David Cook's "Fade Into Me" Video Premieres Today!

The video for David's latest single, "Fade Into Me" premieres today on VEVO! There's a ton of awesome footage from David on the road mixed into the vid making it all the more worthwhile to watch. Check it out below!

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The tour footage and David by himself made this a great video. Gives us a look at the real him and you can tell how much he loves his fans. So glad I got to make it to his tour this year. Can't wait for the next.

David was AWESOME in Cleveland, OH last night!!! I absolutely LOVE this song!!! It was amazing at HOW MANY people LEFT after David's performance!!!! HURRY BACK TO CLEVELAND!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this song and the video was awesome! David looked so sexy as usual!!! I was able to see him in concert at Denver and it was the best!!! I'm still on a high from it! Just love him!!!!


Maureen Martin

My favorite song on this album. I love this video.

Recognized my hometown STL right off the bat! Great vid.

I love the vibe that the live concert shots give to the quiet -alone moments of David-yep my favorite video too!

Anticipation...more DC, Please!!!

I loved this song from the first time I heard it. Now I FINALLY get to see Mr. Cook again in concert 11/21. The memories of the 2009 tour shows were amazing. Now, I will start a new chapter.

Agree with roslip - would love a record recorded live - including the banter, covers, and the fan applause and fan reactions. Dave live is like no other. Fan reactions are a tangible part of any show and help create the overall vibe/concert experience.


"I learned more about myself in Tulsa than anywhere else - musically and as a human being. I learned where I want to sit on this planet. I love Tulsa." ~ David Cook

I really love this video-agree with above comments about the live concert & candid shots rather than a staged video--FIM was not one of my favorite songs from TLM..but this video is changing that--can't stop watching!..Great job.

" I see your face in every single thing I do, you changed me"

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