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  • *The top of page has a Target ad for Beyonce album pre-order.. NO!*

    I was looking at the print ads from this weekends paper - Target is advertising Beyonce only.

    Under their new music releases section, Best Buy are advertising her (larger picture than others) for 7.99 standard CD. David is one of 9 pictures. 9.99 stardard, 12.99 deluxe.

    I had hoped that Best Buy would feature TLM a little more prominently but at least its in there.

    ETA: Apparently the html is not working right now.

  • Thanks Chandi and Jen for the screen size info.

    Loving TQN this morning. TLG would be perfect on our local HAC station's Sunday morning acoustic show. Maybe I'll call and ask if they can play it even though they still haven't played the single. Idiots.

  • I don't see David, only his arm. Should I be doing anything besides waiting patiently for the little fixes?