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  • very nice the fan pics ...that's as far as I have gotten so far....back to the new rabbit hole.

    Suzanne from Canada we go again Smiling

  • What an album! Growing up in the 70's I always felt that no one would ever surpass Rumors by Fleetwood Mac as the best album - but Mr. David Cook has done that in my humble opinion. This musical journey is just that a journey of emotions (raw, honest, no superficiality here) musically, lyrically and vocally. Every song is special in its own way. Even the subtleties such as the boys' choir used in at least two tracks are brilliant and an important part of the journey.

    Suzanne from Canada we go again Smiling

  • HI Swanny,

    I am mostly a lurker here on DCO, but somehow I found this post and felt compelled to tell you I feel the same things you do....

    I had ignored myself for others, and the time was ripe for me 'to greet myself arriving at my own door, in my own mirror...and love again the stranger who was me'...

    Suzanne from Canada we go again Smiling