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  • Great performance by David and the band, although I wish Andy's mike had been turned up a bit. Loved seeing Keith Urban grooving to the beat. Also great to see DC looking like a rocker instead of the monkey suits he seemed to have to wear when on the label. Really like the new song...hope it gets some traction and someone picks up the music for a label soon!

    ps...can some webnerd please put up "Laying Me Low" on the home page? Good, thanks.


  • well, first Kathyg...Boone is in NC, not Tennessee. ASU is my alma mater, and a fantastic school. Funny, I watched some of the videos from this show and also got a different impression, likethis, the crowd seemed VERY into David's show. Saw shots of the crowd, standing up, clapping, and hearing them after his songs....this is not a show I'd say they weren't into David. Also saw tweets from students there that night that suggested they were quite impressed and enjoying the show.


  • per usual, DCO, the "play" button under Fade Into Me at the top right goes straight into Circadian, not FIM. Just in case you want to fix that in the next month.