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  • Happy Birthday, David! I hope that today is filled with friends, family, and fun, and that all your wishes come true in the coming year. #GoChiefs and #GoRoyals

  • I haven't actually voted yet, because my answer would depend, as others have have already said, on the purpose behind the poll. When it comes to epic artistry, my favorite song would be Circadian. But, if the purpose of the poll is to look for possible singles, than I would have to say Fade Into Me would be my first choice, because it's a beautiful song that really seems to resonate with the general listening public. Other options for singles, in my view, would be Let Me Fall For You, Goodbye To The Girl, We Believe, Right Here With You, Hard To Believe, and Paper Heart.

  • With only one day to go until launch, David and TLM have deservedly taken over the top two spots on the Best Sellers list at, while also moving up at iTunes and Amazon. Here are all the updated sales rankings:

    Currently at iTunes:
    TLM (Deluxe) is not on the Top Albums list (#55 in Pop) and DCTR is not on the Top Albums list (#229 in Pop) on this feed: