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Be sure to tune in to American Idol this Thursday, May 2nd on FOX-TV
to see David perform his new single "Laying Me Low"!

Don't have the single yet? Visit iTunes and Amazon to download/gift today!

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you have an Incredible voice Great job Always enjoy every minuate of u singing


Saw David on AI tonight and I've already bought the new single--love it! Only one problem: it's like getting a small sip of water when you're dying in the desert! Can't wait for the next album, David! Love, love, love your music and WANT MORE!

Loved the performance on AI! David and the guys sounded wonderful. Laughing out loud Loving the new single, and CAN'T WAIT to get more of a taste of NEW MUSIC!!!! ALBUM AND TOUR BABY. I'm waaaaaaiiiiiiiiittttttiiiiiiinnnnnngggg!

Word Nerd #2609

May 2, 2013 I'm so excited to see David and his awesome band rock out tonight on American Idol stage! "Bring the gasoline the Fire is Lit!" SmOkin & Sizzlin "Laying Me Low" iS smOlten HOT!!

And ya nailed it!!! Great response since debut on Idol and gr8 reviews!! NOW Lets get it on the radio!!!


Just woke up and realized its Thursday. So excited to see David and the guys perform this live on Idol tonight.

Love this song....it is stuck in my head.

David Cook is gonna Rock the Idol Stage tonight!!

Love the new song! Love the singer! I love David Cook!!


I love you David Cook.

~One of David's People

Rock it out, Dave!!! Can't wait to hear/see you guys on Idol!! And before that, I'll see you RFH weekend!!

"Don't underestimate the things that I will do" ~ David Cook (Adele cover)


Dave, It is going to be so epic seeing you and the guys on Idol performing Laying Me Low! I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished with this amazing song! You have shown what you can do when people get out of your way and allow you to do your "Dave thang"! Have a great time and enjoy the moment! I'll be watching Smiling

I cant wait to see David perform Laying Me Low tomorrow night on American Idol, oh yeah Smiling

Sothia Chhoeum

United States