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Twitter questions I joined Twitter to follow David and the band but am still a little confused about how to "tweet", I guess. I am very, very new at this and I think I missed the first round of 'explanations', so I could use a little help!!

So far I follow six people (pathetic, I know, but it is David, the band, GRO and Andrew) and I get David's tweets on my phone (my son hooked me up with that). The only thing I have "done" is replied to one David tweet.....and I don't even know if I did that right.

Would someone be kind enough to PM me and help me figure this out?! I don't really know anyone who is on Twitter (David is really the only reason I am on it) so I don't have anyone to ask!!!

My first question is who sees what one tweets? I see those people's tweets that I follow, I get that, but if I were to put "what I am doing" who sees that...just followers? And if I do the # thing.......does that just get counted by Twitter or something? And how do you know if you did reply to a tweet the right way? I hope this makes some sense. Thanks for any help at all!!

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who sees what one tweets?

That depends. If your tweets are locked, only the people following you can see them. If your tweets are *not* locked, then *anyone* can see them. Followers will see them on their home page, and anyone else will see them if they go to your profile.

And if I do the # thing.......does that just get counted by Twitter or something?

It's used as a way to find tweets on a specific topic. If you do a tweet that's food-related, for instance, you could put #food at the end of the tweet and then if people do a search for tweets about food, yours will come up.

It's also used to identify popular trending topics in your tweets, such as Follow Friday, Music Monday, and recently, DavidCookRocks. Smiling

And how do you know if you did reply to a tweet the right way?

First of all, the tweet will show up on your home page right after you send it. That's how you know it went through. If you're replying to David, then as long as you put @thedavidcook in front of your tweet, you did it correctly. Also, if you move your mouse so the arrow is on David's tweet on your home page, a couple of symbols will show up on the right-hand side. One is an arrow pointing to the left. If you click on that arrow, it will automatically begin your tweet with @thedavidcook. Then you just type in your message. After you post it, the phrase "___ minutes ago from ____ in reply to thedavidcook" should appear in gray under your tweet. If it does, then your reply went through OK.

It's good to use the arrow whenever you can, because then you don't have to worry about accidentally typing David's name wrong. If you type his name wrong, he's not going to be able to see your tweet.

If you're sending tweets from your phone, there's really no way to know for sure if the tweet went through successfully. The only way you can know is by checking your twitter account the next time you're on the internet.

Hope that helps.

P.S. Remember to keep your twitter account unlocked if you want to reply to David. If you lock your tweets, he won't see them, even if you reply to his tweets.

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hi darlasull! ok I'm going to try to answer your question! I'm sure others will be here to help you too!

Whenever you type something into the "what I'm doing" that's a tweet. If you have your tweets locked that means only the people following you can see them. If you don't your tweets can be seen by all of your followers and also those not following you (like Dave or the band etc. if you have your tweets locked they can't see what you're saying)

When you put @ in front of someone's name it directs the tweet to them or something to that effect. the # is for trending, like what we did last night. Trending topics are the most popular topics on twitter. when you trend something people tend to go and follow it which is how Dave got above 50,000 followers last night. Just by putting #davidcookrocks at the end of what we said we got a bunch of people to agree and follow him if they werent already. Twitter tracks the most popular trends and lists them on the side of your page. People can click on the #davidcookrocks and see what people are saying about it and why it's so interesting and popular.

You use the @ symbol also to reply to someone's tweet. so if I wanted to reply to something...say coolshades said to me I would type in @cool_shades and then whatever I wanted to say back. It's easy once you get the hang of it. hope this helped!



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