01 Declaration
02 Heroes
03 Light On
04 Come Back to Me
05 Life on the Moon
06 Bar-ba-sol
07 Mr. Sensitive
08 Lie
09 I Did It for You
10 Avalanche
11 Permanent
12 A Daily AntheM

The Time Of My Life

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Love the album David. Sounds great!!

each song has a story behind it and you and the guys did a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE ALBUM and I'm BURSTING WITH PRIDE !!!


David Cook's album cover is very cool. I think they picked the right colors and design for it, also. When I'm going to turn my iPod off, I make sure that David Cook's cover is there, so when I turn on my iPod, again, his cover will be right there (no joke).

All I wanted for Christmas is a new CD from David Cook. I got what I wanted and I made sure my friends all get one too. I don't want anything else thank you. @:).

Seriously, I must of nearly melted my Analog Heart CD and my burned AI songs from the season. I can't get enough. I admit it, I am addicted. If this is a new disease, I am happy to spread it everywhere.

This CD speaks volumes for itself and our David of coarse. Listening to it give us a special window into Davids world. I personally have found alot of comfort in Davids wonderful lyrics and musicality. His voice is that of an angel. If your having a lousy day, just stick any of his CDs into your player and allow your heart to smile. Believe me it will.

Wake up and listen to his music, your sure to have a perfect day.
splash @:)


Now that I've heard the 30 second clips of each song, I can definitively say that each song on the album is amazing (like I knew they would be). Really, this album is awesome and I cannot wait to hear the entire thing! (Especially Bar-ba-sol, I Did it for You, and Permanent.....they're my favorites so far)

Word Nerd #1341 =)

Word Nerd #1341 =)

I am unusually VERY EXCITED!! I can't wait!!! David, YOU ARE AWESOME!! I will have your newest album as soon as it is electronically possible!! It's amazing, I have watched a couple of your old USED albums (pre-idol) sell for nearly 500 dollars on ebay; and this was months ago!!!
You've made it sweetheart!! BIG!!
YA BIG CUTIE PANTS!!!! WOW, You in Your Pants!! I mean WOW!!!

~Anita Cookie~

I was just watching some David Blaine videos and then came to this website and was looking at our Davids album cover. Does anyone else see a resembelance of our David to David Blaine on this cover? I think David Blaine is nice looking but obviously holds no candle to our David.

The songs look like they're going to be great! I heard Declaration on SNL, and I loved it! Of course, I know Light On and Time of My Life are good, but I can't wait until the 18th!

The picture though, I really don't like it so much. I mean, yeah it's good, but if you had gone with the SNL look, like snowbunny said, then yes. You're picture would be amazingful. (:

Sorry David, but the album cover picture is kinda nerdy. Who on earth picked it?

Your hair (and lack of eyeliner) on SNL looked just right. Please continue in this direction, 'cause I ~really~ like looking at you.

I saw you SNL last night. Heard "Declaration" for the 1st time. LOVE IT! Loved watching you perform "Light On" also. Can hardly wait for your CD. I recorded your performance on my DVR so that I can watch you again and again.............

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