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 photo courtesy of: Cindy Vasko

The 2013 Race for Hope in Washington D.C. was another huge success this year, with more than 11,000 attendees and almost 600 different hard-working teams collectively raising a grand total of more than $2.3 million by race day to benefit the National Brain Tumor Society and Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure.

And no team worked harder than David Cook Team for a Cure's 331-strong contingent, who helped raise an amazing $93,800+ (not including Team Lunch proceeds, which have yet to be added) in donations by race day! Check out the video below of David accepting the top fundraising award as Team Captain.

Wanting to recognize and thank his fans for their incredible support and generosity, David spent quality time the Saturday before the Race with the 240 Team for a Cure members able to attend a special Team Lunch at Carmine's in Washington, DC. Food and drink were had, there was a silent auction, limited edition Team T-Shirts (designed by David himself) were signed by him, and stories were shared. It was a memorable afternoon for everyone!

To learn more about the Race for Hope-DC, David's Team for a Cure, and to make a donation, please visit curebraintumors.org.

Photo courtesy of: Cindy Vasko

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So Super Proud of you David & his Amazing team truly inspiring to all !!! congrats


Beautifully said Jennifer!

I am so proud of you, your team and many others involved with this great cause. There is still hope in humanity, here is the proof!!
I am hoping to become more than a virtual runner.... someday!! God bless you!

Congrats to David and the entire team! Wonderful!

If I said everything that I feel about the Race for Hope in DC, it would fill 2 or 3 pages. This is my 5th year to participate in this inspiring, special event and it means more to me every year. To see the survivors with their yellow shirts and balloons as they start the race is so special. The laughter, tears, and just plain emotion as each one makes their way, however they can, to the starting line, is hard to explain to those not there to witness it.

I wish the best for all those families and individuals that are dealing with this disease on a daily basis and hope that we can continue to raise money until a cure is found!!

It was a great weekend! David, I feel honored to be a part of your team! Thank you so much for wanting to have the lunch for us and for taking the time to talk to everyone, even if it meant staying all afternoon. We all love talking to you and it was so special that you took the time to talk to us. It was so much fun!!

Also, thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the lunch and all the events of the weekend happen. Thanks especially to Deana for her hard work and for taking the time to be there and answer questions, etc.... Smiling May we all count our blessings every day!!!

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This is my 3rd year going to DC for the race weekend.. Every year I have more and more great memories and meet more great people that we all share a common interest.. Seeing David and also to support a special charity that is very close to David heart. Team DC all the way!!!

This year there was a luncheon with David.. It was so great to get a few with him.

Thanks David for that great day..

Rachel @Rabrina
WN #3448

This was my fourth year at the Race for Hope, and I am so proud of David Cook and our amazing Team DC!! I am already making plans to be back next year. It was a special time with good friends, sightseeing, the team lunch, David Cook, and most importantly, the Race for Hope itself.

It's hard to put into words what I feel in my heart when I see the bright yellow shirts and balloons as the survivors line up to begin the race...overcome with so many emotions, both sadness that this horrible disease has affected and claimed so many, yet hope for those still fighting as we work for a cure, and joy for everyone who has beaten it and comes back to share.

The team lunch was such a wonderful time...truly like a family reunion. I so enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones, and having time to hang out together to catch up. David was so gracious and kind and generous with his time. I did not expect more than just a t-shirt signing, and it was an unexpected treat to have a moment to sit down and talk to him. Very special.

A huge thank you to everyone who worked so hard for our team, and to make the RFH weekend successful! Special thanks to Deana, who seemed to be everywhere at once, doing so much - I hope you got some sleep this week! And kudos to each and every one who raised funds and donated!

David is an inspiration to me, but so are his fans - so many generous, dedicated, talented, and all-around awesome people!

Looking forward to next year... Smiling


This was my second year participating and as memorable as the first. It's all so overwhelming...the love, spirit and support. I was so proud to be on David's team as always and am so proud of the incredible amount of money raised, both on our team and overall! I was tickled to get a chance to talk with Max Wallace, the CEO of ABC2...what a wonderful man! The survivors and those struggling bring tears to my eyes, as did surveying the Wall of Hope. I walk for my dad who lost his battle with a brain tumor and my brother from leukemia.

Deb, I'm SO sorry your mom is going through SO much! {{Hugs}} to you both. I'm so happy for her that listening to "the beautiful Midwest boy with the gorgeous voice" helps her. His effect on people is amazing.

What everyone said about the "family reunion" feeling at the fan lunch is very true. Also true that David shows how much he loves and appreciates his fans when he didn't want to rush through the tee signing. Can't wait to see what next year brings! My family wants to come with me next year! Smiling

"Don't underestimate the things that I will do" ~ David Cook (Adele cover)


Congratulations to David and his amazing team! I really hope to participate one day and get to meet all of David's wonderful fan's.

This was my second year participating. I'll come back every year that I am able. The commitment, the camaraderie, the inspiration is something that has to be experienced.

Loved seeing peeps I met because of David that are now dear friends. Loved meeting peeps for the first time that I've come to know through DCO and twitter.

David Cook's Team rocks!

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