Interview with David Cook: 'Laying Me Low'

By Markos Papadatos for Digital Journal

Retired four-star U.S. Army general and former Secretary of State Colin Powell once said: “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

A musician who best exemplifies this wise quotation is American Idol season 7 winner and rock music sensation, David Cook ...

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David is truly the most kind hearted, heartfelt guy that makes me want a guy with his personality, he is so well spoken and down to earth in each & every interview no matter if its on the radio, in a artical, online video or on tv Beyond Excited for the new album & tour to come CAN'T WAIT !!!!


This is a great interview with lots of information and exciting tidbits in it. I'm as excited as you are Dave for this new album and tour!! Can't wait! Don't forget us in the Northeast okay? Lol. But seriously, it's great that this writer (and Dave) got to talk about not only what he's up to musically, but personally as well. So proud to be a fan from the start and feel blessed by his humble appreciation. Fan for life here! Love you Dave! <3

"Don't underestimate the things that I will do" ~ David Cook (Adele cover)


I'm looking forward for the new album David. Come back soon in the Philippines. We're always waiting for you.

♥ Echie ♥

I love this interview. This writer did his homework and gets it!! Thank You!!!

♫♪ I fall apart when I'm with you, I cry when I kiss you, I know, you're really no good.
You've got my heart in your hand oh, I'll never understand, and it shows ...
you get me high, but you're laying me low ♪♫

Keep on being awesome and a great singer always, David!! Smiling

Sothia Chhoeum

Nice interview. David wants to pay US back?!? Well that's a two way street! I'm pretty sure most of his fans feel they owe HIM. I know I sure do.

Love the way David handles these interviews. Stays on track to say what's important. Seeing him in Tulsa, and looking forward to new music. Mygoodnessgraciousyesindeed.

It's always great learning what's on David's mind and what's going on in his life. I am amazed with this great journey he has been on, David remains humble and always keeps his fans in mind and thanks them (us) continually. IMO, you already repay us fans Dave by being your amazing self & sharing your beautiful voice & music with us.

I am so thankful to have met Dave and so very proud to be a fan! Can't wait to see what the next chapter in his journey brings Smiling

Great interview.
He is a humble guy. He's good people for sure

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