THE DAILY DIGEST: The daily news source for fans, by fans. All are welcome to contribute!

THE DAILY DIGEST: The daily news source for fans, by fans. All are welcome to contribute!

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Dear Fellow DCO'ers,

Like so many of you, I love to visit this site but find my real life just doesn't permit me to spend the amount of time needed to keep up with everything DC related. I know I'm not the only one frustrated when I have hundreds of unread messages and so many pages to read that I will never catch up. I hate missing out on the little nuggets of information that I know are buried in those pages. So on behalf of all of us who only get to steal a few minutes here and there to spend on this site, I respectfully ask this dedicated community to please, PLEASE, contribute to this "daily digest" of events: one thread that just captures the daily tidbits we crave. This isn't the place to discuss and debate or just hang out...we have great threads for that already. This is the spot to give us those little cookie crumbs that would otherwise remain buried in endless discussion. It's the spot that can get you up to speed if you've missed a few days online or only have a moment or two to spare.

For those wonderful individuals who I know will step up to the plate and be happy to share: You can add a whole recap of info for the day or just one little bit of news. Links would also be great in case we get a few extra moments to follow up! I know there are many of us who would be very appreciative.

Everyone is welcome to post additions to the digest so please ... pretty please ... add to this thread throughout the day as you find cookie crumbs!!! Thanks in advance to any who can help with this!!

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@DeanaRFH: Annual David Cook Birthday Donation Campaign - 12/20/2012 - Please RT! Since 2009, David’s fans (cont)

@FoolsApril64: [DCO NEWS] TODAY ONLY! Leap on this great deal for a David Cook tee!

@DeanaRFH: Join @thedavidcook's Team for a Cure for the 2013 Race for Hope-DC! Help us raise funds to @curebraintumors!


Check it out, @thedavidcook in some of the photos on ABC2's website: (Tnx @Wave_length for the heads-up)

Per @FoolsApril64
[ROUNDUP] 20-Nov David Cook in BS / KC (dedication ceremony / Chamber 125th Anniv) (chk back for updates)


Thanks to all of you who have kept us up to date on the tennis week-end. Every thing have been very appreciated - looks like it was a lot of fun Smiling

Per @FoolsApril64:
[ROUNDUP] tweets, photos, videos, etc. re David Cook at Chris Evert | Raymond James Pro-Celeb Tennis Classic

David playing Tennis ~ Chris Evert Tournament (Barb C)

Sharp Dressed Man!

David Cook - Chris Evert | Raymond James Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic
Delray Beach Tennis Center (Delray Beach, FL)
Oct 27 (Sat) ~1:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET
Sched of Play
Match 1: Brenda Schultz and Alan Thicke vs. Murphy Jensen and David Cook
Chair Umpire: Brad Gilbert (Scoring: Best of 6 games - no ad scoring)
Oct 28 (Sun) ~11:00 AM - 3:00 PM ET
Sched of Play
MATCH 2: Rennae Stubbs & David Cook vs. Brad Gilbert & Tom Arnold Umpire: Alan Thicke
MATCH 4: Martina Navratilova & David Cook vs. Brad Gilbert & Elisabeth Shue Umpire: Jon Lovitz

From Chris Evert Event!
Here are my D Cook pics from today! Enjoy!

Corbis IMAGES - David Cook @thedavidcook @ Chris Evert Celebrity Tennis Tournament October 27, 2012

Rocking the Head Band!
@PeterMarkSalon: At the Chris Evert charity tennis event with @Jillzarin @s0photography and one David Cook

Bright outfit Dave!

@FoolsApril64: [ROUNDUP] tweets, photos, videos (when avail) re David Cook at Chris Evert | RJ Pro-Celeb Tennis Classic

David Cook Press Conference at ION Orchard | … (clear audio)

Per @FoolsApril64: [ROUNDUP] Videos, photos, tweets, etc. 23-Oct ION Orchard presscon w/David Cook (check back for updates)

Singapore promo has started and I think these should be in here: Radio phone in interview

twitpic of a Magazine interview

for Singapore fans:

@i_am_aidil: Listen To @hotfmsg From Monday Onwards! YOU Can Be One of The 5 Fans To Hang Out With David Cook #HangoutHOTFM913DavidCook

@spinorbinmusic: Heads up to all David Cook fans! We have some very good news AND signed merch FOR U!

and per @FoolsApril64:

[SGP] AsiaOne Showbiz | Idol David Cook to perform here in free public concert

[SGP] TODAYonline | American Idol David Cook to rock Ion’s 3rd Anniversary

from Oct 5 ... (about Singapore)
@i_am_aidil: @hotfmsg @thedavidcook fans! To kick start your weekend, best to FREE yourself on 25 Oct.

from Sep 30 ...
@zacmaloy: @thedavidcook he drums ...tmoro we finish !!!!!

from Sep 27 ...
@kevinmgriffin: @thedavidcook and I are about to devour some Burger Up in Nashville. Oh yeah, we're writing, too.

Per @FoolsApril64: [DCO NEWS] 20-Nov (Tue) David Cook to help toast Kansas City!

Per @FoolsApril64: Aol SportingNews NASCAR | Getting Comfortable w/David Cook ( photo: )

I wonder why that promo video was pulled. I never got to see it, dang it.

[PROMO] 2012 Chris Evert|Raymond James Pro-Celeb Tennis Classic - celebrities incl Jon Lovitz, David Cook ...

I just found a link to a blog about David in Tampa. I don't remember seeing it here yet.

Tang may I ask you your Twitter name? PM me if you want! Thanks!

@CrusePhoto: David Cook sings national anthem #nauticamalibutri

[DCO NEWS] David Cook to Join All-Star Lineup at 2012 Chris Evert|Raymond James Pro-Celeb Tennis Classic

[FLASHBACK] 12-Sep-2008 David Cook's official website was officially launched Smiling

@thedavidcook: RT @BrainCancerCure: We need your vote to help @braincancercure win @ChaseGiving Grant up to $250k!

@THRmusic: "American Idol" David Cook Covers Counting Crows at Tampa Bay Summerfest (Video)

@FoolsApril64: [VIDEO] ABC Action News | 8-Sep Sean Daly interview w/David Cook at Irish 31 Tampa Summerfest


*TUNE IN ALERT* ~2 ET 7-Sep (Fri) Enjoy private acoustic set w/David Cook c/o @mymagic949 via LIVE STREAM @thedavidcook

Twitter updates now pinned here:

Thanks FoolsApril64!

ghetto recording of the MYXellaneous interview - (Imogen_PH)

@thedavidcook: Helping a buddy celebrate his 30th, after having a great writing week. Up next: rehearsing for next weekend! @Irish31Tampa's Summerfest!

@carybarlowe: Great hanging and writing with @thedavidcook today !!!

as the site's twitter update is still not working:

@thedavidcook: Finishing up a song with @BlairDaly. Two lefties writing! In medieval times, that would constitute witchery.

@strawberrius: @thedavidcook @BlairDaly that's gonna be a good one!!

and more ...

@thedavidcook: Getting ready to watch the glory that is @RealMeatLoaf and Co.!!! Even @turnmeuptc is excited!!!

and this haha ...

@FoolsApril64: [FLASHBACK] June 2009 David Cook and Meat Loaf and

Looks like Dave is enjoying Nashville:

Kylene Pulley‏@KylenePulley

Fun day on the course! Had the pleasure of playing w @thedavidcook & friends. Still smiling after the round #jackpot

@FoolsApril64: [FYI] *NEW* CAR CREST TEE +4 Letter Word raglan back in stock! Chk out all David Cook MERCH via official online store!

@FoolsApril64: [FYI] Listen to @MyMagic949 for chance to see private, acoustic set w/David Cook 7-Sep (Fri) + WIN tkts to Summerfest

Charley Belcher ‏@CharleyBelcher

September 8th at Curtis Hixon Park...come see @thedavidcook! #SupportaGoodGuy

Irish 31 Tampa ‏@Irish31Tampa
More details here on Summerfest!

Once again, I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who keeps this thread current!

David Cook @thedavidcook New Page @Artists_MTV

This is cool!
David Cook (from the Manila show) among the rotating images on @FerdieArQuero 's website .

Info on Tampa M&G:
"Irish 31 We apologize for the VIP description cutting off, getting that fixed. VIP tix are $100 and all inclusive of food and drink. Private bathrooms and an Artist meet and greet is also included. VIP tix allow you to stay in VIP tent or roam the park freely. Tent will be located next to stage. Approx. 250 will be available. Park holds approx 8,000. "

They also said M&G likely to be after the performance - depending on what the artist wants. David will definitely be one of the artist. Others may also.

Only 250 VIP tickets available! Can. Not. Wait!

‏@thedavidcook: Writing today with Josh Jenkins from @GRO. Haven't even broken out the whiskey yet. emphasis on YET.

Read comments ~ Ticket price and there is a VIP option for David!

Irish 31 Tampa ‏@Irish31Tampa

@fullyCOOKed1 @foolsapril64 we will be posting the details today and the ticket link online at !

Irish 31 Tampa advises the park closes at 11pm - so if Dave gets on at 9:30, he maybe wont be pressured to get off too quickly.

Someone start a thread in the box office forum and you can put all your information about the Tampa show in there for everyone to see. Thanks!

My pal @TheDavidCook is playing Tampa next month! Sept. 8 at Curtis Hixon part of Irish 31 SummerFest. #SupportAgoodGuy

Received a return tweet from venue saying that David is currently set to start at around 9:30 pm on September 8th. I needed to know for flight scheduling - thought others might too!

OMG, this concert couldn't come at a better time. Decided I'm going to treat myself to a wonderful weekend in Tampa! I am kinda intrigued by the line up of performers! Should be interesting and fun Smiling

YAY!! Another Concert! Wish I lived in FLA! Here is some info on the venue

@FoolsApril64: [DCO EVENTS] 8-Sep (Sat) David Cook at SUMMERFEST (acoustic) Curtis Hixton Waterfront Park (Tampa, FL)

@Irish31Tampa: Save the date for the Irish 31 Summerfest at Curtis Hixon Park! September 8th featuring David Cook, Edwin McCain, and Clearwater's own, from The Voice, Juliet Simms!

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