David Cook Talks About His Fans, New Music And Dealing With Loss On His Last Album

After playing to a sold-out and enthusiastic crowd at The Troubadour in Hollywood on November 3, David Cook stopped by 104.3 MYfm bright and early on Monday morning to catch up with Lisa Foxx. During the chat, David talked about playing new songs at the historic venue as a way to thank his loyal and supportive fans, and more! Watch the full interview below!

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Always Always Always a joy to watch enjoyed every minute of it !!!! BEYOND EXCITED for the new album !!! music has always been therapeutic for me too


Great interview, proud to be a David Cook Fan!

Wonderful interview!! You're so cute, sweet, and funny..David! I love you <3

Sothia Chhoeum

Proud to say I'm one of those loyal, enthusiastic, "obsessed" fans Ms. Foxx talked about haha! I will follow you anywhere David to hear you sing and buy anything you put out! So glad you're a "road dog"...love seeing you perform. TLM is a masterpiece and I'm glad you were able to create it and have it be therapy for you. I LOVE the new music and can't wait for the new album (so if you have to be off the road for a bit to finish it, I'm okay with that LOL). Love you David! Great interview Ms. Foxx! Smiling

"Don't underestimate the things that I will do" ~ David Cook (Adele cover)


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