The Winner of the "Laying Me Low" Lyric Video Contest is ...

Huge thanks to everyone who submitted a video for the "Laying Me Low" Lyric Video Contest. There were so many creative entries and they were so much fun to watch. David had a hard time choosing just one!

We're excited to announce the winner is Entry #21 by Olivia Brown! Check out her winning video below!

Honorable mentions go to Entry #32 by Kat Garcia and Entry #4 by Rodney Toribio. Great job everyone!

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This review: is very enthusiastic about the song and Olivia's video, and also mentions the runners-up. Smiling

I inadvertently posted this is the wrong thread so I'm bringing it over here:

Huge congrats to every fan that submitted an entry to the contest. Your time, talent and creativity was much appreciated by those of us that viewed them. Just the fact that ya'll could pull this off is astounding and you should be so proud of yourselves. I thank you so very much for the pleasure I had whilst viewing them.

Olivia, Congrats to you on your win! You are truly a remarkable young lady with an abundance of talent and creativity (and the proof of that lies within the intricate, well placed aspects of your video). The future world is very lucky to have someone of your talent teetering upon its threshold. I wish you all the best and I know someday soon I will see your name in lights.

May the saddest day of your future be the happiest day of your past!

by JeannieL Jun 13, 2013 - 5:03 PM

May the saddest day of your future be the happiest day of your past!

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Wednesday Video Spotlight: David Cook's "Laying Me Low" lyric video

♫♪ I fall apart when I'm with you, I cry when I kiss you, I know, you're really no good.
You've got my heart in your hand oh, I'll never understand, and it shows ...
you get me high, but you're laying me low ♪♫

Standing in line to offer my KUDOS to Olivia, Rodney and Kat! The superb creativity and talent - not to mention the HUGE EFFORT - that went into making these videos is phenomenal. My favorite parts were:
OLIVIA: Overall, great cohesiveness and polish. The retro record player at the beginning was way cool. And of course, the DC "analog heart" was awww-inspiring Smiling
RODNEY: I'm a huge, huge fan of the art of typography, so loved your video. And your Stomp/Clap (a creative challenge for everyone) was awesome (my favorite). Great energy!
KAT: I can't even imagine the hours that went into this. WOW....the Stomp/Clap alone must have taken days. Also, I really enjoyed the simple-but-clever graphic at 1:22.

It's too bad that there couldn't have been even more Honorable Mentions. Every video had something to offer! I wanted to give a little shout-out to a few more great efforts:
Mu5icDoodl3ShOOt: Awesome typography! Especially the "Ohh" skidding across the screen and the "Fall" falling down.
Jan S and Lynnspire: Love the humor! Who would've thought we'd get both King Kong and the Gingerbread Man from these videos??
JesseB: I thought the whole vibe was unique and cool with the overlay of handwritten lyrics and the grainy, moody backdrops, especially 2:12-2:30 and 2:55-3:15.
Hand Held Productions and Aileen Sheedy: Both perfect examples of "Less is More"! To me, your efforts nailed the whole concept of a lyric video, where the words speak for themselves. Loved the spot-on typography, the simplicity and the impeccable timing. It's not as easy as it looks!

A big round of applause for everyone. This fandom is loaded with talent.

WOW !!!!! that video was PHENOMAL INCREDIBLE JOB Olivia in love love with this I'm about to post this on my facebook !!!! Congrats


David has an army of creative and talented fans, there's no doubt about it! Congrats to Olivia and everyone that submitted videos. I wish I had a tenth of their talent. Back to stream a bit more. This song is so gooood!

Congrats Olivia on winning the lyric video contest. I loved yours the first time I saw it. So many interesting elements in it and such a professional look to it.

Congrats to everyone who entered..I enjoyed watching them much creativity.

Congrats Olivia for your awesome video !! I was quite sure it'll gonna win when I watch it !!
It makes justice to the amazing song Laying Me Low...
I feel myself very honored for have taken part of the contest !
And Dave's sweet tweet warmed my heart !! Adorable !! Awwww

Olivia--Congratulations on that excellent lyrics video! It is creative, fresh, and clever--so many parts of it upon first viewing surprised and delighted! And it is one that I can watch over and over!

Congratulations also to the two runners-up, Kat and Rodney! Enjoyed both immensely and, as with the winning video, yours are clever and creative. Thank you for your entries!!

I just think this contest was eye-opening because of the number of truly wonderful entries-- David indeed has unique, impassioned fans! I'm lucky to call myself one of this vibrant community.

Congrats Olivia! Excellent video.

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