Catching Up with David Cook sits down with Season 7 Winner David Cook! Learn more about his new single and hear his thoughts about returning to the Idol stage!

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love u too David, catching up with you its so much fun you always put a smile on my face can't wait to watch u sing on idol this week


Can this man ever stop being awesome. Nope. Will always be a Cook fan and his new single is awesome

I am loving the new single! I can't wait for the new album! Wooohoo!!

Cook-a- fied chick

I love you too, Mr Professional Musician Extraodinaire. Great interview. Ya know I'd go see you in KC, but after seeing this Idol performance, it would really be great to see you in Boston! We miss you up here in the Northeast!

Glad to hear the new record is coming along great and if Laying Me Low is an indication of what's to come...this record will be beyond awesome!

Thanks for always being you and for bringing us (your fans) along for this amazing journey!

Love this interview. Exciting to hear how the new album's coming along and heartwarming to hear how much David enjoys going back to Idol and seeing the people he became friends with there. Laying Me Low is fantastic and I loved seeing the performance. Can't wait for the new album to hear the rest of the songs!

"Don't underestimate the things that I will do" ~ David Cook (Adele cover)


Love the oh so catchy Laying Me Low and the performance on Idol was similar to David's live concert vibe - energetic with natural, understated cool. Musician extraordinaire: we love you, too!

David is looking happy and healthy, and I hope this new Nashville era treats him well! I can't wait for that next album to come out. If "Laying Me Low" is any indication of the direction he's moving in, it's sure to be a hit! : )

Loved David's performance of Laying Me Low on Idol and of course I love the song. Brilliant. So happy he is happy with his writing and glad he is halfway through. Extremely looking forward to his next record. I think this one will let a lot of David shine through. He is a great ambassador for American Idol and truly lives up to the title.

We love you to David. Laying Me Low is an amazing song, might very well be my fave of your and the idol performance of it was crazy good. Can't wait to see what the future holds for you and listen to new music from you. Keep rocking.

We love you too! The new single is GREAT!!

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