it and had an epiphany lol

OMG i saw the movie last night and it was AHHHH-MAZING!! OMG edward and david are like the two hottest guys on the entire plantet!! (but david so much more) this has been the BEST week ever i am definetly seeing the movie again!!

November 18th!! can't wait!!

nickyduvyrda (not verified):

Good movie very enjoyable. A word of advice. If you are over the age of 16...go to a showing late at night.

A girl from the south with big dreams and a fake name. Can you figure out who I really am?

gah! today is the best day ever!!!!!

got my DC album! (omg.... completely loving it like.... sooo much beyond words)
got my tix for the movie on friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha.... and there's a Twilight banner on top of the page!!!!!!!!!!

People might think I'm crazy but I am utterly 110% Team JACOB! Why? Edward gets on my nerves!!! I don't even know what it is about him that annoys me but he just does lol.. and I don't get the obsession everyone has over him. He's a fictional character okay, you can't be IN love with him haha.

And also, Robert Pattison as Edward? Um, no. Lol. I just don't think he's hot enough XD

But hey, just my opinion. I'm actually really psyched for the movie, even though it will be NOTHING compared to the books! Oh and am I the only one here that hated Breaking Dawn? It was kind of a let down.

This is honestly going to be the ebst week ever. I've been looking forward to the movie, and David's album release for a long time! I'm Team Edward... I love the guy playing him, being a retired Harry Potter fan, i was like, "OMG! Its Cedric!" Lol... Im reading Breaking Dawn again- that book is freaking amazing! Is it true that the last Twilight book wont come out because a piece of it was released on the internet or something, and Stephenie was p.o'd?

wordswillnevertakemyplace, ;whenyouknowi'mleaving<3

I haven't been exposed to Twilight yet, but my sister keeps recommending it. She's totally in love with it... and I keep hearing more and more hype about it, especially with that movie coming out. Maybe I'll give it a try....

I'm loving Twilight more and more each day. Not FANatical at this pt. but love Twilight just the same.

I have already read the first book and am about 70 percent threw the 2nd.

My favorite male character be Edward and favorite female be Alice books wise. Although I'm liking Jacob a lil more each day probably cuz Taylor L. who plays Jacob in the movie though hehe. He is from Michigan... about an hour north of where I am Smiling.

Yes! Yes! Yes! That will be the best week EVAH!

I have thought about the crooked smile connection after seeing the several film trailers then the "Light On" video just brought it together for me.

Back when I started reading the series (only a month or so ago) I remember thinking how great some of DC's music would fit into the movie.

i just became a twilight fan. i saw the movie preview so i went out and bought the books and read the first two books in three days and i am now on the third about a third of the way through. the books are very entertaining and the movie looks amazing.

I posted some of this on the thread that spoke of the newest EW magazine with Twilight on the cover and the David Cook article in it, but I will give you my thoughts here too. I read "Twilight" a few weeks ago after much prodding from a friend who is not as into DC like I am. I was sitting in a chair reading chapter 2 and when I got to the description of "Edward", I almost slid out of my seat! It is a perfect description of DC. I had to go and re-read it because I thought I was hallucinating. I think it might be on page 39 (not sure because I returned the book to my friend). Those of you that still have the book, go back and read it. Crooked smile, pale skin, the voice, eyes that change color, etc., the beauty. And then later how he kept drawing her to him and how she couldn't stop thinking about him. Now if that isn't a perfect description of David Cook, I don't know what is. So, Edward is now my novel hero and DC is my guitar hero. And remember "Twilight", "Light On". thinks there is a similarity here...uncanny, isn't it????


"So say your prayers and say goodnight
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To be who you want to be"....

I LOVE Twilight!!!! I wish I could find myself an Edward who could love me the way he loves Bella. No one has ever loved me like that, and I've never loved like that, either. This book made me long to feel like that for someone!

And Edward reminds me so much of David in so many ways. I could so see David doing this role in the movie (nothing against Rob, of course - I think he's gonna be an awesome Edward!)!

And Bella's characterization actually reminds me of myself almost to the point of eeriness!

Cannot wait to buy New Moon this weekend! Smiling

David Cook is my angel until forever passes away...

Yes!! I love Twilight!!!!!!!!!!
Team Edward all the way!!!!!!

The movie is gonna be fricken awesome!! I'm so excited!


yesss i love TWILIGHT!!! i am sooo excited for the movie and DC's album!! The books are amazing!!!

TEAM EDWARD all the way!!!!!!


yes the crooked smile.... another way Edward reminds me of DC.
gah. i m soooo excited for the movie now.... errr... more.... cuz they are playin all the commercials for it... ah!
so close!!!

woooooow! glad i found this thread..
lately, i dont visit the site because im busy reading and listenin' to twilight saga ...

im currently listenin' to eclipse audio book...
i love edward cullen, and it really reminds me of david cook when i read or hear the
crooked smile...

it really melts my heart....

Pinoy fans represent!

Team Edward. I think Bella is a word that rhymes with witch that I dont think Im allowed to say- sorry if theres any Bellafans. Team Edward all the way- soooo psyched for the movie. I had a big crush on Robert when he played Cedric Diggory, so I'll get a megacrush on him for being Edward. Still probably wont surpass my mega crush on David- (at least im hoping not, because then my horoscope will come true Shocked ) But yeaaah. My friend who hates reading was so into these books- but Im a huge book nerd, so I read a lot. Heheee... NOVEMBER! So excited. That week will be just great for stuff.

wordswillnevertakemyplace, ;whenyouknowi'mleaving<3

Team Edward. I think Bella is a word that rhymes with witch that I dont think Im allowed to say- sorry if theres any Bellafans. Team Edward all the way- soooo psyched for the movie. I had a big crush on Robert when he played Cedric Diggory, so I'll get a megacrush on him for being Edward. Still probably wont surpass my mega crush on David- (at least im hoping not, because then my horoscope will come true Shocked ) But yeaaah. My friend who hates reading was so into these books- but Im a huge book nerd, so I read a lot. Heheee... NOVEMBER! So excited. That week will be just great for stuff.

wordswillnevertakemyplace, ;whenyouknowi'mleaving<3

haha. glad i'm not the only one feelin the double yeses. Sticking out tongue should've asked one more... couldve gone with the DC.. "yes... yes. yes." hehehe

i feel bad for jacob too xofoxesxo he does seem to kinda get used by Bella. like i said... i like jake. but i looove edward!!!!


I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!! It has been my other obsession this year besides David.
ugh i still havent finished Breaking dawn....i dont want it to end so i just stopped reading it haha i know im weird!
I cant wait ffor the movie!!!!! My friends and i are going together with our Twilight shirts on!!! YAY!
Oh and Team Edward all the way.....grrr Jacob....
Laughing out loud

~Stephhh loves Daviddd!~
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heeeeyyyy!!!! they're in rome!!!! for the film festivaaaaallll!!!! i'm so excited and i jst can't hide it... hahahahahaha!!! ollè!!!!


LOL @ ilovecookies0708, because i answered "YES!!!" and "...yes" to both of your 'random' XD

I hope the movie is as good as the book, because the book, to me, is just amazing! I haven't been so invested in a series for the longest time, and Stephenie Meyers is just an amazing writer, and i love where she takes each character and "develops" them further each book :]

oh, and *waives flag* TEAM EDWARD all the way!!

...Although i feel the slightest bit bad for didnt do anything except for liking Bella, yet i feel like he gets "used" by her... poor jake :[
Anybody else feel that way??

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ok... so i was on facebook and got this bumper sticker/joined group about how Edward Cullen has made all human guys kinda pathetic....
but idk... DC still doesnt seem pathetic to me!
totally random....
how cool would it be if in LO music vid David was driving a silver volvo???


is anyone else scared they r gonna f-up the movie???


I am so addicted to the Twilight saga it is PATHETIC!!! I'm in love with Edward, a vampire, a fictional vampire, I think I've lost my mind!!! LOL! I so can not wait for this movie!!!!

Rocked out with Cookie in STL!!! I can't wait for more!!

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