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  • Wow, Mr. X, I'm with you! This is record is exceptional . . . I have rarely had a body of music worm its way into my brain like TLM has! And I listen to all kinds of music. David's going to be all right! btw: I have twin six year old granddaughters who were just promoted to first grade. After their little promotion ceremony the other day, I visited their classroom and saw the name Xavier on the work of one of their classmates. I immediately saw the white "Gorilla" in my mind's eye! Then I got a big smile on my face and just laughed at myself.

  • Hey Xavier! Is that really you? It's nice to finally meet you! I have continued to love all of your interesting observations about David's new record and I look for your posts each day. We're almost there . . . Yay! I have listened to this new music at least a dozen times from start to finish and I find that it is wonderful at full volume and simply beautiful when played softly as background music. I also think that this record is "Magic" . . . with earbuds on, it can take you on a journey to another planet! ~L