David's Performance of "Laying Me Low" on American Idol

In case you missed David Cook's rockin' performance of his new single, "Laying Me Low," on American Idol, watch it below and let us know what you think!

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I'm so in love with u & your voice u truly make me smile & get a THOUSAND TIMES EXCITED !!!!!


Catchy tune, refreshing and great to hear! I keep waiting for that smirky smile. David...don't you know that is your money maker?

Yay new performance video up top now since the original was made private! Too bad the view count could not be started where the other left off ~ that would be over 54K hits!!

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I love David much. He is my inspiration. He lost his brother to cancer and I lost my mom to cancer. I hope he gets all the recognition he deserves. He deserves the awards! And I am waiting for that to happen. Not to mention, he is gorgeous. I believe in him and love him with all my heart. A true fan girl here. His performance was great!!!!! David always is though. I look forward to more of his music soon and hopefully seeing him perform and to meet him one day. I would die for that. Fan forever!!!!!! XO

This is one kickass song!

Love, love this song 'Laying Me Low'!! Great performance and the background was amazing with the words flashing here and there!! Excited to see it live!!

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Love this new song and what an awesome performance on Idol!! So good to see David and the guys together on stage again!! Excellent stomp-claps!!

I missed watching Idol that night because I was on a plane to Washington DC for RFH...and the wifi on the plane cut out just as David was about to perform! Boo! But I have since enjoyed the video over and over - can't wait until I can see David do this song live!!

Laying Me Low is a hit!!


First, how wonderful it is to see David and the band again on TV! Also great to see DCO pick up some activity and traction. Very blown away by David's performance and really love "Laying Me Low." Great danceable beat & melody. Love the fast singing & the band stomping, too. For some reason, I can hear Maroon 5 recording this type of song. Hope it gets the traction it deserves. The song preview does not quite it justice. Hope to see David & the band promote the song on Ellen DeGeneres, V-H1, Today Show, .. (ie. more TV appearances) To be honest, even before LML was released, I was just looking forward to seeing David & the band again (on TV, on the road, ..)--new music or not. Hope you all hit the road soon. Fans are gettin' anxious Smiling


This is perfection.

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Was an AWESOME performance from David & his band...REALLY LOVE this new song. Thanks Idol for always bringing David back,I look forward to his performances!! Hope to see him Live again...MISS your shows David...U ROCK!...AND STOMP....LOL

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