David Cook Covers Bruce Springsteen at New Jersey Tour Stop

by Michele Amabile Angermiller for The Hollywood Reporter

The season seven winner paid homage to The Boss in his hometown of Freehold with a rendition of "Secret Garden."

American Idol season seven winner David Cook paid homage to Bruce Springsteen in the legendary rocker's hometown of Freehold, New Jersey on Sunday night.

Performing at iPlayAmerica, Cook delivered a quiet and moving version of the romantic ballad, “Secret Garden,” from the movie Jerry McGuire.

Although the 30-year old rocker admitted he was “nervous” to perform a song by The Boss, he told The Hollywood Reporter after the tribute that he was happy the band was “able to pull it off."

Said Cook: “We knew we were coming here to Freehold and this is as firm a Springsteen territory as there is [and] we decided to take on the challenge. The song we chose, 'Secret Garden,' just seemed to fit us vibe-wise.”

The song held special significance to Cook, he added, as it reminded him of his late brother, Adam. “My dad had this Best of Springsteen tape, and that song used to pop up when we were going to see Adam,” he said.

The cover was not only a hit with the hometown crowd, but with Maureen Van Zandt, wife of E Street Band member Steven Van Zandt, who was in attendance and later tweeted, “Our friend @thedavidcook with a beautiful version of Bruce's song in Bruce's hometown."

Watch some of the performance below:

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David you have such a pure Beautiful smooth intoxicating sexy voice and it makes me love u even more then I already do !!!! Incredible job


That's what I loved about David in AI. He has the ability to take covers of other artist and turn them into a masterpiece of his own. Because I don't listen to a lot of contemporary music the familiarity of somewhat older hits draws me in too.I replayed Billie Jean from AI about a 100 times.


Great job David! We got the secret song the night before in Salisbury.

Thank you for posting this article. I absolutely love your rendition of this song, David! Your voice is just stunning and then the rocking ending is exciting and perfect! Thank you for yet another incredible eargasm Laughing out loud

"Don't underestimate the things that I will do" ~ David Cook (Adele cover)


I was there, as a true Jersey Girl, David gave me chills when he sand this song. Amazing.

Word Nerd #2553 Cookie Cuddler Word Nerd. RG #4

I had to watch and share all over again!! Your voice is like velvet, David. God bless your talent. Amazing!

All I can say is Wow!
I was there at the Freehold show. He had told me he had a surprise for that show. I figured he may do a Springsteen song. When it was time to play it he didn't announce it, they just started to play. I was like this sorta sounds familiar. Then I was like Holy s*** it's Secret Garden. I was stunned. It was really really beautiful. There isn't any song he can't cover but this was truly beautiful. After he said he was relieved, guess he was really nervous to play it in Springsteen country BUT he did good he should b proud & probably Springsteen would b also.
Just a beautiful cover.

Thank U!
Grace Smiling

Is there any song that this man cannot do? Another amazing cover with a special meaning to Dave! All the new music on this tour is fantastic & Dave and Company just keep getting better, Secret Garden proves that. Keep up the great work and keep the tour bus moving <33

DCO, Thank you for posting these interviews and keeping the site updated for us fans. Love hearing David sing, talk--such a talented, articulate, and witty person. Love you David and the band (Andy, Monte, Nick). So glad you decided to tour again. Your live shows are awesome!! Love your sense of humor and how you chat with the fans. Keep touring (new music or not) and pls come back to DC, esp. the Hamilton Smiling What a great show!! Glad to see so much love support for you and the band Smiling


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