'This Quiet Night EP' Available Everywhere!

David’s This Quiet Night EP, initially part of the Fan Edition and then a Walmart exclusive, is now available everywhere! The EP includes five acoustic performances from David’s latest album, This Loud Morning. Be sure to get your hands on the release at Amazon or iTunes now!

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got mine the day it came out


Circadian is my favorite. love that song.

I love how David's voice is front and center on these songs. My favorite is "Goodbye to the Girl", absolutely beautiful. Gifted a few on itunes.


I've loved this since I got it with the fan pack....beautiful! So thrilled to have an acoustic EP from David!

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Love it, and have it, and bought MORE. SO happy it's widely available now! Laughing out loud

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Love this, so beautiful. So glad it has been released all over. Can't say enough about This Quiet Night and This Loud Morning! Works of art. Love acoustic Dave!

Worth noting that it is available across Europe as well!!

Woo To The Hoo!

Me: (High pitched voice) I've flown all the way from England to see you...David: Oh wow! That's awesome...

Just awesome!!!! Go buy it, beautiful acoustic songs. Smiling Thank you David for sharing your gift with the world. <3

I got mine ASAP!! Thanks!

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