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  • Happy Birthday David!!! Have a great one! Thank you for everything! Hope you make it to the Middle East soon, we love you here! Laughing out loud

  • Thanks. We usually do nothing on the first day. and we didn't, just caught up with people. fun fun fun!
    Hey Dena, welcome to the club. *wink* We're bummed everyday. haha.

  • I actually watched Paranormal Activity and wasn't scared at all. In fact, I thought it was funny. =P

    I saw 2 donkeys today near the trash cans eating trash! LOL. It was so weird, but we could've used one to go to Six Flags. haha. oh well..

    I start college tomorrow! This vacation went by fast! It was fun though, I'm ready to go back. Too bad I have to wake up at 6. :/

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