Whiskey Roadhouse, Council Bluffs, Nov 26, Who's going?

Whiskey Roadhouse, Council Bluffs, Nov 26, Who's going?

Anyone planning on going to the Whiskey Roadhouse in Council Bluffs Nov 26? It looks like a small venue - 500 people maybe? Pictures and description look like a bar with a stage. I've never been there, but I'm looking forward to it. I don't see a presale anywhere, anybody else see anything?

DC hasn't got much radio airplay in the Omaha / Council Bluffs area and I haven't heard anything on the radio about this concert, at least yet. Maybe closer to the concert date there will be more. I'm thinking this is going to be a much different night than the concert in KC the night before!

So, who else will be there?

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I had such a blast meeting you all, doing the VIP (although it's pretty hazy), and watching the concert! There's so much I wish had been different during my meeting of David and I wish I remembered looking into his eyes...guessing I must not have; I was SO nervous, as some of you know. Smiling Anyway, made some great friends and had a blast (call me or PM me, Sonja girl!). Here's a link to my recap blog:


Hi all. I'm at the hotel and just walked through the very smokey casino and checked out the venue. It's just at the bar "in" the casino. Very small, will be like a small private party concert, LOL. Truly will be a different experience than prior concerts I've attended. A few tables with stools around the edge and then standing room in the center. The stage is high enough that it will be easy to see, and Nowhere is very far from Cook and the guys. Do wonder why we paid for soundcheck though cause people just sitting at the slots will surely hear it - new ears????? Can only be good. Will Call is actually in the bar up the ramp to the right, one of the bartenders told me tonight that tickets will be there tomorrow. Looking forward to this. Safe travel to everyone.

NEMO, thanks so much! 10:30 would be better for my sister, even though I would love for him to sing ALL night long! lol

cjm88, so happy for you that the VIP time is later and makes it easier for you. It gives me more time with my sister beforehand too, which is great since we haven't seen each other in 2 1/2 years! See you tomorrow! Laughing out loud

*Dances a happy dance at finally knowing the time of the VIP!*

Whew! I've been crossing my fingers I wouldn't have too much of a time crunch since I work til 1pm, then have to change clothes and drive 1.5 hours to get to Council Bluffs... I've been nervous that I spent the money on it but wouldn't make it, so it's nice to know I should be fine barring any car issues on the drive down or getting lost! Smiling

Show starts at 8:00 PM with Carolina Liar. They will likely play for about 30 min, then it will take about 30 min to reset the stage. David will probably start about 9:00 PM CT and his set will probably last a bit more than an hour -maybe till 10:15. You probably could get out by 10:30 or so. Unlikely that a casino show will go longer than that - they have tended to be on the comparatively shorter side in the past (want to get us back out into the casino to gamble!). I've never been to a casino show - just know what I know from reading recaps and attending cellcasts!

There may or may not be an after-show Meet and Greet - that will be available if you purchase a certain amount of stuff at the David Cook merch table - limited number of bracelets available, usually, for a $45 purchase. IF they do it, you're probably looking at another hour at least after the end of the show.

Pat - I'll be there for VIP too (also alone). Also hoping to meet everyone! I'm 5'3", short-ish blond curly hair, dark blue jean with knee-high black boots, blue "specked" lightweight sweater. My name is Kelly. Please say Hi! I'm very nervous (although I smile & talk a lot so I probably won't look it.....but I WILL be!) and would appreciate meeting my DC buds!! Can't wait!!

**Anyone have an idea when it might end?? I need to let my sister know, who's picking me up after. Thanks!

I'll be there Sat for VIP. Am alone too. My name is Pat-black jeans, maybe black mock neck or t shirt, black boots. I'll be lookin for all of you!!

I'll see you all there. My adventure begins in 6 hours as I head to the airport to catch my flight to Kansas City to catch the show tomorrow night. Then a road trip to The Whiskey! Smiling Butterflies!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving and travel safe everyone! I'm sure most of the VIP line will be us - so we'll just chat and figure out who every one is who wants to meet.

WOOHOO!! Everyone check your e-mail! My VIP e-mail came today with the instructions to go to the Will Call window at the box office with photo ID no later than 4:30 to check in Saturday! What a nice Thanksgiving surprise! Laughing out loud

NEMO, thanks for all the info! I'm just a wreck never having been to a VIP and travelling alone and all. Anyway, I'll plan on being there about 3:30 I guess. Better e-mail my sis and give her a heads up in case she thinks we have 'til 6:00 or later.

How are we going to recognize each other? Should we wear a sticker and write DCO on it or something? lol There's going to be like 60-120 people at VIP from what I hear. I've gotten a few descriptions of people here but I'll be so nervous I'm likely to forget the descriptions or everyone will look alike, lol.


Omaha - I'll PM you.

Nemo: do you know if anyone is doing a ustream for the concert? I don't know how to do either cellcast or ustream but I could be your backup if you still need one for the cellcast unless I try to ustream if no one else is... I have an iPhone...

LOVE your timeline. I'll be Right there With You (from 3:30 on, anyway).

Here's my timeline:
Friday- stay up till 2 am watching KC videos (unless I decide to go)
Saturday - 6 am wakeup and check twitter to see what's going on
7 am shower and get ready cause I can't stand waiting anymore
9 am take a nap
12 noon give up waiting and go to casino
1 pm lost all the money I plan on gambling so go eat lunch
2 pm spend more money gambling, watching for other cook fans to start arriving
3 pm stare at people wondering if I know them online
3:30 hang around entrance to roadhouse to see what's happening
4 send tweets that I will later regret cause my 16 year old daughter follows me and thinks I'm nuts
4:30 - 6:00 Dave trance
6 eat, drink, be merry with new friends
7-10 listen, cheer, wave arms, clap, etc
11 go home happy

Hey y'all! Excited much???? Yeah, me too. Looks like I'll be staying there on Friday night too so if any of you are there that early and I see you (think I can tell???), I'll definitely say hi. My husband went to Mitchell S.D. concert with me last tour and does think he's good, just prefers country, as does my daughter. She is getting excited about this though and already planning what to wear to the meet and greet and that she will have to wear her sexy boots and new jeans then change them to something she can stand in. haha, and she thinks shes a nonfan??? Her young son just loves him, I've gifted him with Cook stuff for Christmas last year and his birthday - too bad this is an 18 and over event or he'd be there. Thanks for the answers about the VIP time. Pat

Maine - I know you are excited and anxious! Personally, I would believe the many folks here on DCO who are telling you that VIP/soundcheck is likely to be earlier in the afternoon -- probably beginning between 4:00 -5:00. (I have not seen a single example of someone reporting DC VIP pre-show events that begin as late as 6:00PM). Remember, groundcontrol is a company serving lots of artists/tours. I think what you found on the groundcontrol website was generic advice --not specific to this tour or David Cook events in general. Also, because of the holiday, I think last minute e-mails could be iffy.

Carolina Liar is opening that night - so BOTH bands need to do soundcheck. David will go first, then while he does VIP meet and greet with us, the crew will set up and rehearse Carolina Liar and leave it set up for the show. All that takes awhile, which is why it's going to start about 4 (David's real soundcheck that is - without us) barring bus flat tires or something.
NEMO's expected sequence of events:
1) go to ticket office Will Call window and pick up show tickets. Ask them where VIP check-in will be and when. MUST have Photo ID with name matching ticket buyer.
2) VIP check-in will occur (Andrew, apparently, will hand out VIP badges and make sure everyone gets into soundcheck - that will be IN the Whiskey Roadhouse venue where the show will be later that night. You can scope out your desired location, lol. Also, be thinking about possible requests and/or questions appropriate for DC during soundcheck. Audience interaction makes for better, more fun soundcheck, but we have to be ready to do our part - can be tough if DaveTrance is setting in. He's always more THERE than I expect (he wants to converse/interact).
3) After soundcheck, VIP meet and greet will happen. They will tell us the rules (e.g., no kissing) and each person will have their moment/photo with David and the band. They will give us souvenirs.
4) depending on how many VIP peeps there are and how long it takes, there will be a gap between end of VIP and the concert - some peeps will get back in line for the concert, some will go get dinner, do casino stuff, etc.
5) 7:00 PM venue opens
6) 8:00 PM show begins with Carolina Liar
That's my expectation for the sequence of events. Hope this helps!
See you there! NEMO

Here's one answer I received from QueenJ on DWoP:

Maine, I'll try to help. Just go to the box office. There will be other people there waiting to check in for VIP. Someone (I guess it is Andrew now) comes out and takes your name, there is no actual ticket for VIP. Then you wait until they are ready to bring the group inside, which can be a little while. The VIP call time has been pretty consistently 4:30pm regardless of what time the show is. You should receive an email (to the account you gave them when you bought the VIP) the night before the event telling you what time and where to meet but I doubt it would be any different than what I described. The VIP doesn't start exactly on the dot of the stated time but I'd make sure I got there by then just to be safe. So maybe like 10-15 mins early, if that makes you feel better. I don't think you would need to arrive any earlier than that. It all runs pretty smoothly. They know people are there waiting for VIP and they will get you in with no problems. As long as you bring your receipt and ID they will get you where you need to be. Hope this helps answer your questions?

Does the VIP event incl. soundcheck take place right there at Whiskey Roadhouse? I read something that gave me the impression that we go to the will call box office for BOTH picking up the concert txs, and checking in for VIP. If we don't check in there for VIP, where DO we check in?

I went to ground control support and read under "where and when do I check in for my VIP event?" and this is the answer posted:

VIP check in times are generally confirmed within 48 hours of the event at the latest. VIP events generally take place 2 hours before the listed concert door time, so please be prepared to arrive at the venue early. Depending on the event, the check in time will either be posted to the event page where the VIP was purchased from or an email will be sent to the purchaser within a couple days of the event with the check in details.

So according to this, VIP events generally take place 2 hrs. before the concert. If that's true (and the concert starts at 8 pm), I would have thought it would be around 6 p.m. I was planning on 5 p.m. Now it sounds like 4 p.m. and getting there 3-3:30. My sister's going to be bummed that I'll be taking off so soon after landing (I land at 1:15). We haven't seen each other in 2 1/2 years. I'm staying with her 'til Wed., but we figured we'd have 4-5 hrs. to catch up before I took off. I hate to tell her I'll be taking off after only 2 hrs. This is why a David Cook concert should never be combined with any other obligation! Ugh!

Also, it sounds like we might not even get an e-mail but instead the check-in time might be posted to "the event page where the VIP was purchased from". That would be davidcooktix.com I believe. I keep clicking on "account" in my e-mail I got from them back when I purchased the VIP, and there's never any new info on it.

As far as the e-mail with the VIP details goes, according to the above, we won't get it until Thursday (if we're getting one), so I'm only a little stressed about that....tend to be optimistic. I mean, have they ever not given people the info in time? And that's not a rhetorical question...anyone know? lol

I'm going to put that question on DWoP too because that's one of the most frequented threads, so hopefully we'll get some answers quick! I'll try to post answers here, but life's about to get very busy with T-Giving and trip preparations, as you all know, so ya'll might wanna scan there for answers as well.

Went shopping today for a new outfit, boots and purse. Wrote David the letter I'm going to give him when I meet him. Geeked out over the fact that I'm going to meet him in 3 days to my BFF. In a very happy place right now.....*ground control - don't rain on my parade!*

~Kelly Laughing out loud

Got my e-mail confirmation of the Will Call for tickets, but nothing about VIP times.
*4* day countdown! My impression is that this leg of the tour is more or less on a similar schedule as the Dec tour - meaning David's soundcheck is often about 4:00 PM. I think that would be the absolute latest a person would want to arrive for VIP. Since it will take a little time to find the ticket office and pick up the tickets, my concert buddy and I are hoping to get into the casino area by 3:00 to check things out (we're driving about 5 hrs.)
Hope to see you all there! You'll know me if you see me Eye-wink

Anyone want to be a cellcaster back-up person? PLEASE? I volunteered, but I'm worried that something will go wrong. I want Grace to have someone else to call just in case! PM me or GraceC4David. Thanks!

I'll be there early- you can't miss me -old, fat, blonde & cookified!! I'm sure we'll find each other!!

Well, there are going to be a lot of not so young, not so pretty people at the VIP if I'm any example - and I don't care! I want to hear soundcheck! (I could do without a picture but whatever...)

I think the last couple VIPs have been 4:30, but I'm planning on going early, there are lots of slot machines to lose money on while you wait, or perhaps an adult beverage - or free sodas! Or just meet everyone else waiting Smiling

mainedcfan: We still do not have a time for VIP. Venue has nothing to do with that-they only have your concert tickets. I'm guessing about 4pm from other venues where Dave is headliner. I can't get an answer from groundcontrol and they are closed after hours Wed until next Monday. Maybe U can get some answers to VIP

wishful2 - I know how you feel....I get made fun of a little too; my 20 yr. old daughter even gets exasperated with me. Oh well.....that's partly why I'm going alone this time! Just a heads up, they're not always cookified after a concert...my daughter and husband went to Six Flags with me and my daughter was still a "casual" fan after the show, but I'll take that. My husband was still not into his music but said he was very talented and very passionate at what he does. But, hey, they went and they enjoyed themselves. Hopefully your guests will become cookified....it does happen! And, even if you don't feel you can hang out with us (and I completely understand why), I hope you'll at least say hi. Remember, we'll be Right There With You!!! Have a blast!! Laughing out loud

ETA - the tickets are now WILL CALL and will be at the will call box office for us to pick up, showing a photo ID, and I'm told that with the VIP pkgs, they have our names on a list and we show photo ID at the window for that too.


I ordered 8 tickets and 3 VIP's and haven't gotten any of them either.
Going to let the "young, good-looking" girls go to the VIP stuff cause I get made fun of as it is. Sigh. We are doing this concert mothers/daughters and only 3 of us are fans so it will be interesting. I'd love to meet you all but as the nonfans definitely wouldn't understand our davecession, I probably won't join y'all. Would be fun though. I'm sure they will be hooked after the show, and maybe my daughter will quit making fun of me, haha. Safe travels everyone. Counting down....

DCfanfromMO - Sounds great. My name's Kelly; I'm 5' 3" with short-ish blond curly hair, will have blue jeans on (not sure about shirt yet) and a sticker on my shirt with DCO written on it......because I'm a geek like that and want to make sure I meet up with you all..lol. I'm so excited but so freaked out, praying that nothing goes wrong! 4 more days!!!!

Tickets just moved to Will Call

mainedcfan; I am doing VIP also. Will have on black jeans and black mock neck top. I have a blonde bob with bangs and wear glasses. My name is Pat and I'll be there. Look for me. glad to meet all fans

DCfanfromMO - I don't have mine either, but a couple fans have told me that if you bring your RECEIPT (which came in the form of an e-mail), a photo ID, and any and all related e-mails, the will call box office should re-issue us tickets.

Some of us DCO fans are meeting up there. Would love to meet you if you're interested. Smiling


Saturday and still no tickets from DCO for KC or CB. I guess I'll take my e-mails with me.

This will be my first DC experience. I am excited. Smiling Whiskey Roadhouse is a nice venue, not too big and not too small either. Smiling I am sure it'll be sold out [if not already] show.

Yes, it appears that more tickets have been released for sale on Ticketmaster - so spread the word, because people now think this is sold out! For awhile, there were no tickets either place. Now there are show tickets on Ticketmaster (only) and VIP upgrades (only) on davidcooktix.com.

Countdown day 8!

Are We There Yet?!?!?!!!!! *runs around in circles squeeing* Sticking out tongue

I now return you to your regularly scheduled program...lol

I got the same info chill out people! It will work out! Should be a fun show!

I emailed support, and they told me they haven't shipped. Weird that we all have those dates! I wonder what they mean?

I also worry about the holiday. Too much stress! lol

brwneyedbaby - you got mail Eye-wink

I don't have my tickets for KC or CB, my account says shipped on 11-7 and the other 11-11. Obviously they were not shipped. As long as were all in the same boat!! I do hate to wait tho, with a holiday coming. All of this angst!!

Anyone gotten their tickets yet? My account on davidcooktix shows it was shipped on the 7th??!??

mainedcfan: I sent you a pm. Smiling

You're right, from the Events page which goes to Davidcooktix.com, there isn't an option to purchase tickets now - but from Ticketmaster it looks like you can still buy tickets. Don't know why that would be unless they sell a certain number at DCtix and those are sold out...

When I clicked on FoolsApril's Ticketmaster link for this concert, it said no tickets were available. And there are only VIP upgrades available on davidcooktix.com, no concert tickets. That's all I know -- luckily I have my tickets! We are now at countdown day 12!

mainedcfan - there have been several concert recaps and comments from peeps who didn't get tickets in time - especially early in the tour when the time between ticket sales and concerts was quite short. I haven't seen any at all from peeps who said they were turned away at the box office or from VIP if they followed the directions. I think you're safe Smiling

The more the merrier in KC, OmahaCookie, and as you know, it's not so far away. If I hadn't a houseful of company (who are letting me off the hook for the Midland), I'd be heading north on the 26th. Hope you decide to see David here, too.

Nemo: you couldn't find tickets on tm? I thought there were still some when I tried just to see. I would LOVE for it to be sold out - I would really like them to book him in the larger outdoor venue sometime in the summer, but I was giving up hope!

Mainedcfan: I thought the back was 20 yards from the stage, but I do plan on being in the front 20 feet! I'm sure I saw people saying on twitter they left to fly or drive to a concert before their tickets arrived, and they got in ok. You might want to post on DWOP , I'm sure someone can give you a better answer.

Can't wait to see you all! Still undecided about going to KC, but I'll definitely be at CB!

NEMO - thanks for explaining about "no reserved seats" just b/c you have a VIP pkg. I had misunderstood what someone said about that I guess. But it sounds like it's a small enough venue that even at the back of the room, you're only about 20 ft. from the stage (if I read that correctly). I just hope it isn't jam packed with tall people in front of me blocking my view....I'm only 5' 3"! Because even if there are seats, you know David's not going to let anyone SIT - lol.

An update to my earlier post...I got my airline seat assignments!! What a relief!

Question: I sent "GrndCtrl" a question about my concert ticket....1) about not having a tracking number on the order, and 2) what happens if the ticket doesn't come in time. I got this response and am wondering if anyone knows anyone who didn't get their tix in time and were able to get them this way. Below is their response:

You were not emailed a tracking number because your ticket has not shipped yet (there was more, but that was the gist of it). Also.....
If for any reason you do not receive the tickets in time, a list of all ticket purchasers will be provided to the venue box office and they will be able to reissue new sets of tickets to the purchaser at the will call box office on the day of the event upon presentation of a photo ID and receipt.

Do you know anyone that that happened to, and were they able to just go to the will call box office and get them with a photo ID and their receipt?

Also, with the VIP will call, it sounds like we just go to the will call box office the day of the concert at the time we're told and they have us on a list? My order summary says "will call name: Kelly Boisvert" (which is my name). I'm just so scared that something's going to go wrong and I won't be able to attend one or both events, at which point I would be devastated.


Well, the big event approaches! I'm not sure, but it appears to me that our concert may be sold out. There are VIP upgrades still available from davidcooktix.com, but no concert tickets and no tickets available on Ticketmaster. SO, I'm concluding that this little place is gonna be bursting at the seams with David Cook fans that night -- no need to worry about finding other diehards feeling foolish!
Note, there are NO reserved seats at this concert - VIP doesn't have anything to do with concert seating at this show or others. VIP perks are listed on the page where you purchase - you can go look to remind yourself. Tickets for the shows are purchased separately. I wish they made it clear on davidcooktix.com that Concert tickets may NOT be available - I"m worried that someone will buy VIP ubgrade and not realize that they don't have and can't get a show ticket.
Anyone planning to do the KC--Iowa--Springfield trio should check it out on Mapquest - it may take you longer driving from Iowa to Springfield than you expected. I'm jealous about Springfield -that looks like a beautiful theater!
I have volunteered to cellcast for Grace, but it would be great to have another backup. If you can volunteer to be a cellcaster for this or another concert, please tweet or PM GraceC4David. All you do is call her Skype number that night - nothing too difficult. @GraceC4David will love to hear from you! Spread the word - if we don't get volunteers, we're going to miss a lot of great shows!

Opa, I got it and replied...thank you!

Maine, I sent you a pm.

Anyone know how close Springfield, MO is to Omaha, Nebraska? I have a ticket/VIP for the Iowa concert and am flying in to Omaha, but the airline won't let me reserve my seat until the day of the flight on 11/26, 2 hours before the flight. I bought the ticket online so I have it, but you then have to call and reserve your seats through the airline and they told me that....supposedly it's not sold out but a block of seats are not being made available until that day. IF I get delayed/bumped and, heaven forbid, miss the concert, I might consider driving to the Springfield show if it's close enough by.

Definitely doing Council Bluffs along with some friends, so we'll be wandering around. Waffling on VIP right now. KC and Springfield are also a go. Gonna be a fun, fun weekend.

brwneyedbaby - I'm going to the concert alone too, in a state I've never been to, in a casino/venue I've never been to...you could say I have butterflies too - an understatement! We should definitely plan to meet up....I'm as nervous as you are. Rather than having to hunt up a rose right before a big trip, I think the idea of a "name tag" is a good one. I have "address label"-type stickers in my house (not big and square like a name tag but it would work) and I could just put "DCO" on it and let you know what I'll be wearing and describe myself. You could do the same. Besides alieviating our nerves, I know we would have a blast at the concert together, as long as you can tolerate my fan-girly-ness, lol! The one concert I've been to I: jumped up & down, screamed, yelled "I love you" to David, and sang along occasionally (like the chorus, when other people were). That was an outdoor venue though, so I of course would tone it down if that was appropriate for the place. But we know David always wants us to "make some noise!"

Thanks so much for your offer about the luggage....so sweet of you! My sister is going to come before the concert and hang out with me before the VIP time, then take my luggage with her (originally she was picking me up after the concert, 'til she realized the luggage dilemma). I'm not sure if I'm staying for the M&G if there is one after, because I got the VIP pkg. so will be meeting him before the concert. Not that I wouldn't want to go to both & see/talk to him twice, but it'll depend on what time the concert ends. My sister's picking me up about 11 p.m. That's the time I'm guessing it'll be over.

Any guesses as to how long the concert might go since it's just him and C. Liar, no Gavin?
Also, when you purchase a VIP pkg., does that mean you get a seat up front? I got the impression that there was a "VIP section"...not that I would actually SIT! lol

You are right, this is going to be sooo much fun!!! I can't stand it, I'm so excited!

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