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  • I'll be covering a bunch of tour threads for FoolsApril64 while she's traveling and otherwise engaged. Since I don't have her super-duper admin privileges, I can't do the cool spoiler tags to protect setlist spoilers in the thread. So instead, if they leak, I'll post them here:

    DEC-30-09 (Wed) PECHANGA RESORT & CASINO (Temecula, CA)
    >> @cougarslovecook: mr s. Heroes kotn idify lie bbs souvenir make believe straight ahead shattered dreams dec cbtm lo Adam

    NOV-19-09 (Thu) PEORIA CIVIC CENTER (Peoria, IL):
    >> Sound checking make me and heroes!

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  • I used to have all the performances in HD until my crappy Dell lappy bit the dust and ate them all in the great hard-drive crash of 2008. Now I am happily downloading again as fast as they are posted, and will immediately burn multiple copies to DVD so I am never without them again. I especially love that you are including the video packages and judges comments, since the iTunes versions I bought to have on my iPod do not include them. Thank you thank you thank you for performing this valuable service to Cook's fans!

  • It's no secret that debut albums from American Idol winners (and runners-up) are typically assembly-line productions that are rushed to market with pre-processed hits and little to no input from the artists themselves. But 'David Cook' the album stands out (much as the man himself did on the show) as clearly the most introspective and eclectic debut ever to come from the Idol franchise.