99.7 The Point wants you to be their guest to see David Cook!

 99.7 The Point Summer Concert Series

You, plus a guest, could be invited by 99.7 The Point to enjoy a private, acoustic set with David on Wednesday, July 3rd at their "Live in the Backyard at Aloft-Leawood" Summer Concert Series in Leawood, Kansas!

CLICK HERE for your chance to win tickets! (Note: Open to residents of Kansas or Missouri only.)

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Here's the link to LML live on the radio station website: Thank them if you are on twitter!
@997thepoint | David Cook - Laying Me Low (acoustic) Summer Concert Series performance featured on homepage http://bit.ly/mdmjXM

Here are other fan pics/vids from this live event, collected by FoolsApril: Updated. [ROUNDUP] David Cook related tweets, photos, audio/video re 3-Jul 99.7 The Point Summer Concert Series http://bit.ly/12HGFBf
David was in spectacular voice! An acoustic set all on his own, with lots of banter/Q& A in a very intimate setting. Set list:
(1) Come Back To Me (2) Fade Into Me (3) Light On (4) High and Dry (Radiohead cvr) (5) Laying Me Low

Here are my terms: have some faith in me, and I'll let you be who you need to be.

Darn it I also wish I lived in Mo & KC hope u have a fun time & enjoy every single minute of it who ever wins they are Beyond the Luckiest person ever


Aww, another non-resident here. But this is awesome and I'm so happy for the peeps who can go. Hoping someone can bring us back some goodies from the show! Have a blast, Dave! Smiling I am SO looking forward to the new album...wouldn't it be a sweet surprise to have one of the songs on it debuted at this?! #nopressure Laughing out loud Love ya!

"Don't underestimate the things that I will do" ~ David Cook (Adele cover)


This is one time that I wish I didn't live in North Carolina !!!! ROCK ON, David !! I am sure your lucky fans who are going will be in HEAVEN !!! I know you will put smiles on all their faces !! To everyone who will be there, have a GREAT time and tell Dave I said hi. WE all LOVE you SO very much, David Cook !!!! Can NOT wait for the new tunes playing in my ears !!!!!! God bless always and forever. xoxox

Christine Charsley

This is awesome!! Smiling

Sothia Chhoeum

RE 99.7 The point wants you to be their guest to see David Cook! July 3, 2013 KC ! David Cook is loaded w surpries ~ Just got to "have some FAITH in him", that is all he has ever asked and he ALWAYS COMES THROUGH 4 #HISLOUDLOVIN FANSOM!! I sure wish I lived in KC or Missouri... hoping for a WPLJ HRC in NYC?! Im hoping my DC Buds @rene4Dave @ardie4dave @LauraShayne @Missyspitfire will be chosen for private time w our Megga Star,,,, no no no D~Man has a plan & #webelieve !! Diddo to all Pweller7 posted !! Let this journey Go oN & ON =D


OH I so wish either I lived in KS, MO or Dave lived in NH! Sure all that will be attending will have a great time. Thank you 99.7 The Point for having Dave as part of your "Live in the Backyard at Aloft-Leawood" Summer Concert Series Smiling

I also wish I lived in KC now!! But how cool is this and the people that will be able to go are in for a treat for sure!! Smiling

"The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is given to the less talented as a consolation prize." ~ Robert Hughes.

Wished I lived in KC. Smiling I am sure it will be a great show.

"Everything they want and more"

Got right on that - like a duck on a June bug! Waiting to hear if I'm one of the lucky ones!

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