'American Idol' Winner David Cook Unveils a 'New Chapter'

Check out The Hollywood Reporter's feature on David Cook and hear a snippet of his new single, LAYING ME LOW!

American Idol' Winner David Cook Unveils a 'New Chapter' (Exclusive Audio)

 THR | 'American Idol' Winner David Cook Unveils a 'New Chapter' (Exclusive Audio)

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I love your song Laying Me Low, but I have a Q , that won't be answered,Was the title changed?
What I mean is were you thinking a something else when you wrote it?
Keep on writing from God's gift and you'll do wonders David.............peace Josette


Loved the first snippet. Loved the second snippet even more! I will be buying LML as soon as possible! Looking forward to hearing more new songs on the new album!

I'm in complete love with LML and can't wait to own it THIS Tuesday!

~The World I Know is a better place because of David Cook~

I'm really enjoying what I've heard so far of Laying Me Low!! I'm so excited to be able to buy the whole song - can't wait for April 30th!! As always, the interview with Shirley was great - nice to hear a bit about what David's thinking about this part of his musical journey. Although I won't be able to watch Idol on Thursday night (I'll be on a plane bound for Washington, DC and RFH), I know Dave and the guys will rock the Idol stage! Hopefully someone will record and post video - really want to see and hear this song live!!


As always, a great interview with Shirley Halperin. Thanks for sharing a bit of what's happening, Dave! You're to kind..Love, Love, Love the extended snippet of Laying Me Low. So excited to buy the whole song on 4/30 and see you on Idol 5/2! Dave, you are truly an amazing man and your talent never ceases to amaze me! Thanks for all you share with us, your fans! <33

"Wow-oh-oh" has been playing in my head since I first heard this new longer snippet. Once again David surprised us with a different, catchy, brilliant song! Can´t wait to hear the rest of it in couple of days and see him perform it on AI stage! It´s going to be a hit!!!

David I am not surprise at all, Laying Me Low is just another brilliant song by a very talented songwriter. Love the song snippet and can't wait for this song's release and the full album. I am a fan because of your talent and also your big heart. love ya.

Love this article and the longer snippet of "Laying Me Low"! So excited to hear this whole song on Apr. 30th and then see you perform it on Idol on May 2nd. The song sounds awesome!! Exciting things to come!! Smiling

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LOVED this from the 1st snippet and now even MORE so from the longer snippet! By the time we get the whole song I will PLODE! (In a good way!) Smiling

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