David and the Race for Hope - DC

As many fans already know, for the fifth consecutive year, David will be running in the Race for Hope-DC 5k at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC on Sunday, May 5th!

Fans can support David and his fundraising efforts by heading to his Team for a Cure page here.

David also wants you to know that a Team get-together is in the works for Saturday, May 4th and that David himself is designing this year's Team t-shirt -- that's right, a David Cook original design! -- that will be made available to purchase online.

Details coming soon so, stay tuned!

David Cook Team for a Cure

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so bummed I missed out cuz I would have donated, for sure I will next year


I would just like David and all his fans to know how MUCH I wish I could be there. Sadly, I can not. I am praying that, next year, I will be able to walk in this Race ! I love you, David. You have my full support with all you are doing for RFH and I am SO happy and THRILLED to be receiving a Team T-shirt !!! A dear friend, Chris, has helped me to get one and she is an ANGEL from heaven above ! May everyone who is going, be BLESSED and have a BLAST ! I know you guys will have the TIME of your lives at the lunch with David !!!! Hope to see some pictures of this event.

Christine Charsley

Thanks David for designing the team shirt!! Very proud to be a fan of yours. Smiling

WHOOP de WHOOP! I LOVE this t-shirt design! Just bought five. (Hee - I'm a different size every three months) Really, really hope Dave puts it out as sweat shirt with this design on it - would buy and wear it everywhere. Good promo for RFH and for DC.

So happy with t-shirt design and RFH lunch with David!

This a wonderful ..youre a amazing person David.Smiling

Sothia Chhoeum

I wish I could be more than a virtual runner but my support will be there anyways!! Let's hope this year the event raises ton$$$$ for this amazing cause. Can't wait to see & buy the t-shirt David will design this time.

5th year of participating. Really hoping to not be 'virtual' this year. 'Virtual' has its charms. But I'm hoping to be real.

You go, Dave.

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Sorry that I can't repeat last year's great experience at RFH, but will be eagerly anticipating pics, vids, news come May. Donating (of course) and wishing all of you who are attending a wonderful weekend!

This will be my 5th year also to be in Washington for the Race for Hope. I am so excited and honored this year to go again, see everyone, and walk/run for this great cause.
The team get-together/event sounds very interesting and fun! Can't wait to see what it entails. Also, very excited to get a David Cook original designed t-shirt. Smiling Thanks for the information and thanks to those who work so hard to make all of this happen!! Smiling

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I can't make to the race this year. Hope I can do it on 2014. Despite that, I'm looking forward to getting that shirt! Will international fans be able to purchase it online? David Cook and Race for Hope will be showed and noticed in Argentina. Smiling

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