David Cook's Team for a Cure Exclusive Team T-Shirt and Event!


Register as a Race for Hope-DC participant as part of David Cook's Team for a Cure and you will be given an opportunity to enjoy an exclusive event with David and your fellow teammates on Saturday, May 3rd! This special team event will include a Q&A session and short acoustic set.

David Cook Team for a Cure members will also have an opportunity to order a special, one-of-a-kind 2014 team shirt - personally designed by David Cook! This limited edition t-shirt is for registered David Cook Team for a Cure teammates only and will not be shipped unless you are registered and cannot attend the Race for Hope-DC. All orders must be placed by Monday, April 14.

Want to know more? Register for David Cook's Team for a Cure today!

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love the design of the shirts they look Great !!!!


I have been at part of the Race4Hope every year and will be at the Q&A w/ acoustic David this year. Looking forward to it. I am truly in awe of how much compassion David shows for so many different charities. He makes it very easy to be a 'proud fan'

I ordered a tee shirt, but can't make it to the Q&A, however I will be at the race. I would like to have a friend of mine who will be at the Q&A pick up my tee shirt. Will she need some kind of proof that I've purchased the tee shirt in order to pick mine up?

I wish I could participate this year. I will be praying for everyone that can.

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This will be my 4th year attending RFH, 3rd year volunteering! Having lost my Mom recently to cancer, this event has taken on a more personal meaning! I love Dave's design for the t-shirts, very TMNT. I guess we're his heroes in a half-shell! This will be a great weekend for a great cause. Thank you Dave for all you do <3

I just registered!! 2nd time going. not sure how I'm gonna get there in time but I'm gonna!! If anyone need an extra roomate for their hotel room, can you please let me know? thank you. Smiling

Stephora aka Cookienerd00006


I am going to DC for RFH (first time). I am registered, purchased tickets for Q&A and acoustic set, and ordered my TMNT t-shirt. I am all set for a great time for a great cause. Hope to meet some of there. Smiling

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R we ur little turtles? Lol!
Love it!
Can't wait to get mine
Great wkend for a great cause

Grace xo

I'm a virtual Runner!!! Got my Cool Ninja Turtle Team DC Tee-Shirt!!! WOOT!

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