David Cook's "We Believe" tops HuffPost Entertainment's Team USA Playlist!

When The Huffington Post decided to create the "ultimate Team USA playlist" in advance of the 2012 London Olympics, they put the call out to their readers for suggestions. Topping the list: "There was an overwhelming response from our readers in support of David Cook's inspirational track 'We Believe'"!

Check out the full HuffPost Entertainment's Spotify Team USA playlist.

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Awesome song, too bad it wasn't used. What a waste. We love him though.

# 1 Baby Thats Right !!!! We Believe what a Great list


"We Believe" is such an inspirational song. Really would love to hear it played at the Olympic Games.


Perfect song for an Olympics moments photo/video montage.

It is a GREAT song, and so fitting for the Games. Smiling Glad to see David is being shown the LOVE. Laughing out loud

Word Nerd #2609

One listen to We Believe should put everyone, fans or not, in Olympic mood, yeah!!! I am still hoping for a miracle, Olympics are not done yet!!

"We Believe" is perfect for the Olympics. They played "Heroes" at the Winter Olympics. "We Believe" is such a moving song, and playing it at the Olympics would give everyone around the world a chance to feel the emotions.

great choice for the olympics--such a great song!..hope we get to hear it while watching the games.

" I see your face in every single thing I do, you changed me"

Perfect song for the Olympics.

"Everything they want and more"

We Believe should be more widely known. Such an excellent inspirational song! So glad it was number one on the poll.

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