David Cook penned "Kiss You Tonight" is David Nail's new single!

Head on over to iTunes or Amazon today and download David Nail's latest single "Kiss You Tonight", which was written by David Cook and co-writers Jay Knowles and Trent Summar.

Have a listen to what David Nail had to say about "Kiss You Tonight" in his teaser video, and share what you think about the song in comments below!

Speaking of new music, as most of you know, David Cook is in the studio working on his new album! Don't want to miss a thing? Be sure you're following him on Twitter, Facebook and/or MySpace, and stay tuned right here on DCO for news and updates.

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I just watched you on idol. You are an amazing mentor!! So very kind, strong and eager to help them succeed
I am an even bigger fan of yours. Thank you!!!

What a great song!!. I could totally hear DC's influence in it. LOVE IT!!

Twitter account: @tjbaker04

"I'm not gonna come down, down off of these clouds
All these heroes come and go, you're still standing
You teach me to rise up, to open my eyes up
All these heroes come and go, you're still standing"

I do love the song because it does not seem 'real' country. it has a great flow and love the lyrics. I have maybe bought more then a few copies. (To help promote you David, of course. lol

Great song David!

Really loved the song David.


marcya xD

I'm so happy for you!
It's a great song.
I'm not a big Country fan. I've listened to some but never actually bought any. I like his version but I liked ur acoustic version more (sorry) . I'm just not into that Country sound. I'm not getting on the David Nail bandwagon like most have. I bought the song to support u. Like I said his version is good but not blown away. If ppl want to hate me fine but if I loved it I would tell u that I love it . I ain't sayin something I don't mean BUT I will back u up all the way & if that means buying a Country song so b it. I'm so happy for u! This gives u great songwriters cred now. A little extra to add to ur resume. This is sorta a big deal & I'm proud of you Smiling

Grace XO

I am really loving "Kiss You Tonight". The lyrics & vibe are so David Cook, then add David Nail's smooth voice... for sure this song will be a total hit!

Kiss You Tonight is a well written (of course) and enjoyable song and very listenable sung by David Nail. I'm happy for its success.

"Kiss You Tonight"... David Cook penned this winner w Jay Knowles & Trent Sommar! David Nail said this would be his next Single off his new Album Im A Fire !! I just bought my first Country song and I love it!! Love the lyrics.. love the music...David n David have a sure hit here!! May it soar to the top of the charts!! March 4, 2014 is the BIG release date!!


If i could kiss you tonight!! Love it Smiling

Sothia Chhoeum

United States