David Cook is Going Over The Edge for Brain Cancer

CLICK HERE for more info and to donate to David Cook's personal fundraising page.
CLICK HERE for more info and to join David Cook's fundraising team.
CLICK HERE for tickets to David Cook at The Griffin (San Diego, CA)

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David = FEARLESS I never done that however I have ziplined Good Luck and have fun bummed I'm going to miss it I did donate every little bit helps !!! so lets help him out


David, you are an admirable man. Since I'm addicted to your voice, and you continue to fuel the addiction with great original music and mind-bending covers, the least I can do is support you in the way that you ask. No new CD to purchase yet? Fine - I'll send my money to your favorite cause instead. #youbettercomedownsafe Eye-wink

Here are my terms: have some faith in me, and I'll let you be who you need to be.

And I thought you'd never ask! Smiling Heh. OK,you are irresistible so yes, I am happy to donate to the cause - again! Eye-wink


"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

-- Dr. Seuss

No way I can resist those eyes. Okay, Dave, going to donate again.

Wonderful, and i donated $10 to the Over The Edge...David! Smiling

Sothia Chhoeum

United States